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Season 2

22 Apr. 1989
Episode #2.1
Highlights include the return of "The Flashing Blade" (part II, naturally) a new serial called "Run, Betty, Run" and a 'drama' called "The Pink Clog". There are games such as "Through the sunroof" and "What's it for". New sketches such as "Mission: a bit complicated" make their debut and "Very Good Car" battles a giant mouse.
29 Apr. 1989
Episode #2.2
Highlights include: Making a presenter: Andy Crane. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Normal meet Mark Curry, Kate goes through the handbag of Esther Rantzen, Rolf Harris plays a game of "What's it for" and all the usual jokes, serials, & routines.
6 May 1989
Episode #2.3
Featuring the Blockheads - a normal but extremely dim family. Jon 'Man of a 1000 voices' Pertwee talks to Sadie. Barry Manilow pops up telling jokes about his nose. Very Good Car battles a giant chicken. The Flashing Blade joins the Brotherhood of Bad Breath. Eliot Nice appears on "The Pink Clog". And just what exactly is haunting the Liverpool Waterfront?
13 May 1989
Episode #2.4
'Bob' says 'New Faces' with Michael Groth, Mike Vine and Nina Myskow. Terry Randle plays his disgruntled security man character. The Fashion Blade now comes with extra purple feathers. There is card playing and fortune telling at the Pink Clog, BBC programs are meshed up in "That's Consumer watch". Norman & Noreen Normal interview Jason Donovan. And the kids from Degreasy Junior High just hang around the school grounds.
20 May 1989
Episode #2.5
Highlights include the Wayne Sleep auditions and the canteen lady professing her love for Andy O'Connor. Meanwhile, Eliot Nice is tortured on "The Pink Clog", David Copperpot is assisted by professional Debby McGee. The Lardie Brothers bake a lardie cake. The return of the Blockheads and super-nasties Micky & Fingers and The Flashing Blade enters the mystery games in Casal, 16.30.
27 May 1989
Episode #2.6
It's the end for "Run Betty Run" as Betty runs into big boss Gordon Bennet. Liz Kershaw is the subject of a one minute Mastermind interview. Through the sunroof with Caron Keating of Blue Peter. Very good Car vs Lucky the Hamster. Andrew talks about Dallas Cliffhangers during his stand up bit and Mr. Cautious makes a cuppa tea.
3 Jun. 1989
Episode #2.7
Presenting a brand new serial hot on the heels of the previous one: "Run Betty Run II". Jeremy Fiddle is cooking with the Lardie brothers. Dave Copperpots bungles his big escape trick. The Really Wild Show's Chris Packham shows up with Gilbert the Alien from "Get Fresh". Andy's stand up is all about about Sound FX. Parodies include Les Hope (not a lucky person) on Question Time. 'Going for Gold; with Michelle from the resistance, Manuel from Fawlty Towers and Stavros from his kebab shop. Through the tennis bag with Cliff Richard. And The Flashing Blade's sidekick Fred...
10 Jun. 1989
Episode #2.8
Make way for another dubbed epic, "The Secret of Steel City", part I. Meanwhile, the original re-dub, "The Flashing Blade" opens the Flashing tours with horses and stuff. Bill Buckly and 2 members of Fuzzbox play Through the Sunroof with Paul Daniels. David Copperpot's mom does a trick of her own. The security man clears the room. Parodies include "Plugged" on Def II, "Hearts of Gold" on which Jeremy Fiddle wants to see if Esther Rantzen is 'Game for a Laugh'. New characters introduced are Mike 'Bernie' Nolan and Body Matters with Mr. Slow and Mr. Quick. Regulars ...
17 Jun. 1989
Episode #2.9
Very Good Car battles a Mutant Monster while the Security Guard battles his mom and Her Majesty. Kylie Minogue is the special guest in Through the traveling bag. Dogie Rex Santa is Sherlock in Steel City. The Flashing Bladess celebrates her 17th birthday (or so she claims). The Fattie bread and bun lady meets the Lardi brothers. There is a special report from a chess game in Russia and Andy does stand up about buying does stand up about buying leather shoes.
24 Jun. 1989
Episode #2.10
Mission: a Bit Complicated is on another case. We are treated to a delicious soup recipe in Dieting with the Lardie brothers. The Flashing Blade races against Brenda, while his girlfriend the Bladess does her famous robot impression again. Sadie plays soccer with Denis Ian and Bob Wilson. The crew of Very Good car makes use of a Nolan sisters cassette tape to defeat a giant Gerbil. A question of Sport's Murry Walker is the guest on Through the Sunroof and the Security guard meets Davy Davis.
1 Jul. 1989
Episode #2.11
Introducing the Folkies (as in Folk Singers) who couldn't stop singing. Terry does card tricks or tries to at least. Getting fit with Mr. Cautious. We peek Through Gary Wilmot's Sunroof. A parody of "Bet You" with Brucie Forsyth and Janet Street Porter. Wax is the musical guest. Jolene returns on the Flashing Blade and so does grandfather's ghost on "The Pink Clog". The two old navy men get into another fight and Andy riffs on silly questions.
8 Jul. 1989
Episode #2.12
The secret of Steel City is finally revealed: it's a game show. Run Betty Run's nemesis Ring Lucy turns out to be a computer, leaving Betty free to marry her Rick. Similarly, young lovers bring the two feuding families together in "The Pink Clogg" We meet The Hillbilly family, peek through the sunroof of a Rolls-Royce and visit Jeremy Fiddle at home. Very Good Car battles a toad. The Flashing Blade parts ways as the voice cast swaps roles and the mystery behind the haunting of the Liverpool docks is finally cleared up as well.

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