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Sex & Nudity

  • A high school senior girl wears low-cut tops revealing cleavage
  • Two girls agree to give a boy a ride home with them if he shows them his genitals (unseen)
  • A girl makes sexual gestures which causes a boy she is across from to twitch and become uncomfortable. After about a minute of this we see him put his backpack across is lap in an attempt to hide his arousal.
  • A girl talk about a pregnancy test she took a year ago.
  • A married couple are seen kissing on a bed.
  • A girl asks a boy if he has a boner. He shakes his head and she says that is inappropriate.
  • A boy talks about his "balls".
  • High school students make sexual jokes and references throughout

Violence & Gore

  • A boy is seen being thrown to the ground, flipped, and pinned in wrestling matches. (he is okay every time).
  • A large boy jabs a smaller boy with a pencil repeatedly, and threatens to kill him if they lose the game of Hangman they are playing (it is not meant to be taken seriously).
  • Two women (the main character's mother and principal) attack each other after the boy tells his principal that his mom called her a bitch. It is played for laughs. The principal is later seen with her arm in a sling.
  • Two boys fight, one of them throws the other to the ground and walks away. They later they make up and neither one of them is hurt.
  • A boy talks about getting a swirlie.
  • The main character is frequently seen being pushed, shoved, and roughly grabbed by students and teachers.
  • None of the fighting is at all gory or intense. It is all played for laughs and very infrequent.


  • High schoolers use crude language throughout. (mild profanity such as shit, bitch, piss, holy crap, balls, bastard, dick, ect.)
  • The F- bomb is dropped multiple times, once by a principal towards a student.
  • The main character is called many offensive names throughout the film. (little shit, pussy, little girl, queer, science fairy, punk, little pecker, douchebag, ect.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teenagers are seen getting high multiple times.
  • Teenagers are seen drinking beer (underage).
  • Frequent discussion of what it's like to get high between kids during school.
  • One girl talks about the fact that her mother is alcoholic and neglects her.
  • A boy sees a girl with pills and asks her if it is her prozac, as a joke. The girl answers that it is her mom's prescription and she was just picking it up for her.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A girl places her hands on the bulbs of a science fair project and pretends that the electricity is giving her an orgasm. She moans and squeals while wiggling her body and the crowd of students begin to cheer for the "orgasmatron" machine. The boy who created the project yells into the microphone that that isn't what his machine actually does, and the girl stops.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A boy creates a science fair project that is designed to tell the person strapped into it whether or not they should commit suicide. (He refers to it as "to be or not to be") When he reveals this to the audience and uses a girl to be the test subject, the machine tells her she is "not to be" (implying that she should kill herself). The students in the audience begin to laugh and chant Do it! Do it! The girl begins to cry and run off. The boy who created the machine worries that she has killed herself when he can't find her. It turns out she is okay, but reveals to him that she has attempted before in the past, but is better now. This scene is very emotional and may catch you off guard, as it comes out of nowhere directly following some of the funniest scenes of the film.

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