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  • With Jason in jail for Amy's murder, he tries to prove his innocence, while Sookie thinks that the killer is someone that they are close with. Meanwhile, Maryann bails Tara out of jail and lets her stay at her posh mansion. Tara is wary about trusting Maryann, but enjoys living in her luxurious home. Tara likes it even more when she meets a temporary resident, Benedict Talley, who is nicknamed Eggs. But it is secretly revealed that Maryann and Sam Merlotte have a connection. The identity of the serial killer is finally revealed as Arlene's fiancé Rene, who now sets his sights on Sookie to kill her for her association with Bill. The charming Rene, formerly known as Drew Marshall, is actually a psychopath bigot who kills women who have ever associated themselves with vampires and he ends up chasing Sookie to the local graveyard near Bill's house. After hearing her screams, Bill risks his life by going out into the sunlight to rescue her, while Sam turns into his dog form to help. While in jail, Jason is approached by a representative of the Fellowship of the Sun, the anti-vampire church, and he gets a new view on life.

  • Rene pays a visit to Jason in jail, and Sookie also arrives to see her brother. Meanwhile Tara is welcomed by Maryann and stays at her manor. Jason is approached by the priest of the anti-vampire church 'Fellowship of the Sun' with a job offer. Sookie accepts a ride from Rene to her house where he reveals that HE is the serial killer who kills women that have associated with vampires. Sookie runs to the graveyard crying for help. Bill awakes, leaves his grave and runs into the sun to help her, while Sam heads to her house first and then to the cemetery. When Rene is distracted by Sam as a dog, Sookie kills Rene in self defense. At the end, Jason is discharged from prison... and joins the Fellowship of the Sun.


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  • Jason sits in jail, telling his "good friend" Rene who gets what of all his stuff. (Rene gets the truck.) Rene says it's not like Jason killed a bunch of "innocent women." Jason objects to the characterization of his grandmother as a "fangbanger."

    Sookie bullies her way back to see Jason, telling him she wishes she'd gotten there sooner before he confessed to something he didn't do. She tells him to shut up because she's real close to finding out who the real killer is. Rene, the real killer, stands 10 feet behind her.

    (Seriously, how good are these credits?)

    She tells Sookie about Drew Marshall and how he killed his sister Cindy. She hears Rene wonder why she doesn't go to the cops if she knows all this. She tells him she doesn't know what he looks like, but she's been in his head. She asks Andy Bellefleur if she got the fax with a photo of the real killer. He says he knows nothing about a fax, and why bother since he's got the real killer? She tells Andy he's a poor excuse for a cop and a human being and it's a matter of time before everyone knows it.

    Tara wakes up in a plush bed, with a robe laid out for her. A man makes her breakfast. Maryann joins her for breakfast. Tara is figuring out she's not just a social worker. Maryann sees Tara's situation as an opportunity. She has room to rebuild her life. Tara, feeling awkward, makes an excuse to leave, but Maryann says they both know she's got nowhere to go. She says she just wants to help.

    The manservant, making Tara's bed, picks up her ringing phone. It's Sam. The manservant hangs up and pockets Tara's phone.

    Sookie comes into work, telling Sam she plans to hire a PI to find out who Drew Marshall is.

    Jason gets a visitor, Orry Dawson. He's there on behalf of the Fellowship of the Sun - as Jason calls it, the "vampire-hating church." Orry says what Jason did was a service to his race and to Jesus and he should be proud of it. The church has started a fund for Jason's defense. In the meantime, the man slips him some church literature and calls him a "brave soldier."

    At Maryann's mansion, Tara goes swimming, beginning with a cannonball. She comes inside to find an enormous spread of food laid out. A young, attractive black man is playing guitar on the couch. His name is Benedict, but he goes by "Eggs." He's staying there until he gets back on her feet. "So, collecting stray black people, that's some sort of hobby of hers?" Tara says.

    When Maryann found him he was worse off than Tara. He calls Maryann a "miracle worker." He starts strumming his guitar again and Tara tries to relax.

    Outside, Maryann vibrates. She sits in a chair outside, moving in place at hyperspeed.

    Rene, enjoying Jason's truck, drives to Merlotte's. Sookie hears Andy loudly telling the story of Jason's confession, but Sheriff Bud corrects him, saying that Jason didn't exactly confess. Bud excuses himself. The cute girl sitting next to Andy offers to buy him a beer and he laps up the adoration.

