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  • As Vic hopes his immunity deal will help keep his family together, and Shane takes extreme measures to keep his pregnant wife from being charged with murder, Dutch finds he's a suspect in the disappearance of a teenage serial killer's mother.


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  • Previously on...: Vic realized Shane was going to kill him, Shane tried to get Vic arrested with a bag of dirty money, Mara shot a guy then got injured and wanted to go home. Vic and Ronnie were running out of time to get their deal from I.C.E. Vic watched Corrine get arrested at what was supposed to be his money drop with her in the park; Vic got full immunity from I.C.E. for confessing to all his crimes, as long as he delivers the huge drug bust he promised them.

    Vic told Ronnie that Murray agreed to give them full immunity when the Beltran drug bust goes down. Vic talked Beltran into doing his drug delivery in broad daylight the next day because the cops would be distracted by the President's visit. Dutch told Corinne about Vic's immunity deal. "He's free of everything," Dutch told her. She worried about what Vic would do if he found out she tried to set him up.

    Shane and Mara went back home and Mara worried about what would happen to their son Jackson when they got caught. She was afraid he'd end up in foster care. Shane vowed not to let anything bad happen to Jackson and their unborn daughter. They decided to name the girl Frances Abigail. Mara cried.

    Claudette was at work against doctor's orders. She asked Murray to get Corinne and her kids protection. Vic, meanwhile, visited Corinne and told him he made a deal with the feds to get her off the hook. Vic, suddenly the loving father, kissed his kids and seemed like the weight of the world was off his shoulders.

    Shane confronted Billings outside his house and asked him to tell Claudette about Mara's shooting being in self-defense. Shane said Mara was scared of him and she just did what Shane forced her to do. He gave Billings his lawyer's phone number and asked him to tell Claudette to call the lawyer if she wants Shane to come in and confess to anything she needs to put Vic and Ronnie away, as long as Mara is protected from serving any time. Once Mara was cleared of charges, he'd walk into the Barn himself. Billings delivered the message and Claudette thanked him. Claudette wondered how to get Shane to come in despite the fact that Vic had an immunity deal, which meant Shane had nothing of value to give the cops.

    Vic and Ronnie arrived at the meeting between what they thought was Beltran and the black drug dealers, but Beltran never showed. He sent a lieutenant to deliver a sample of what the black dealers' $100,000 got them so they could prove themselves. The black dealers gave Vic $200,000, but Vic had shaved $100,000 off the top for what he was supposed to deliver to Shane. Murray, listening in from outside the warehouse where the meeting was, didn't want to leave empty-handed. All units moved in and Vic looked panicked.

    Mara was in so much pain, Shane had to help her to the bathroom. He apologized for ruining her life and taking her for granted. She said, "All we ever wanted was to be with you," and Shane got emotional. She kissed him.

    Back at the warehouse, Vic was angry with Murray for ruining the Beltran arrest, but she said all she wanted was to be done with Vic. She told Vic to stand down. "You are either a lying hustler, or ineffective. In either case, your involvement with Beltran is done." Ronnie worried that I.C.E. might re-neg on their immunity deal, but Vic told him it was iron clad (Vic was leaving out the fact that Ronnie's deal wasn't going to be sealed until after the Beltran bust). Vic vowed to keep his end of the deal, which was for the drugs and Beltran. Ronnie vowed to see it through with him.

    Lloyd, Dutch's burgeoning teen serial killer, came in claiming his mother Rita was missing. Dutch was convinced Lloyd killed her. Claudette thought the kid was just worried about his mom. Lloyd said he last saw his mom at 3 a.m. the night before, when she was crying over a fight she and Dutch had. "Then she took the car and she never came back," Lloyd said, with tears in his eyes. Lloyd thought she went to Dutch's house. Dutch had some explaining to do with Claudette. Dutch told her about the hang-up calls he received from Rita's phone, which Rita knew nothing about. Dutch surmised Lloyd made the calls to get Dutch to come over that day, then he killed Rita, "and he made you a suspect," Claudette said, finishing the scenario before Dutch could.

    Tina told Julien she was glad not to be a rookie anymore, having completed a year since graduating from the academy. She wondered if someone would get her a cake. Julien was distracted by seeing an openly gay couple walk into a store together, holding hands. They showed up at an impromptu political rally, where a man named Robert Huggins (played by Andre Benjamin, a.k.a. Andre 3000) was riling up his followers with loud music and a populist message from his megaphone. They arrested him for unlawful assembly and failure to disperse.

