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  • After witnessing the brutal death of his family, an embittered ex-army officer agrees to infiltrate a gang of terrorists.

  • Mumbai-based Indian Army Officer, Amaan Malik, who lives with his wife, Divya, and daughter, Binty, decides to quit, and seek employment elsewhere. He is then approached by a plainclothes police officer, Ahmad Hussain, and asked to infiltrate a gang of terrorists and bring their ringleader, Sultan, to justice. He initially refuses to do so, but subsequently changes his mind after Divya and Binty are killed in an explosion at a Ganpati Mandir. He is given a new identity, Ahmaan Yusuf Ali, and sent to prison on trumped-up charges where he must seek contact with other terrorists. He dramatically manages to do so, acquires a reputation, and gets to meet RD and his attractive sister, Iya. After considerable violence, including the well-planned execution of Goonga, he gains their confidence and plans are underfoot to finally introduce him to Sultan. But this meeting will be far from welcoming - for Sultan has already been aware that there is a traitor amongst them - and he has made plans to do away with him/her - and carry out a series of explosions in Mumbai.


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  • A police van is shown in which Aman Malik (Adhvik Mahajan) is sitting hand-cuffed and thinking. The flash-back starts with caption "You may ignore terrorism... but terrorism wont ignore you." A terrorist camp is shown which Aman infiltrates as an army man. He faces terrorist master-mind Sultan (Zakir Hussain) who tells him that though he has killed many people, nobody is innocent. He does what he wants, unlike Aman who just follows order. He also asks Aman what his definition of "Country" is. Aman has no answers to these questions, meanwhile Sultan creates a diversion and successfully escapes.

    In next flash-back sequence, Aman is telling his wife Divya Malik (Amruta Khanvilkar) that who decides what is good and what is bad? and there is no difference between him and Sultan as both kill people. The only difference is Sultan's commitment and passion. He tells Divya that he wants to live for her and their daughter Binty (Ziyah Vastani). The family is shown spending time together and having fun. The TV shows news of Delhi bomb blast and Sultan's terror message is also shown. Divya is intrigued but Aman tells her not to worry and switch the channel.

    Ahmad Hussain (Prasad Purandhare) who is a special police officer comes to meet Aman about Delhi bomb blast and tells him that the only link of Sultan is an underworld gang run by RD (Sumeet Nijhawan). Hussain had sent one police officer to RD's gang as informant but he was killed due to somebody in the police force leaking the information. Hussain wants Aman to now go as an informant as he is not a part of police, he has left the army and he has the commando training. Aman tells him that he left army to spend time with his family and declines the contract of killing a lot of people to eliminate Sultan. Next, Aman is shown giving gifts to his wife and daughter and it is shown that the family is very happy together. They go to a temple where another bomb blasts killing Divya and Binty. Enraged Aman goes to Hussain and asks for a chance to eliminate Sultan.

    Hussain tells Aman that he will need mind to reach Sultan not emotions. He tells him that underworld today is divided in two rival dons, one is RD who is the key to reach Sultan and the other one is Goonga (Upendra Limaye). Hussain tells Aman that he will not tell anybody about Aman helping police and he will have to become a criminal. Hussain also gives Aman a new identity with a muslim name Amaan Ali Yusuf. Amaan's training to become a criminal is shown with Binty singing in background. After the training, Hussain puts some bogus criminal cases against Amaan to put him in jail. There, Amaan kills a Goonga's man A K Rao to grab RD's attention. Hussain tell that Amaan's motto should be "Jaan se jyada kaam" (Job is more important than life) Be it anybody's life - Amaan's or Hussain's.

    After unsuccessful attempt to kill RD and loosing his best shooter in the process, Goonga is living on a boat with his wife (Amruta Subhash). He comes to know about Rao's death on the boat. RD sends a lawyer named Bhansali (Jai Tari) to get Amaan out of jail. He also does the background check on Amaan which Amaan passes with help of Hussain. After coming out of jail, Amaan starts to work for RD. He kills quite a few of RD's opposer Goonga's men.

    Goonga becomes restless about so many of his men getting killed, he fights with his wife at his boat Then he uses his contacts to get the minister to ask police Commissioner (Vibha Cheebur) to kill Amaan. Commissioner assigns this job to encounter specialist Dara (Kishore Kadam). Dara is shown entering a movie theater where he kills one person coolly. Hussain tells Amaan that Dara is a killer and if Amaan doesn't kill Dara than Dara will kill Amaan.

    Dara is taking a bath and takes Commissioner's call about killing Amaan in towel. Just at that time Amaan enters his flat and tries to kill Dara. Dara runs out of his flat naked with Amaan chasing him. After some chasing, Dara is finally able to escape. The media gives this event a lot of coverage and Dara is embarrassed. Police goes after Amaan after this incident and shoot at sight order is given. RD's gang arranges to get Amaan out of India to save his life. After a talk with Hussain, Amaan leaves India. He now meets RD, and defeats one of his men Zahwari (Brajesh Jha) in hand to hand combat to show his worth. This catches attention of Iya (Sakshi Gulati) RD's sister. He also meets Allwyn (Yasir Khan) and Karim Ali (Ranjeev Verma). Hussain is very happy with the present condition but warns Amaan not to ask anything until RD himself tell something.

