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Aubrey O'Day's Tweets Pretty Much Prove Her "Djt" Lover Is Indeed Donald Trump Jr.

Still not convinced that Aubrey O'Day and Donald Trump Jr. had an affair six years ago? Sure, nothing's been confirmed, but we've heard reports from multiple sources by now, she sang about heartbreak in a song titled "Djt," and there's even more evidence in her social media history. In case you missed this bombshell, the news of Aubrey and Don Jr.'s reported affair broke earlier this week amid the news that he's divorcing wife Vanessa Trump. The rumored lovers met on the set of Celebrity Apprentice Season 5, in which the Danity Kane songstress competed. According to media reports, the affair lasted from late 2011 until spring 2012. Now, a series of Aubrey's tweets have resurfaced, thanks to BuzzFeed, and they provide more proof of the relationship. (And by the way, we're tidying up all these tweets' spelling and grammar for legibility's sake, but the content is unchanged.) In November 2011, for example,
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Thriller Crypto Puts One Watchman Against a Mysterious Force: A Preview

Crypto is a psychological thriller from director Jon Silverberg. Partially shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, the film follows one man's journey into madness, in a remote wilderness lodge. The film stars: Amanda Tapping ("Stargate Sg-1"), Frank C. Turner (Alone in the Dark) and Philip Granger. As well, Crypto was produced by: Mem Ferda (The Devil's Double), James Clapper and Desmond Chen. A production update, for Crypto, is hosted here. The story also focuses on Jake's (Richard Harmon) work as a watchman. Left alone in the wilderness, Jake's past begins to catch up to him. A former drug user, he struggles to cope with his isolation as his photography shows unsettling apparitions. A release date has yet to be announced. Though, co-producer Ferda says of the film: "its simply astonishing the quality of cast we have managed to pulled together. I’m so looking forward to audience reactions to the movie.
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Bodies Can be Buried and Forgotten in this Preview for Martin Copping's The Dunes

The Dunes is an upcoming psychological thriller. The film is partially based on director Martin Copping's own life, in that he lost his own mother to addiction. The film is being co-produced by Mem Ferda (The Devil's Double, 2011). As well, the title stars: Tim Phillips (The Secret Circle), Jacinta Stapleton (Never Tear Us Apart), Kate Neilson and Maria Volk. A trailer has just been released, along with a movie poster; both items can be found here. The trailer reveals more of the story. Director Copping stars as Nicholas. Nicholas gets into a relationship with Misty (Stapleton), while a strange man prowls the woods. A confrontation looms, near Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, aka The Dunes. Addiction is one of the film's underlining themes. Co-producer Ferda says of the film's inspiration: "this film is of such importance, in spreading awareness and educating the public about the vulnerabilities of addiction. I myself lost
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Avatar 2 Gets Game of Thrones Star Oona Chaplin

Avatar 2 Gets Game of Thrones Star Oona Chaplin
During 20th Century Fox's CineEurope presentation in Barcelona, Spain today, producer Jon Landau announced that a new cast member has been added to all of the highly-anticipated Avatar sequels. The producer revealed that Oona Chaplin, perhaps best known for playing Talissa Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones, has come aboard to play a very important character named Varang. While no specific details about Varang were given, she will appear in all four sequels.

Variety reports that Varang was described by Jon Landau as, "a strong and vibrant central character who spans the entire saga of the sequels." She joins another new character who has recently been confirmed, Cliff Curtis as Tonowari, the leader of the Metkayina, a reef clan from Pandora. It hasn't been confirmed if there is any connection between Varang or Tonowari, but it's possible that they could be part of this same reef clan. Director James Cameron
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Actor Mem Ferda Talks About WWE Studios' Production Eliminators

Filming on the Eliminators began in September of this year, in London. The film is a WWE Studios production, starring wrestling superstar Stu Bennett. Actor Mem Ferda (The Devil's Double) also centrally stars, along with Scott Adkins (Close Range); James Nunn has directed this thriller. A preview of the film's upcoming launch is hosted here. In the story, a former Us Federal Agent must come out of a witness protection program. His home has been invaded and on the run, he is hunted by those who still want him dead. Actor Ferda has something to say about the film and his character. Ferda says "I was thrilled to be cast in the role of Giordani, an Italian American arms dealer. It gave me the opportunity to do a Boston American accent, which admittedly was getting a little rusty." Ferda's latest film is now in the post-production phase, with a release date upcoming.
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25 great movie performances by actors in multiple roles




From Thomas F Wilson in Back To The Future to Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in Face/Off - when actors play multiple roles...

The dramatic use of actors playing multiple characters is a bold and rather theatrical device that has its ups and downs. It goes at least as far back as Captain Hook being played by the same actor who plays the Darling children's father in stage productions of Peter Pan, a technique largely adopted in film adaptations of the story, too (hello to Jason Isaacs).

