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  • Tara is shocked when her therapist, Dr. Ocean, suddenly terminates her treatment leading after telling Tara that she can do better with the next stages of her treatment. Charmaine decides to cheer Tara up by taking her out to a day at a health spa. But at the spa, Tara's new alter-ego 'Gimme' appears and briefly causes a disturbance before 'T' re-emerges. Meanwhile, Max decides to tell Charmaine, Kate and Marshall about Tara's new shadowy and dangerous alter which none of them take too well. Elsewhere, Kate thinks about filing a sexual harassment charge against Gene when she sees that his obsession with her is becoming more dangerous. Also, a hopeful Marshall sees his developing romance with Jason going strong, until 'T' betrays Marshall by making a move onto Jason, which leads to Marshall reaching his breaking point.

  • Tara's therapist tells her that the time has come for her to move on to another therapist who can better deal with the next stages of her treatment. She doesn't take it well. Tara and sister Charmaine head off for a day at the spa but it all turns into a disaster when Tara's new alter, Gimme, emerges. Max decides it's time to tell Charmaine and the kids about the new alter. Kate is thinking about pursuing a sexual harassment complaint against her boss, Gene Stuart. Marshall thinks his relationship with Jason is developing just as he had hoped. That is until 'T' intervenes. Marshall decides to make his displeasure known.


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  • Open with Tara talking on video about two strange occurrences: During her tattoo she was aware of what T was hearing and while making dinner Alice showed up with an ingredient suggestion.

    Dr. Ocean tells Tara in therapy that what's happening is called co-consciousness and that it is "quite a breakthrough." Ocean then tells her she wants to terminate their relationship, calling it a "graduation from one stage of treatment to another." Tara is upset that she's being referred to a new therapist.

    Marshall tells Petula about the kiss with Jason. Jason walks by in the hall and ignores Marshall, but sends him a text that he wants to meet after school.

    Tara shows up at Max's job site and tells him about Ocean. Max is confused: "We need her. Why would she do that?"

    Kate goes to Barnaby's to get her check and sees the picture Gene stole off her fridge in his desk. She is disturbed by the development.

    Tara tells Charmaine about Ocean terminating as they go for massages at a spa.

    A co-worker tells Kate that Gene "is usually more subtle than that," and suggests Kate contact Barnaby's HR and charge Gene with sexual harassment.

    Charmaine needs to "glow" for her second date with the environmental lawyer that night. She compares Ocean and her "graduation" line to what guys have told her when they've dumped her in the past and tells Tara she's "a handful" as a patient.

    When the masseuse touches Tara's shoulders she pops up on the table. Tara zones out and begins rocking. The masseuse brings Charmaine into the area and we see Tara has changed to Gimmie and is huddled in the corner. Gimmie runs across the spa, ripping down hanging dividers before turning into T. Charmaine asks T what happened but gets no information.

    Kate is on hold with Barnaby's corporate in the kitchen when Max and Charmaine come home. They tell her about the spa and Ocean. T walks in and argues with Charmaine about some clothes, then tell Max she doesn't know anything about Gimmie. Max sends her to the shed. Max asks Charmaine to stick around until Tara returns.

    Marshall and Jason pull into the driveway on their bikes. They have a taken a route that Jason says "is away from everyone else." T makes an appearance while outside for a smoke. Marshall suggests they hang out in his room again and Jason says their kiss "wasn't bad at all" and that they can do it again. Max calls Marshall inside and the two plan to meet the next day. As soon as Marshall leaves T swoops in on Jason and takes him to shed to show him where Marshall stores his bike.

    In the shed Jason says he might be bisexual. T tells Jason they are the same age and looks about to make a move.

    Max tells the kids and Charmaine that Gimmie "is a primitive side of" Tara responsible for peeing on people and destroying murals. Marshall leaves to go check on T.

    Marshall goes to the shed and finds T and Jason making out with his hand on one of T's breasts. Marshall begins kicking the shed door repeatedly as Tara transitions. Jason quickly apologizes and walks out. Marshall runs into the house with Tara on his heels.

    Tara goes to Marshall's room to apologize, saying she wishes she could protect him from the alters. Marshall tells her "I can protect myself" and shows her the door.

    Max tells Tara about T and Gimmie at the spa and that the kids and Charmaine are now aware of the new alter.

    Tara goes downstairs and apologizes to Charmaine for what happened at the spa. Charmaine seems to take it well,

    Kate is on hold with Barnaby's HR as we see Marshall walk into T's shed and drop a lit match on the bed. A small fire builds and Marshall walks out. After Kate leaves a message "my manager is a total freakshow" she spots the fire out her window.

    Kate runs downstairs and tells everybody the shed is on fire.

    Max, Tara, Kate and Charmaine run to the back to find the shed engulfed in flames. Marshall is sitting silently on a chaise lounge watching the scene in front of him. He watches without expression as his family battles the blaze.

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