    Sookie hears everyone looking at her, judging her for being Jason's sister. Drew/Rene is sitting nearby, but she hears nothing. She tells Sam she needs to get out of there. She gives him a hug, thanking him for everything.

    Sookie gets in her car but it won't start. Rene surprises her, asking if everything's OK. He offers to take a look, but later confesses he doesn't know much about cars. He offers to give her a ride and stay with her until Sam gets off work when she says she can't be alone. Terry drives up, telling Sookie that he told Andy he's known killers and Jason ain't one. "No one ever listens to me, but they should," Terry says.

    Before Rene closes Sookie's hood he glances at the sabotaged part.

    Rene gives Sookie a ride and when he asks her if she can really hear what he's thinking she hears him thinking that he should think about nothing. She tells him not to bother, you always eventually think of something. She tells him it's weird, but his thoughts don't have an accent.

    She talks about how hard it is to hear people think horrible things. She tells Rene that Jason is all she's got left, she's lost everyone.

    Rene/Drew says he's lost people too. It doesn't get easier, but you find ways to cope.

    Arlene walks into the living room to find her two young daughters watching the Maudette vampire sex tape. One says it's Rene's; they found it in the garage. Arlene looks at the box of video tapes and finds a cassette on perfecting the Cajun dialect.

    Rene looks around the house, noticing a rifle leaned against the fire place.

    Lafayette cleans up, tossing Sam Rene's work vest that he left behind. Sam takes a whiff of it and finally we understand why Sam rolled around sniffing Dawn's sheets after she was found dead. He recognizes the scent. Sam runs outside, where Terry tells him Sookie left with Rene 23 minutes ago.

    At her house, Sookie makes iced tea and Rene fails at thinking of nothing. Sookie sees Rene thinking about Gran and how he came in to find her and started saying she wasn't supposed to be there and attacking her. Sookie sees Rene go after her grandmother and she drops her pitcher of iced tea. She tries telling Rene she's just jumpy as she calmly walks into the other room to the shotgun.

    Rene lets her get to it and point it at him, as he tells her she's not going to shoot him. She tries to, but he's removed the shots. She hears him switch voices in his head, cursing, condemning her for sex with vampires. Sookie hauls off and whacks him upside the head with the shotgun and he drops to the ground. She runs outside. Rene chases her through the woods near her house, seeing Drew noticing his sister Cindy's bite marks and then attacking her. As she keeps running, Rene stops, screaming that he can feel her in his head. Sookie sees Rene attacking Dawn, then him sneaking in to kill Amy as she lay next to Jason.

    Bill wakes up in his coffin. It's broad daylight outside, but he can hear Sookie screaming and terrified. Sam arrives at her house and sees a belt and signs of a struggle. He runs outside. Bill gets up from his coffin and his skin immediately starts sizzling in the sunlight.

    Rene stops running, trying to lure her out saying he didn't mean it. His thoughts list all the vile things he's going to do to her. Sookie hides in the cemetery in a spot dug for a grave. She hears Rene think that he must have lost her in the woods and should go back and check and so Sookie turns to peek her head out of the ground - but he's standing above her. He slugs her. He yanks her out of the ground and throws her against a gravestone and starts strangling her. Bill stumbles onward in the daylight, all of his hair gone and his skin almost completely blistered off. Sam the dog comes running, biting Rene's neck, but Rene manages to get the dog off and starts kicking it. He watches as the dog, hurt, changes into naked Sam. Bill, smoldering nearby, can't quite make it to where Rene is kicking the daylights out of Sam, "the freak of nature." Sookie regains her senses and grabs a nearby shovel. She whacks Rene to the ground. When he starts to come back up she takes the shovel and digs deep, almost completely severing his head.

    Sam gets up behind her, apparently OK. Sookie, not yet taking in the trauma, sees a smoking pile of man nearby and runs to Bill. His flesh is charred black and he can barely move. He tells her he's sorry. Naked Sam comes to help, picking Bill up as Sookie sobs. Sam puts Bill in the dug grave and covers him with dirt.

    Sookie wakes up, bruised and battered, to find Tara standing over her with Sam and Lafayette. Sookie's on pain meds. She asks Tara if Sam told them he saved her life. She explains how he turned into dog, but they chalk it up to pain meds. She tells Sam to let people see the real him because there's nothing there not to love. "Right back at you," he says as Tara sits there somewhat awkwardly.

