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"I'll make Britney Spears look like mother of the year"
skteosk9 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A return to centre stage for the younger cast members and a pitifully inept attempt at class control from Libby;her painfully rehearsed speech probably could have used a bit of work.Declan poleaxing Justin was a bit random but he has a much better chemistry with Rachel than he does with Bridget so it's nice to see that developing.Susan seems to have learned some important lessons when it comes to parenting although Karl is still doing a good impression of a bull in a china shop.

The interaction between Rosie and Frazer is very interesting;he can see she has doubts about being a mother but seems to ignore them while she can't bring herself to tell the truth when it means hurting his feelings.The scene of her cradling Chloe suggests she has nothing to worry about though.Apart from not noticing that No.30 seems to have succumbed to "get redecorated and inexplicably double in size" syndrome.

Paul embraces the dark side again as he threatens Brad to get what he wants.Given that Elle breaks down immediately afterwards it's doubtful he achieved his aim.After flirting with Frazer last episode, Heather seems to have turned her attention to Riley, a much less controversial pairing.

Aside from an odd scene of Libby and Carmella having coffee despite never having spoken before, not a lot wrong here.
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