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  • Chris Fisher says that unfortunately fixing the time corruption and reversing time means that by the end of the movie Billy is still locked in the mine and he won't survive for more than a day. He reveals FOX executives were annoyed to see Billy still locked up and reaching his hand calling for help.

    According to Nathan Atkins you never know what might happen, maybe somehow Billy is found and rescued before he dies. He says it's an open ending.

    Marvin Rush jokes that we will find about Billy in the 3rd Darko movie they will make about him. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Unlike the original, in this movie there are two Tangent Universes.

    In the first Tangent Universe, the Artifact is the Meteorite, the Manipulated Dead is Samantha (that was/would be killed by Iraq Jack's Mask) and the Living Receiver is Iraq Jack.

    In the second Tangent Universe, the Artifact is the Black Car, the Manipulated Dead is Billy (that was/would be killed because he is locked in the mine) and the Living Receiver is Corey.

    The second draft of the script calls the second temporary Universe as "Fragmentary Universe" and provides a bit more information on this subject:


    COREY Fragmentary Universe...

    She pours over the text, some of which reads: When the fabric of the fourth dimension within a Tangent Universe becomes corrupted, a highly unstable and volatile Fragmentary Universe can occur, sustaining itself for no longer than several days... CHAPTER NINE - REMNANTS.

    SAM Remnants...

    A portion of the text includes: Like Dreams that the Manipulated can have after journeys into Tangent or Fragmentary Universes, sounds and images may be transferred from one Tangent or Fragmentary Universe to another, as all corruptions exist on relative cosmic planes... Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the 2nd draft of the script it is made clear that she somehow got it from Dr. Monnitoff.

    Sam to Jeremy: There' s this book I think you' d like... I got it from my physics teacher in high school. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the commentary it is revealed that Samantha made it. The drawing implies that she has a faint memory of her journey in the Tangent Universe during the events of the first movie, and she subconsciously remembers the drawing of a bunny that Donnie did on his calendar. She instructs Iraq Jack to make a Mask that resembles this drawing since it symbolizes her death that needs to happen for her Manipulated Dead self to exist in order to guide him. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the commentary writer Nathan Atkins says that the memory comes from the Tangent Universe, since he believes Sam wouldn't participate in the dance after Donnie died. Originally this vision was supposed to be shown in the scene where Samantha falls in the pool and stays underwater for some seconds. Director Chris Fisher admits it is a mistake that it is shown in the cinema scene, but Nathan Atkins and cinematographer Marvin V. Rush express the idea that since Sam was staring at the movie screen it is possible she had a projection of her subconscious and her faint memories of the Tangent Universe on it.

    Chris Fisher reveals he never wanted to use a scene from the original anyway, and while he doesn't apologize for doing this movie, he apologizes to Richard Kelly for using this shot. Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • It was obviously Trudy and Pastor John. Trudy loses her bracelet with the key that opens the gate right in front on the cavern. She notices her bracelet is missing when she speaks to John in front of the movie theater. When Trudy slaps Sam in the face, she is obviously wearing another similar bracelet. Sam is right, but she cannot prove it.

    According to the commentary Trudy was kidnapping the children and taking them to the mine, believing she was doing the right thing (evidenced by her line: "You need to get to the children before they spoil") because of her feelings for Pastor John. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • According to the movie's storyline, Billy Moorecroft dies in the cavern in the morning of July 3rd. The fragmentary universe (or Corey's Tangent Universe) begins on July the 1st, in the afternoon, until time is reversed by Corey in the morning of July 3rd. That means that Billy dies during that fragment of corrupted time, just like Frank died during the Tangent Universe in the first film. That makes him the Manipulated Dead. That also means that in the first Tangent Universe, Billy dies only few moments before Samantha discovers his body (morning of July 3rd). Edit (Coming Soon)

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