It's used a lot in cinema too. Done well, it's impressive, but when it's bad, it's Jack & Jill. Whether used in comedy or drama or outright horror, there are countless examples of actors delivering terrific performances in more than one role at once, and that's before we even get past Cloud Atlas. Still, we've had a go at totting up 25 of the best.
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Preacher renewed for longer second season

Rob Leane Jun 30, 2016

The Preacher TV series, starring Dominic Cooper, will be back with 13 more episodes next year...

Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin's televised take on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's much-celebrated comic book Preacher has been earning decent reviews as its first season airs.

Before this debut run has even come to an end, the powers-that-be at AMC have decided to renew the show for a second season. Preacher will return for a long second season next year, with 13 episodes slated instead of 10.

AMC's Charle Collier released this statement (which Collider shared)...

Preacher is a special television program and we’re eager to share with fans the rest of this wild first season and, now, an expanded second season. What Sam, Seth, Evan and the entire creative team have achieved in bringing Garth Ennis’ graphic novel to the screen is extraordinary. We look forward to
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Actor Mem Ferda Takes Part in Raindance Entry My Hero

A new dramatic thriller is coming soon, by way of the Raindance Film Festival. The title is My Hero and the film stars actor Mem Ferda. Ferda, of Miss You Already and The Devil's Double fame, stars as Simon Flowers, a gangster-florist, in this one-ok-a-kind thriller. The film was shown September 25th, in the United Kingdom and a preview of the film is hosted here. The story for My Hero begins with an unlikely friendship. A drug dealer and a nine year old girl are forced to go on the run as malevolent forces give chase. My Hero is an independent British film. Shot in Margate of Kent, Ferda says of the setting and the script: "My Hero, is distinctly British. I made a promise to myself that I would always support British indie films with great scripts, and this was certainly the perfect fit. I hadn’t ever filmed
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Mania and Mem Ferda Win Best Feature at the Arizona underground Film Festival

Jessica Cameron's lesbian horror thriller was recently at the Arizona Underground Film Festival. Here, Mania won "Best Feature." The film continues to make its round on the film festival circuit. Produced by Mem Ferda (The Devil's Double), Mania follows two lesbian lovers, on the run after a brutal murder. The film centrally stars Tristan Risk (American Mary), Ellie Church (Time to Kill) and Carlo Mendez. An update on the film is hosted here. Ferda and director Cameron have contracted to work on a total of three films together. Writer Jonathan Scott Higgins will also take part in this professional team-up. And, Ferda has something to say about the film's tone: "Jessica and I worked from a very dark palette for Mania. Parts are brutally blunt and may not be to everyone’s taste. But the exploration into a twisted lesbian love relationship and the presentation of characters that are
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Desolation Promises a Hellish Rest Stop: Early Stills

A few early details are emerging for the indie horror title Desolation. Described by producer Mem Ferda (The Devil's Double) as a "horror road trip film," Desolation now has a concept poster, which is hosted here. As well, two early stills show some of the primary cast, including: Tristan Risk (American Mary) and Ryan Kiser. Plot details are hosted just below. The film involves a cross country road trip. A husband and wife pick up a hitchhiker. It is all downhill from here as this vacation is turned into a trip to hell. Horror director Ryan M. Andrews returns to screen. Andrews has worked on other horror titles such as Black Eve (2010) and Sick (2012). A review for Sick is hosted here A Sick Review on 28Dla. And, fans of indie horror can see more of the characters, from Desolation, past the break. Tristan Risk is shown here as Lily. Actors Tristan Risk and Ryan Kiser.
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Trailer for 'Miss You Already' releases

Mem Ferda is widely known for his roles as villains and crooks (Gunned Down, Ill Manors and The Devil's Double) and as a producer of indie horror films (Truth Or Dare, Mania, Desolation). Now Ferda is giving a go as a compassionate character in the upcoming British-American Rom-Com Miss You Already.

'Miss You Already', a British-American romantic comedy set for release later in the year, shows London based actor Mem Ferda’s soft side as he plays Ahmet, a friendly taxi driver. Starring Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette and Dominic Cooper, Ferda makes an appearance alongside some of Hollywood’s greatest actors and can be seen in the brand new trailer for the movie.

