Dead Space: Downfall (Video 2008) Poster

(2008 Video)

Hal Sparks: Ramirez


  • Alissa Vincent : You froze up. Do I need to worry about you, Hansen?

    Ramirez : You fallin' apart on us, Sarge? Maybe Irons here can sign you up with the Unitologists. They seam pretty at peace with this bullshit.

    Hansen : I'm okay, mind your own fucking business!

  • Ramirez : Hey, Vincent, you know why I really took this job?

    Alissa Vincent : You can tell me later.

    Ramirez : My old man always said I was chicken shit, he wanted me to join the service. But, I wasn't big on the idea of getting my ass shot off in some war zone back home.

    Alissa Vincent : Ramirez, they're getting closer. Give me the all hope is lost speech another time!

    Ramirez : I've always been afraid of getting into a fight. Can you believe that?

    Alissa Vincent : Ramirez, I swear, I will...

    Ramirez : I guess it makes sense as to why I took a security job. Y'know, badge and gun, pretty much it easy not to get in a fight.

    Alissa Vincent : Will you shut the fuck up and open that door?

    Ramirez : It wasn't till all this shit went down and that I realized it ain't like what my old man says. I'm not a coward. I just don't like confrontations.

    [door slides open] 

    Alissa Vincent : Yeah, that's great, let's go!

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