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Season 3

19 Aug. 2009
Journalist Cristina Sarmiento receives the visit of her uncle Ignacio. He tells her that he is leaving the direction of the magazine to assume the position of Minister of Communications of the Nation. Cristina is very surprised, since she is currently taking part in an investigation on the corruption and mismanagement of the government. Amid these news, Cristina is told that Carlos, her partner, has just died in an accident. Still shocked by these news, she receives a call from Carlos himself, who tells her that he is still alive and that she must disclose the ...
26 Aug. 2009
Felipe receives a call from a friend who tells him he just saw his wife with another man. This unleashes a jealous rage in Felipe who starts calling Clara but she doesn't answer the phone. Felipe starts snooping through Clara's personal belongings and finds a business card of a man named Emilio Martínez. Felipe calls Emilio and tries to get information, but Emilio would rather talk in person. Felipe then goes to the place where they would meet, only to discover that the place his wife attended is actually an alibi agency for unfaithful people. Felipe loses it ...
2 Sep. 2009
There's just one hour left before the witness testifies before the jury, and the numerous threats against her life make this one of the hardest tasks ever assigned to Lieutenant Mendoza and his team in their whole careers. Two of the best police officers are assigned to provide security and protection. Shortly before their mission is completed, Sergeant Flores, one of the officers protecting the witness, receives a call where they threaten the life of her mother who has just been kidnapped. Now, to save the life of her mother, Sergeant Flores must kill the witness.
9 Sep. 2009
Elías and Smith have a diamond smuggling mafia and they need the help of Salomón, an Orthodox Jew, to get the smuggled diamonds certified. But the gangsters haven't taken the Sabbath into account, and Salomón refuses to work until the end of the celebration. Meanwhile, Smith's two bodyguards who are securing the room get invited by three spectacular women to a pajama party taking place in a room across theirs.
16 Sep. 2009
El Cojo
Everything is ready for the big heist. El Cojo has everything ready, but he is surprised by his dance teacher, whom he has fallen in love with. She proposes a romantic encounter. Because of this, he doesn't hear when his boss calls to tell him it was time to go out and implement their plan. Not being able to reach him, the boss decides to go to El Cojo's apartment to look for him. El Cojo, after a series of events, discovers the relationship between his boss and the dance teacher and feels devastated, so he decides to take revenge by drastically changing all the plans...
23 Sep. 2009
A distressed man arrives at the city's most famous brothel in search of his girlfriend who works there as a prostitute and asks her for shelter; he has just stolen the goods of a powerful drug dealer and the thug is after him to kill him. A snitch tells the drug dealer the whereabouts of the thief, and he comes to the brothel looking for him. The fugitive manages to hide disguising himself as a woman. The whole thing gets complicated when the drug dealer gets enchanted by Diva, "the new girl", who is none other than the miserable thief; and the thug decides he wants ...
30 Sep. 2009
Remedio Mortal
Jeremías Santana is a renowned horror writer, but his golden years are long gone and now he is facing a financial crisis. Jeremías' last hope is his latest novel, in which he has spent months of effort and hard work. Marcela, his editor, tells him about the refusal of several publishers to accept his latest novel. Seeing that all is lost and in a desperate blind fit of rage, Jeremías kills Marcela, thus adding murder to his already deplorable situation. Now Jeremías will seek salvation in the unpublished work of a talented young horror writer who visits him, and he ...
7 Oct. 2009
El Funeral
The odd presence of an unfamiliar man will become a nightmare when he takes the widow hostage and demands she reveals the whereabouts of his son, Martín, who hasn't attended the funeral. Through phone calls and messages the whole family will come to know some big secrets of the businesses of the deceased man, the reasons behind his death and why the life of everyone is at risk.
14 Oct. 2009
Adriana is organizing a surprise party for Tomas, her husband. Besides his birthday, she expects to celebrate Tomas' job promotion, which would allow them to live a new life in Miami. On his way home, Tomas runs a man over. The owner of a tire center witnesses the accident. At this precise moment, Tomas receives the call confirming his promotion. Nothing can spoil their future plans, so Tomas decides to take the lifeless body with him and to buy the silence of the tire center owner.
21 Oct. 2009
La Mula
Melisa and Frank Vila, American citizens of Mexican origin, decide to bring cocaine into their country, so that Frank can afford to pay for the gender reassignment surgery he desires. Once at the airport they are detained, and while being questioned, one of the capsules ruptures inside Melisa's stomach and she requires immediate attention. This arouses the ambition of some corrupt officials who couldn't care less about the health of the young woman, so they decide she should undergo surgery at the airport infirmary, even though they lack the equipment and the ...
28 Oct. 2009
El Billete
A building floor is home to a very special group of neighbors that include Clemencia and Amparo, two elderly sexagenarian lottery players; an alcoholic Mafioso and Rosa, Clemencia's abused housemaid. Driven by despair and after yet another beating at the hands of Clemencia, Rosa carries out a macabre plan she had set up against her boss. The brutal death of Clemencia at the hands of Rosa, and a TV announcement that discloses the lottery ticket bought by the elderly ladies as the winner ticket will be the beginning of an escalation of hostilities where luck and tragedy...
4 Nov. 2009
El Hijo Perfecto
Pamela gets the unexpected visit of her favorite son, Alex, who introduces her to his new girlfriend Tatiana, along with many other facets his mother still doesn't know. However, the arrival of Alex to his mother's house is just an attempt to carry out from that house a criminal plan he and Tatiana have conceived. This will lead to a fatal confrontation between the mother in law and the daughter in law.
11 Nov. 2009
El clown
The Clown is greeted at the imposing house of drug trafficker Andrés Navarro. He is there to entertain the children's party of the drug dealer's son. Before he begins with his show, Amalia, the hostess of the party, leads the Clown to the kitchen to make sure the children don't see him before the show starts. But nothing seems to be happening on time, neither is the cargo that Andrés' partner is trying to get ready in an old barn. The first surprise of the evening is the discovery of the dismembered body of one of the thug's men. Unexpectedly, Clown will engage in a ...

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