"Chuck" Chuck Versus the Sensei (TV Episode 2008) Poster

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Zachary Levi: Chuck Bartowski



  • Sarah Walker : Nice work sensei.

    Chuck Bartowski : Yeah, well. The thing is Casey doesn't have a calm center. It's more an angry center.

  • Chuck Bartowski : Dude, your sensei is a badass!

    John Casey : Not my sensei. He's a traitor!

  • Chuck Bartowski : [after Sarah opens the trunk of Bennett's car]  Actually more spacious in here than you might think.

  • Chuck Bartowski : [after freezing his shackles and freeing himself]  Those seven years of MacGyver finally paid off.

  • Chuck Bartowski : Look. Look, I get how you're feeling man. I totally get how you're feeling. You're feeling betrayed by someone you really care about.

    John Casey : You're damaging my calm, Chuck.

    Chuck Bartowski : You've spent so much of your life pushing people away. Lashing out with hurtful words and punches. But I know why you do it. You do it because you're scared.

    John Casey : WHAT?

    Chuck Bartowski : Scared. Scared to be known. Scared that if we actually see who you are, we'd actually care about you.

    John Casey : Shut up, Chuck!

    Sarah Walker : Yeah, shut up Chuck. You're making him mad.

    Chuck Bartowski : [shushes Sarah]  Underneath that *extremely* terrifying exterior lies a man who deeply - deeply feels. You care. You care about us. You care about *me*. Admit you feel all warm and mushy about me. Go ahead say it, you love me John Casey.

    John Casey : I'm going to kill you!

    [Lunges for Chuck] 

    Chuck Bartowski : Wait. Wait! Hold on. No! Not me

    [points to Bennett] 

    Chuck Bartowski : Him!

  • Chuck Bartowski : [mimicing Casey's voice]  Well thanks for saving my life today, Chuck.

    Chuck Bartowski : Any time, Casey. Yeah, you know what you're my friend.

    Chuck Bartowski : [mimicing Casey's voice]  Yeah you're my friend too.

    Chuck Bartowski : That's really kind of you, Casey. Have a good night.

    John Casey : [seriously]  Thank you.

    [closes door] 

  • Sarah Walker : Wow, I've heard of Bennett. But I've never actually met anyone who actually trained with him.

    John Casey : I can't talk about it. It's classified.

    General Diane Beckman : We're opening Bennett's file for this assignment. Any personal knowledge you have could be vital for the success of this mission.

    Chuck Bartowski : Come on Casey, share with us.

    John Casey : In Hell!

  • John Casey : Bennett's at the Buy More?

    Sarah Walker : WHAT? How is that possible?

    Chuck Bartowski : Was. *Was* at the Buy More. Now he's at the Large Mart parking garage. I'm tailing him.

    John Casey : No! Stop you imbecile. You're no match for him! Don't be an idiot!

    Chuck Bartowski : Look you're only reacting like this because were hurt okay? Please don't lash out at me. Where'd he go?

    [Chuck comes face-to-face with Bennett] 

    Chuck Bartowski : Oh God!

    [Chuck drops his cellphone] 

    John Casey : Chuck? Chuck! Bennett's got him. He's probably dead by now.

    Sarah Walker : Shut up and drive!

  • Chuck Bartowski : Dad's going to walk you down the aisle.

    Ellie Bartowski : You can't... say that Chuck. I know you want that for me, but - we haven't heard from him in a really long time.

    Chuck Bartowski : Yeah well, I'm going to find him. I'm a smart guy, I can do that. And when he hears about the wedding, he'll be here for you.

    Ellie Bartowski : Come on. You really think he'll make it?

    Chuck Bartowski : I guarantee it.

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