    Goonga makes one more plan to kill RD, he knows that Dara is very angry with his humiliation and he wants to use him. Dara indeed wants revenge and goes after Amaan. He comes to know of a party RD and Amaan would attend. Zahwari wants to become the don and agrees to help Dara. Goonga rings Dara and encourages him to kill RD along with Amaan. Dara is willing to do so. At his boat, Goonga laughs a lot about the fact that Amaan chased the naked Dara on the streets - the police officer who killed 90 people.

    Iya is very interested in Amaan and she frankly tells him that she likes him. Amaan tells her that he doesn't believe in happiness. RD interrupts the discussion and now Amaan finds out that Iya is RD's sister. The party is for dealing drugs and RD asks Amaan to be low profile in the party. At that time Sultan calls RD and tells him that he is thinking of doing something in Mumbai and he needs somebody to help him. RD suggests the name of Amaan.

    Dara attacks RD and Amaan during the party with the help of Zahwari but they escape. Zahwari is hurt in the firing. RD and Amaan come to meet him and tell him that they have found the whereabouts of Dara. Zahwari tries to call Dara as soon as they leave him. But RD and Amaan have already caught Dara and now they know of Zahwari's betrayal. RD kills Zahwari. After some discussion with Dara, RD kills him as well. Goonga is enraged to hear about one more of his attempts failing. He starts to think of some other idea to kill RD.

    Amaan tells about one drug consignment to Hussain and is nearly caught by Iya but he turns the discussion around. Iya kisses him for saving RD and calls him hero which brings back the memory of Divya. RD's gang is wondering how police knew about the consignment and they suspect some traitor but RD says that there might not be a traitor as well and they should give police some credit. Some associates of Sultan come to visit RD and Amaan takes their photos with RD and sends them to Hussain. When he is talking to Hussain, Kareem listens to the conversation. Amaan quickly knocks him down and uses his phone to talk to Hussain. He tell Hussain to identify Kareem when Kareem's phone rings Hussain again. He then shoots Kareem, the noise makes everybody to come over. Amaan tells them that Kareem was the informer and he killed Kareem when Kareem tries to kill him. RD takes Kareem's mobile and re-dials the last dialed number where Hussain identifies Kareem. Hence, Amaan is saved and Kareem is proved as informer.

    Now, Amaan thinks of killing Goonga. He finds out that Goonga is backed by Intelligence Beuro but Hussain asks him to go ahead with the killing. Iya now tells Amaan that she loves him and he tells the same to RD as well. She insists on going with Amaan to kill Goonga. RD gives his go ahead. Amaan tells her that he loves her too and checks her in the hotel as Divya Malik. Iya understands that Divya is the name of his first love. He tells her that she is dead now. They found the whereabouts of Goonga.

    Iya goes on a waterscooter near Goonga's boat and distracts all the males in the boat. Meanwhile, Amaan who is hidden below the waterscooter, quitely goes to the boat and starts killing one by one. Some of his aids arrive on a helicopter and Amaan kills Goonga and leaves. Goonga's wife is the only person alive on the boat.

    RD is very happy with Goonga's death and gives his blessings to Amaan completely. He tells him that whatever he thought of achieving while he was young, he has long achieved and got bored of it. So, RD has taken Sultan's goal and is working on it. He tells Amaan to go to Mumbai with a lot of explosives and meet and help Sultan there. Hussain goes to home minister with the information that Sultan is in Mumbai and is planning something big. Home minister gives him complete assurance. Hussain tells Amaan that he and his team will follow Amaan once he comes to Mumbai and will arrest everybody the moment he meets Sultan. Iya decides to accompany Amaan to Mumbai. On the boat to Mumbai, Amaan tells Iya everything and Iya agrees to be with him.

    Home minister is an accomplice to Sultan's plan. He wants the blast so that the govenment falls and his son can rule the state. Hussain makes his plan to follow Amaan but is stopped by his own policemen. Amaan reaches Mumbai and meets Sultan but he doesn't see any police raid. Sultan is suspicious of Amaan and asks him how Hussain gets to know about his plan. Hussain is in Sultan's custody. Amaan flatly refuse to know him and says that RD's enemy is his enemy. Sultan asks him why he has killed RD. After they left for Mumbai, somebody used a timer operated bomb to eliminate whole of RD's gang. Amaan refuse to accept this responsibilty as well. Iya saves Amaan by saying that she doesn't believe Amaan can do that. She mentions Kareem and blames him for everything. Sultan's associates tell him that Kareem indeed was traitor and it was Amaan who killed him. This saves Amaan's life. Amaan tries to save Hussain's life as well but he repeatedly says "Jaan se jyada kaam" and is killed by Sultan. Amaan now knows that home minister is also involved.

    Sultan makes detailed plans to kill maximum ladies and children. He describes his plans in detail, Amaan couldn't bear that and kills Sultan and his associates with the help of Iya. She asks if he really killed RD but Amaan says he didn't. She believes him.

    The media report says that Mumbai police has done a great job preventing a big catastrophe and captured about 500 KG of RDX. The gang leader is portrayed as Amaaan Ali. The report further says that home minister was killed in his office, and the killer, believed to be Amaan Ali is absconding. Media reports that Amaan has also killed his boss RD to become the number 1 don and number 1 wanted person for India.

    Iya asks Amaan why he doesn't tell the truth to the police. He says there is no point in doing so as at maximum this will make Aman Malik a hero and Amaan Ali will die. On the other hand, as Amaan Ali, he has a great opportunity to remove complete terrorism. Only then his Contract will be complete.

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