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Josh Hartnett: The Drifter



  • The Drifter : I'm the product of a fucked up generation.

  • Yoshi : Who are you?

    The Drifter : Either a friend or a foe. Depends on who is looking.

    Yoshi : I'm looking.

    The Drifter : Maybe you should look somewhere else.

  • The Drifter : Pretty optmistic of you... to be worried about your mustache... when your about to lose your head

    Nicola : You Want Honor? I Give You Deception! You Want Justice? I Give You Pain! You Want Closure? I Give You Death!

  • [last lines] 

    Nicola : I'm gonna miss you son! Someone once told me there's always someone more powerful than you... problem is where is he when you need him most?

    The Drifter : [stabs him in the throat]  The man who told you this... WAS MY FATHER

    [Nicola finally reconizes him as he dies] 

  • The Bartender : To be the most powerful motherfucker on the face of the planet

    The Drifter : There's no such thing barkeep... there's always someone more powerful than you

    The Bartender : That... is a smart... smart line coming from a young... young mind

  • The Drifter : Unlike you, I've never stabbed anyone in the back.

    Nicola : You wanna kill a man like me, son? You better stab me in the back. That's the catch. Honorable men, well, they die hard, but they still die. It's men like me who survive and conquer. Men like me understand that the fight is not about who's right, but about who's left.

  • The Drifter : I'm not leading this army of clowns to the grim reaper

    Yoshi : [Grabs him]  They killed my uncle! And still have my cousin... and the man who leads them... MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO YOU!

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