10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Poster

John Gallagher Jr.: Emmett



  • Howard : [the three friends are playing charades in the shelter]  I'm always watching.

    Emmett : Uh, God...?

    Howard : [solemnly]  I know what you're doing. I see everything.

    Emmett : [faltering]  Wha... uh, uh...

    Howard : I see you when you're sleeping! I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!

    Emmett : ...Um...

    [Emmet and Michelle stare at each other nervously] 

    Howard : [seemingly going into a fit]  I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP TO! I SEE EVERYTHING YOU DO! I'M ALWAYS WATCHING!

    Emmett : Uh, Howard...?

    Michelle : [blurting out]  Santa Claus!

    Howard : [suddenly calm and cheerful]  ... Yeah, Michelle! Except it was Emmet's turn, not yours. I'm claiming five points.

  • Emmett : Could have been the Russians, aliens, maybe the South Koreans...

    Michelle : You mean North Koreans?

    Emmett : Is that the crazy one? Then yeah.

  • Emmett : Y.O.L.O... I don't even know what that means, but everybody says it, so it's gotta be cool, right?

    [Michelle laughs, and Howard looks disgusted and annoyed] 

  • Emmett : It's the end of the world and he's upset about a dead pig.

  • Michelle : [holds up one of Howard's daughter's outdated girly magazines]  Look, look at this! We could use this.

    Emmett : [incredulous]  What, the 'ten new ways to style your bangs'?

  • Emmett : [Referring to a Polaroid snapshot that Howard has kept]  ... Oh my god... she was a girl from town, she went missing... her body was found in a pond down the street from here...!

    [He and Michelle freeze in realization] 

  • Emmett : We're here. We're alive. That means something... It's gotta.

  • Emmett : [talking to Michelle privately about Howard]  He was in the navy, I know that much.

  • Howard : He knocked over a shelf with a whole week's worth of food!... But he's sorry, aren't you?

    Emmett : [nonchalant]  ... Totally.

    Howard : [Realizing that Michelle has noticed Emmet's injuries]  That's what happens when you don't behave. Now I'm gonna tell you the same thing that I told him - you need to eat, you need to sleep and you need to start showing me a little more appreciation around here!

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