    Shane called his lawyer, who said Claudette was willing to discuss "reduced charges" for Mara. Shane was upset. Shane's next call was to Vic, but when he tried to strong-arm Vic into helping him out of this jam, Vic told Shane about his immunity deal, adding that he even used Shane's "little black book" as a guide for what to confess to. Shane couldn't believe it. He tried to hit Vic where it might hurt most, telling him Corinne had turned on him and was working with the cops. "The mother of your children has been playing. She would rather see you go to prison than watch you hug one of your own kids again," Shane said. Vic hit Shane right back, saying that when Shane and Mara are serving their time in different prisons, he's going to pay annual visits to Shane's kids on their birthdays and tell them stories about "ma and pa." "You don't even think to look at my kids, ever!" Shane screamed into the phone. "Yeah, well, I'll send you a post card from Space Mountain," Vic said. Shane cried.

    Shane busted a mirror in a public restroom and snorted a couple lines of cocaine. Vic showed up at Murray's office asking where his kids were. She told him Corinne requested protection from him and he realized Corinne had been working with the cops. "Apparently, she's a better judge of character than I am," Murray said. He pleaded with Murray for a chance to bring Beltran and the drugs in, in exchange for a chance to talk to Corinne so he could see his kids. She didn't respond. "I didn't get to say goodbye to my children," Vic said. "You said goodbye to them the moment you decided to shoot another cop in the face," Murray said. She told him to report to work at 9 a.m. the next day.

    Dutch interrogated Lloyd, telling him he knew Lloyd was trying to set him up. Claudette walked in and told Dutch he was not to speak to Lloyd again because the cops found burnt remnants of women's clothing in the trash can outside his house. Claudette put Billings in charge of the case.

    Huggins, the mayoral candidate, had bail posted and asked Tina to file a request for police protection because threats had been made against him. She all but blew him off, telling him she could have a detective file a report.

    Billings' lawyer showed up at the station looking for Dutch. He refused to take a few minutes to talk to her about Billings' case and asked her to wait. Shane made an overt pass at a young girl working in a mini-mart, then handed her a small stack of $20 bills, which was way too much for what he'd bought. He told to have some fun with it.

    Vic and Ronnie barged into a Beltran lieutenant's motel room and, with the help of an unfriendly rattlesnake, scared the guy's girlfriend into telling them where Beltran might be staying. Vic called Murray asking her to send some manpower to the warehouse where Beltran might be. She blew Vic off, telling him Beltran's grunts were giving him up already.

    Huggins crashed an Aceveda campaign speech. Billings was having trouble breaking Lloyd. Claudette went in to talk to Lloyd herself. She told Lloyd about Rita's clothes being found in Dutch's trashcan, but said "there's no murder without a body." She wanted Lloyd to tell her everything he knew about Rita's relationship with Dutch. Back at Aceveda's town hall meeting, Huggins again stood up and mocked Aceveda for being driven by greed and money. Aceveda had Huggins escorted out by cops.

    Billings' lawyer asked Dutch to change his written statement about Billings because the statement, as written, could lead to a long, expensive jury trial that could cost Billings his job. Dutch relented and asked what was the least he would have to write to keep Billings employed. Shane came home and a neighbor was a little freaked out to see him. He had toys for Jackson and he stood alone, listening to Mara reading Jackson a story.

    He called a family meeting.

    Back at the station, Danny told Claudette that Shane's neighbor called as said he was in their house.

    Vic called Aceveda and told him to put pressure on I.C.E. to make a bust on Beltran. The cops showed up at Shane's house. Tina thought he'd go down easy. Inside, Shane was writing frantically in the bathroom when he heard the cops break in. They heard one shot and found Shane on the toilet with blood splattered on the walls behind him. Silence filled the house as Tina called Claudette into another room, where they found Mara and Jackson lying side by side on a bed, Mara holding a bouquet of flowers and Jackson clutching his toy truck.

    Vic and Ronnie staked out the warehouse where they believed Beltran was hiding. They decided backup wasn't coming and talked about pulling a cowboy move, going in without backup and not knowing who else was inside. "Yee haw," Ronnie said. They went in. They made a move to lure Beltran out just enough for Vic to take him hostage at gunpoint. Just then, the I.C.E. cops arrived. Murray showed up and announced they couldn't make an arrested without drugs. "We're really getting our money's worth with you guys, aren't we?" she said. That's when other agents called her over and revealed the stash. She asked them to arrest Beltran. Ronnie laughed with glee, but Vic didn't look very relieved.

