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MPAA Rated R for bloody horror violence/gore and language throughout, some sexuality, nudity and drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • A girl is getting ready for a Halloween party and her outfit is described as "slutty men-getting outfit "
  • Cleavage is seen and dress is short with fishnet stockings and suspenders
  • Another girl joins them also wearing a short dress exposing cleavage and fishnets.
  • Girl describes a "chaffing" situation. You then see her rubbing lotion under her tights, between her legs. The girls talk about waxing.
  • A woman's nipples are seen under a sheer top - she also bends over in front of 2 young kids and you see her crotch (covered by knickers).
  • Man walks into a bar and there is a topless barmaid and a pole dancer also topless. Other women walk across screen topless.
  • A man goes to meet another man. They have a meeting while he is being given a blowjob. You don't see nudity - just the woman's head bobbing up and down and hear sucking noises.
  • People kiss at a party.
  • 2 women are on a couch kissing.
  • Many of the women at party have cleavage showing and are revealing (including the 2 women from earlier).
  • A couple go into a room and passionately kiss. His hand goes to the bottom of her "dress".
  • A woman in a revealing dress dances on a table
  • 2 more women kiss for a long time.
  • 2 men then kiss for a second.
  • A woman straddles a man to kiss him.
  • A woman drinks from a wine bottle but turns it into a phallic symbol
  • A couple have sex. (no nudity) you see thrusting and hear groans. later on in the scene he turns into something and you see things come out her nipples.
  • 2 women go into a room and dance provocatively. 1 touches the other. They then kiss - she rips her tops open and rips her breast off.
  • Another woman (Lily) shows a man (Jason) her boobs and then touches herself between her legs - she starts to bleed heavily and pulls lipstick out.

Violence & Gore

  • At the start a woman hangs herself and her head comes off (shown in black and white so not too gory).
  • A man paint balls another man for stealing kids candy.
  • A girl's finger starts bleeding from a skull biting her.
  • A girl's face is torn off.
  • A girl starts bleeding heavily from her vagina.
  • A few of the demons are shot in the face and body, but no blood is shown.
  • A boy falls down multiple stories, through the floor, and his leg is broken. The broken bone and blood is shown, sticking out.
  • Lots of violence and gore throughout.


  • 65 Fucks, 25 Shits and Gods, 4 Goddamn, 1 Hell, Holy Jesus and Ass.
  • At least 2 used with Mother --
  • About 3 bal*s(some in a song)
  • Name calling (Asshole, Bitch, Pussy, Liar.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some men smoke.
  • Men talk about selling drugs.
  • A few people use a bong and drink at a party

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Based around Hallloween so lots of costumes are seen (ghosts and suchlike).
  • Some costumes have blood on them.
  • A woman looks in a mirror and a hand comes out of it and tries to get her.
  • A demon grabs a girl from behind and drags her down a tunnel.
  • A boy looks in a tub full of blood and is attacked by a demon.
  • A lot of pop-up scares from the demons.

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