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Impressive Performance from Guest Actors
kiteflier9817 February 2015
The story begins with a woman calling 911 to report a rape and assault, although she was the one who assaulted the rapist. It turns out that the rapist was led to believe that she initiated the attack through an online forum. However, it turns out that the whole situation was set up by a stalker she thought had been out of her life since she moved to New York.

I was really amazed by the plot turns that were taken in this episode. When the man who orchestrated the rape entered the courtroom, it was obvious that he wasn't being compliant, but when he shouted at the judge, everything changed from that moment on. The original case remains open, leaving the audience to wonder about the outcome. However, the new plot that develops is rather shocking and touching at the same time.

I highly recommend this episode to other viewers and would definitely watch it again
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One in a million
bkoganbing12 June 2014
This episode where a computer expert has been stalking a former girlfriend takes an unexpected turn. Jon Patrick Walker has been arrested for setting up his girlfriend to be raped by another man. How he did it is for you to see the story, but when the SVU squad finally arrests Walker and he's arraigned in court, the trial judge Alan Dale recognizes something in a remark Walker makes that sets him and the story in a whole different direction.

Dale is considered a model judge of integrity, rectitude, and probity. What he does after is completely out of character, but it goes back to a personal tragedy in his own life.

Usually I'm not liking when stories go off on a tangent and a lot of SVU plots do that. But in this case it's a good story and leaves with a lot of questions and possibly the conclusion that many perpetrators started out as victims.
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Alan Dale superb
iansdigby-3990525 July 2018
I thought Alan Dale as Judge Koehler gave a superb performance that gripped me throughout. A vety difficult storyline handled with finesse by an actor of great talent.
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