    Billings was happy the department decided to settle his case, and claimed there was a confidentiality clause in the deal but said he was "sitting pretty." Billings' lawyer found Dutch and shared a cop of coffee with him. She told him all Billings got was two days' back pay and there was no confidentiality clause. She gave Dutch her card in case he needed anything.

    Aceveda took credit for leading the Beltran investigation undercover for seven months when the news cameras converged on the drug bust. Ronnie asked Vic if he was OK because he seemed upset. Vic said things were fine. Murray told Ronnie she got a call from Claudette and she needed him back at The Barn. He left. Murray told Vic Claudette needed to see him, too.

    Claudette was interrogating Lloyd, breaking him and telling him she knew Dutch didn't lay a hand on his mother. She told him he was now a suspect in his mother's disappearance and possible murder. She told Dutch it was just a matter of time before Lloyd would break. She looked tired and Dutch asked where her new meds were. She said she didn't have any because they didn't work any more. "I'm dying," she told him. "This is what it looks like." She told Dutch to "just keep doing what friends do -- it means a lot."

    Huggins, the mayoral candidate, was found shot twice. He told Tina he'd set up a picket line around a crack house and crack heads didn't want to cross, so the dealers shot him. He asked her if he had her vote. She said yes as his heart stopped.

    Vic walked through the Barn and found Ronnie crying in the clubhouse. Ronnie asked Vic if he'd heard about Shane. "He killed himself at his place. Gun to his head when the cops came in. And, Vic, he took Jackson and Mara with him." "At least we're clear now," Ronnie said. "We're finally clear of all the (stuff) that they were holding over our heads. We don't even need I.C.E.'s immunity now." Claudette walked in and told Vic she had questions about the Vendrell case.

    In an interview room, Claudette asked Vic to sit in the seat where the interviewee sits. She said Shane wrote a note, and read from it, saying Mara and Jackson were innocent and they "didn't know what they were drinking and their last moments together were happy ones. They left the way I first found them -- perfect and innocent." Shane's letter continued to say the guilty ones were him and Vic. "Vic led but I kept following. I don't think one's worse than the other, but we made each other into something worse than our individual selves. I wish I'd never met him," Shane wrote.

    Claudette looked at Vic in the eye and said, "All those busts. All those confessions you got in this room, illegal or otherwise. All the drugs you got off the street tonight for I.C.E. You must be very proud of yourself. This is what the hero left on his way out the door." She pulled out photos of the scene at Shane's house. She walked out.

    Vic looked at the photos placed in front of him while Claudette watched him on a monitor in another room. Vic stood up, walked to the camera and looked into it before tearing it out of the wall and smashing it. He walked out, passing Claudette, and said, "Bill me for it." She told him the first payment was due now, and instructed Dutch and a line of cops behind him to arrest Ronnie -- for everything Vic had given up to the feds when he got his immunity. Ronnie didn't understand.

    Ronnie screamed at Vic as he was carried away in handcuffs and Vic tried to apologize, saying he had to protect his family.

    Vic went to Murray and asked where his family was. She didn't tell him and assigned him to his new desk job with I.C.E., analyzing patterns in gang behavior and writing reports. Vic was not happy. Vic got a tour of his new office as Corinne and the kids were getting introduced to their new lives in a quaint looking town.

    Dutch asked Lloyd what nickname he'd like in order to not be a forgotten serial killer. He asked Lloyd why he thought over half of the world's known serial killers had spent at least a portion of their lives in Southern California. "I guess it's because everyone comes to L.A. to be famous," Lloyd said. "Get ready for your close-up, Lloyd," Claudette chimed in.

    Tina was about to blow out the candle on her one-year anniversary cake when Danny stormed in and told all the cops to respond to a robbery in progress.

    Vic put framed photos of his kids on his new desk, and one of him and Lem smiling and holding beers. He heard police sirens pass and watched out the window as squad cars sped past. Completely alone, wearing a shirt and tie, Vic's eyes watered as he sat in complete silence. The lights went out.

    Vic got his keys, pulled his gun out of the safe in his desk drawer, and held it in his hands. He smirked for a moment, then tucked the gun into this waistline, put on his jacket, and left.

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