RED (2010) Poster


Karl Urban: William Cooper



  • Frank Moses : [while grappling with Cooper]  Kordesky trained you?

    William Cooper : Yeah.

    Frank Moses : I trained Kordesky.

    [dislocates Cooper's shoulder] 

  • Henry, The Records Keeper : Frank Moses was one of the most effective black op agents we've ever had. He retired drug-lords, terrorists. Hell, he toppled governments. Yeah. He was truly gifted.

    William Cooper : Why was he retired?

    Henry, The Records Keeper : He got old. Then some thumb-sucker came along and tagged him "RED."

    William Cooper : Red?

    Henry, The Records Keeper : Yeah. RED. R-E-D, "Retired: Extremely Dangerous."

  • William Cooper : Bad move, Grandpa.

  • Cynthia Wilkes : [in the meeting spot]  Cooper... This is gonna happen either way.

    William Cooper : Fuck you, Cynthia.

    [turns his gun on her and kills her] 

  • William Cooper : How's retirement, Frank?

    Frank Moses : It's been a real blast.

  • William Cooper : [at the "back room", secret records location]  I didn't even know this place existed.

    Henry, The Records Keeper : It doesn't.

  • Hanged Man : [perched on a chair with a noose around his neck]  Listen. I can make you rich. Don't you know who I am?

    William Cooper : Of course, I do.

    [kicks the chair away] 

  • [Frank calls Cooper on the phone; Cooper is told to stall him while the call is traced] 

    Frank Moses : Here's the thing, Cooper. With age... comes a certain perspective. I'd be a liar if I said there wasn't a time when I was exactly like you. Blind ambition. Misplaced trust.

    William Cooper : Why are you telling me this?

    Frank Moses : It may help me to decide what to do next.

    Interrogation Surveillance Tech : [technician tracing the call whispering to Cooper]  Just keep it going.

    William Cooper : Why? What are you thinking about?

    Frank Moses : Our business is a very hard one. But it was never the, uh... the killing or the stress, the bad pay that bothered me.

    William Cooper : Well, what was it, Frank?

    Frank Moses : It's how anything that you love... can be taken away from you. It taught me never to care. Never to invest. Then I met this woman. Sarah. And now you have her. Now I can't think of anything more horrible than to know that your enemies can hurt someone you love. The feeling is almost indescribable.

    [the trace completes, and the technician hands Cooper a printout] 

    Frank Moses : You still there, Cooper?

    William Cooper : [horrified]  You're at my house

    [Frank looks out the window into the yard where Cooper's wife and two children, unaware, are playing] 

    Frank Moses : Almost indescribable, isn't it?

    William Cooper : [whispering]  Please... Please don't hurt my family.

    Frank Moses : If anything happens to Sarah, I will rip everything you love out of your life. And then I'll kill you.

  • Frank Moses : We don't have much time. Do you understand that?

    William Cooper : What are you gonna do, Frank?

    Frank Moses : I'm gonna kill the Vice President. What are you gonna do?

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