    Arlene comes in with an enormous bouquet of flowers and burst into tears.

    Sheriff Bud tells Andy the D.A. is dropping the charges. The marks on Amy's neck match Rene's belt and he, Drew Marshall, nearly killed Sookie. Bud tells Andy to let Jason go. Andy goes back to let Jason out, angry and cussing. He tells Jason, who has been reading church literature all day, that his release is a miracle.

    Arlene apologizes for that whole "sorry my fiance was a serial killer and murdered your grandmother and friends and tried to kill you" thing. She can't believe she didn't know. Sookie says no one did.

    Sookie says Rene kept that part of himself locked away in some dark corner of his mind. Arlene, sobbing, can't stop apologizing. Arlene says if she ever finds another man she wants Sookie to look in his head and tell her everything, "'cause I have the worst taste in men." Arlene asks if Bill is going to be OK. Sookie says she doesn't think so and starts crying.

    Lafayette says his good-byes, leaving Tara and Sam on the porch alone. Sam asks Tara where she's been, saying he left her five messages. She says she didn't get them. She tells him she's glad he was there for Sookie. Tara says Sookie's right, he is a good guy and he deserves to get everything he wants, and so does she. Maryann pulls up in her shiny sports car and Tara introduces them. But it's unnecessary.

    With Tara out of earshot, Sam asks Maryann what she's doing there. "Did you think I wasn't going to find you? You silly, silly dog," she tells him, leaving.

    Arlene tells Sookie she should have known, because there were things he liked to do in bed that "no normal man ever does."

    Jason comes in. Seeing how bruised Sookie is, he says he can't believe he gave Rene his truck. When he says if Rene was still alive he'd kill him again, Arlene excuses herself.

    Jason tells Sookie that he had a lot of time in jail to think about how he's never done anything with his life. He says when he was in jail, he was saved and he thinks the bad stuff happened for a reason. He just isn't sure what that is yet. He thinks he's meant to do something important with his life, and as soon as he figures out what it is, he's not going to screw it up.

    Lafayette takes out the garbage at Merlotte's. Something swoops out of the trees, freaking him out. He jumps on the Dumpster as it comes at him.

    The swooping comes to Sookie's front door. Her doorbell rings. It's Bill. "You're alive," she says. "Well, technically, no." He says he fed. He looks completely healed. She invites him in. They hug. He sees her bruises and starts to bite his wrist for her, but she says she wants to feel human, even if that means healing slowly. She can't believe he was willing to sacrifice himself for her. Her life is too short to be angry. They start to kiss.

    Two weeks later

    A news report announces Vermont has legalized vampire marriage. Arlene teases Sookie that maybe she and Bill should get married now. Sam, back to being bitter, chimes in that he could throw the party because it'd be cheap without food or drinks. Tara tells him he's about as subtle as a flying brick and starts quoting Maryann to him, which he doesn't appreciate. Sam asks her if she's heard from Lafayette. She hasn't. Terry smiles awkwardly at Arlene and sweetly tells her that people disappear but the good parts of them stick around. Then he tells her her hair is "like a sunset after a bomb went off, pretty." Then he walks away awkwardly while Arlene is charmed.

    Jason attends church with Orry, where the preacher says they won't rest until they've brought God's light onto each and every "blood sucking abomination."

    At the bar, Tara tells Andy to head on home, but he's deep into feeling sorry for himself. She pours him an extra shot and tell him it's easier for her not to hate him, because that takes too much energy.

    Sookie brings Hoyt his food, telling him she's celebrating with Bill later. Hoyt says he'd marry a nice vampire girl if he could find one.

    Bill plays the piano and Jessica the bratty vamp strides in, followed by a beaten down Eric and Pam. Pam proclaims Jessica "extremely annoying." They're turning her back over to Bill. They wish him luck and leave.

    Andy is deep into self pity and Sookie tries to get him to leave. She hears him feeling sorry for himself, thinking she must be happy she was right about him failing and she smiles kindly, saying she's going to call his sister to pick him up and calling him Detective Bellefleur.

    Sam, in a snit, goes to his office safe and starts loading stacks of money into a garbage bag.

    Out in the parking lot, Andy thinks someone stole his car, but then Tara points it out a few yards over. The three of them walk over to it. Andy opens the back door and a leg with painted toenails the same color as Lafayette's plops out. Tara and Sookie scream.

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