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Fun, despite being a little obvious
birthdaynoodle23 June 2011
'The Paranoids' is an indie film from Argentina about two friends who are scriptwriters. Luciano is extremely passive and fearful, and is struggling both socially and professionally, while Manuel is a more aggressive and typically 'successful' guy. It is a source of tension that the latter one has created a TV series based on the former one, without first consulting with him. But it is an attractive girl, named Sofia, who most affects the dynamics of their friendship. This is one of those stories where the audience find themselves rooting for the underdog.

The film is fairly watchable, although it could use a little more subtlety and character development (especially for Manuel and Sofia). The photography is nice and the soundtrack is a very cool collection of rock and electronic music, likely from Argentina. 'The Paranoids' reminds me a bit of 'Reality Bites', which has a similarly hip, MTV feeling, only this one has a distinct Latin American urban flavor.
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lmgaitan5 December 2016
Los Paranoicos follows the extravagant adventures of the very strange Luciano Gauna (daniel Hendler). A writer who lives forever reviewing his first screenplay, fearful of success, diseases of sexual transmission, women and especially, his goalkeeper. After sending his best friend to the hospital through a door slamming in the throat, then one of the children's animations that are his livelihood. Gauna must face his old friend Manuel (walter Jakob), the final member of that trio ever inseparable. When Manuel must travel, his girlfriend Sofia (Jazmin Stuart) must stay with Luciano in what is a real nightmare for our hermit hero. Unexpectedly develop a link that will endanger the relations of the group
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