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groovieknave-177-7423423 October 2013
The only good thing about this movie is the sound. The jokes are bad, the slapstick is the worst I have ever seen. Everything in the movie is completely stupid, obviously designed for a baby. But then they have some horrible chauvinist pig humor that most parents would rather not let their children see.

I don't know who wrote or cast this, but they had no idea what they were doing.

I wouldn't want anyone to see this, the acting is bad, the humor is the worst or full of over-used jokes. None of the characters are likable or relatable or interesting. The story is awful, and like every other movie being made based on the same rehashed content.

Do not bother wasting your time or exposing your children to this nonsense.
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Pretty dull experience
aidsisgoodforyou31 December 2012
I rented this movie with my friends, seeing as I'm from Iceland and I love animated movies that was a must.

But this movie is terribly disappointing. It's both disappointing to general movie goers looking for a decent movie to watch, and for people that are familiar with the Nordic mythology. The thing that set's this film off is the fact that it bears an striking resembles to the Disney film Hercules.

All the aspects that made Hercules a bad Greek mythology movie are presented here except they are applied to Nordic mythology.

But that doesn't mean that it's a bad movie, what makes it a bad movie is that fact that it's a very bland story that has no weight to it. The animation looks decent enough but they got very, very lazy with making more character models than they had to.

There is a terrible anti climatic fight scene at the end, where the thurs are attacking Valhalla attempting to tear it down, battle of gods! But it's only like 10 thurs and 10 Æsir figthing, which is pathetic to say the least.

and by the way, they got millions in funds that came from tax payers to make this piece of... not so good movie. ahem.
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70mil budget, seriously?
f135652429 May 2013
To my recollection this is THE ONLY 3D-animated feature without ANY color grading. Oh dear… I couldn't even finish it the first time I started watching. I actually brought it into my NLE and graded it so it looked decent! Only then did I watch it. It's dreadful.

It's a shame really… Not only it's the stupidest and most boring of all 3D-features in existence, they couldn't even use Arnold to render hair correctly it's so noisy and thick. As are all glossy surfaces...

And kudos to people responsible for character design. You really need LOTS of talent to create characters THAT terrible. I'm dead serious.

If you're reading this, please, oh please, don't watch it. And if you do, please review it so others wouldn't waste their time and money.
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Surprisingly Good Non Hollywood Substances
official-filmbioskop5 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Last Sunday afternoon, i was looking for decent "not-so-bad" movie to enjoy. I picked this one and almost one hour and a half later, i found myself in joy and smile on my face.

Three things i love the most about the movies (might contain spoilers): 1. The way the presents delivered to King Odinn 2. Bridge of rainbow that built by a tube saxophone 3. The crusher who can talk and act with those happy eyes

The rests are some basic elements from previous animation you have ever seen in the past but still added some magical retouch from some cool art directing along the way.

It surprised me because i didn't expect Legends of Valhalla this good! A potential newly breed animation that will gain attention from movie community around the world.

Love all those witty jokes that friendly made to the kids and their older family members as well. You're gonna love young Thor with over-confidence act but somehow manage a way to find his true destiny. Well done CAOZ hf!
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Cute film with tongue-in-cheek humor
zereshk27 August 2013
I don't know why this film has such a low rating. I found it very enjoyable. Sure, the story isn't exactly complex and the pacing is a bit slow but there's so much going on on screen in the meantime that the main plot fades into the background. This movie should be watched for its character interaction and its sense of humor.

Also, yes, the film takes its liberties with the mythology but very few modern interpretations don't. And with this film, you actually benefit from knowing a thing or two about Norse mythology. There are lots of little jabs and allusions in it, from a scene that discusses divine responses (and lack thereof) to sacrifice to a rather honest portrayal of the state in which the Einherjar might arrive in Valhalla. Also keep an eye out for the symbol of Thor's mother's smithy! A bit of clever non-religious symbolism there.
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