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  • The movie revolves around eight youngsters, who become good friends in their freshman years when they join the college for their Bachelors in Engineering (B.E.). The life of these young minds, be it personal or that in college, is dealt with aplomb. The first-half deals with the relationship of these freshmen with their seniors, who try to gain an upper hand over their juniors. In the second half, the movie also shows love and affection among one another, but does not ignore to emphasize the main aim of going to the college, i.e., to evolve from a young person with fruity dreams, to a more purposeful professional.


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  • The movie starts off in a narrative fashion, by the lead guy, Chandrasekhar, introducing his family. Then, it moves on with the introduction every other character, like that of the leading lady, Madhu, and then to the genius, Arjun, a.k.a Tyson(named sarcastically, for his thin and lean personality, then come Rajesh and Appu. The other pair of Shankar and Sangeeta, meet accidentally, when Shankar is hit by Sangeeta's car, when he's chasing a bus. And on the periphery of these 4 couples, it's Pydithalli, who hails from a remote village from a coastal district, and is a studious guy, who walked 20kms a day, to pursue his education. All of them become good friends, thanks to the session of ragging by their seniors. They have a lot of problems with their seniors, for various reasons, like one of the senior guys, who eyes for Madhu, is hell-bent to remove Chandu out of his way, as he is close to her. Another senior, wants to break the bones of Tyson for flirting with his girlfriend, who is also Tyson's senior. Once, all the seniors launch a surprise attack on the four guys, Chandu, Tyson, Rajesh, and Shankar. While Shankar escapes unhurt, because one of the seniors is Sangeeta's brother, the rest of them are badly injured. They go back the next day to complain to the principal, when they are stopped by their super-seniors, who would like to bring a truce between the freshmen and their immediate seniors. They resolve the issue by setting up a cricket match between the two parties. Thus they win their freedom from their seniors by beating them in the match. Then the mood shifts to the exams, after which they become seniors. Then they go on the tour, which they plan. The entire tour is photographed beautifully, with excellent photography, all during a melodious number(Oh My Friend). During the exams, Chandu proposes to kiss Madhu, at which she is disappointed and asks him to apologize to her father, who witnesses the incident. Chandu doesn't agree to it, and they part their ways. In the meantime, the senior, Shravs falls for Tyson. Then, Tyson goes on a date to a movie with Shravz , where he sees Sangeeta being intimately close to another guy other than Shankar. Disappointed, Tyson comes out of the theater to inform it to Shankar. When Tyson tells Shankar the truth, he instead beats Tyson denying the fact. In frustration, Tyson asks Sangeeta to confess to Shankar, who does not agree. He then, in a fit of rage, slaps her in front of everybody in the college. She, out of humiliated anger, complains to her brother about it. He plots Shankar to bring Tyson to an isolated place, where they beat him up badly. Then, he is bed-ridden for a few days. In the mean-time, Shravz comes to Tyson and tells him that she is not yet ready to for a commitment, as he is not in her heart. He is disappointed. On the other hand, Chandu comes to terms with reality that he indeed is in love with Madhu, and would like to apologize to Madhu's father. Rajesh, who is after a junior, gets ready to propose to her, then realizes that Appu is in love with him, and starts reciprocating. They decide to get married. Meanwhile, Shankar realizes the hard way, that Sangeeta has been cheating him all this while, and asks the rest of his friends to forgive him. The farewell party is shown as the last scene of the movie. After the farewell, all the six students, Chandu, Madhu, Rajesh, Appu, Tyson and Shankar stay back in the college, when their principal arrives and meets students like them, who leave the college unwillingly, with tears in their eyes. He also briefs about what was the achievement of each of them, while they still wonder as if they really got anything from these four years of education at the college.

    by Mahendra Nutakki

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