Directed by the woman behind the highly successful Twilight films, Catherine Hardwicke, Miss you Already portrays the relationship between Jess and Milly, two childhood best friends. Both happily married, their lives are transformed when one
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Mania is a Blood-soaked Tale of Lesbian Terror: First Trailer

Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare) continues in horror with Mania. This "lesbian love story" gone awry now has a unique trailer. The clip features Vancouverite model and actress Tristan Risk (Bloody Mary) and up-and-comer Ellie Church. Together, these actresses, as Brooke and Mel, flee their home, after a brutal murder. The first trailer hosts a claustrophobic, gory vibe, with characters turned into bloodied mincemeat. As well, actor and producer Mem Ferda (The Devil's Double) has been attached to this feature. A preview of the film is hosted here. Ferda provides a behind-the-scenes look at the film. He states: "Mania is different. Its fresh, alarming, and draws from the sexual anxieties of early Cronenberg." Also, Ferda states that Mania is the first of three features, on which both Ferda and Cameron will collaborate. Mania is soon to release at several film festivals, now that production has completed. Fans of horror can
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A Punters Prayer: An Intriguing, Smart, Urban Satire

Mem Ferda (Gunned Down, Hyena, Pusher, The Devil's Double) has signed to feature in 'A Punters Prayer' the debut feature by Savvas D. Michael. Set in Palmers Green, London, 'A Punters Prayer' is an intense story about a group of friends who meet habitually at the local betting office to indulge in their favorite pastime of laddish banter, lamenting about life and family, but most critically, satisfying their addiction to gambling. Written and directed by first timer, Savvas D. Michael, it also stars; Dexter Fletcher (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Daniel Caltagirone (The Pianist)....
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Rumour: Dominic Cooper for TV Preacher adaptation?

It looks like the Marvel universe’s Howard Stark, Dominic Cooper, might be jumping ships to Preacher, from DC’s Vertigo imprint…

We don’t pass on every rumour we hear on this site, but this is one that has a certain air of plausibility to it - The Tracking Board is reporting that Dominic Cooper is allegedly top of the list to headline AMC’s telly adaptation of the Preacher comic.

We’ve got to share The Tracking Board’s photo mash-up, too, just to show you the comparison between Cooper and Preacher’s protagonist Reverend Jesse Custer…

He certainly looks the part, has dabbled in darker work before (see: The Devil's Double) and could possibly be tempted to take further TV work after the rave reviews he garnered as Howard Stark in Agent Carter. AMC (the network behind Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Mad Men and now Better Call Saul
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Howard Stark Is Back For "Agent Carter"

Dominic Cooper ("Dracula Untold," "The Devil's Double") is officially set to reprise his role of Howard Stark in the upcoming ABC series "Marvel's Agent Carter".

Cooper played Tony Stark's father in Marvel's "Captain America: The First Avenger" and then returned for a cameo at the end of the "Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter" which led to the creation of this limited series.

Atwell returns as Peggy Carter who has to deal with being marginalized once WWII ends and Steve Rogers is gone. Enlisted to the Ssr, the earlier incarnation of what we now know as S.H.I.E.L.D., she does administrative work and goes on secret missions for Howard Stark.

Chad Michael Murray, Enver Gjokaj, James D'Arcy and Shea Whigham also star.

Source: EW
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Dominic Cooper Will Return as Howard Stark in 'Agent Carter'

  • MovieWeb
Dominic Cooper Will Return as Howard Stark in 'Agent Carter'
Marvel's Agent Carter adds another familiar face as Dominic Cooper (The Devil's Double, My Week with Marilyn) will reprise the role of Howard Stark in the upcoming series coming to ABC in 2015!

Cooper first played Tony Stark's father in Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger before returning for a cameo at the end of Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter, and now Cooper will reunite with star Hayley Atwell for Marvel's Agent Carter.

Marvel's Agent Carter starring Captain America's Hayley Atwell, follows the story of Peggy Carter. It's 1946, and peace has dealt Peggy Carter a serious blow as she finds herself marginalized when the men return home from fighting abroad. Working for the covert Ssr (Strategic Scientific Reserve), Peggy must balance doing administrative work and going on secret missions for Howard Stark all while trying to navigate life as a single woman in America, in the wake of losing the love of her life--Steve Rogers.
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Sound Off: Scott Waugh's 'Need for Speed' - So What Did You Think?

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Engines, motor oil, love. Now playing is DreamWorks' take on the Fast & Furious franchise as the video game adaptation Need for Speed, made by stuntman-turned-director Scott Waugh (of Act of Valor), starring Aaron Paul from "Breaking Bad" and Dominic Cooper from The Devil's Double and Captain America. The cast also includes Imogen Poots, Rami Malek, Harrison Gilbertson and Dakota Johnson. So how did the latest car racing action movie turn out? Is it any good, or just another VFX mess? If you've seen it, leave a comment with your thoughts on Need for Speed. Note: I haven't been able to see the film yet, as I haven't been invited to any screenings before release. In the meantime, to start the engine and open up the discussion anyway, here's an excerpt from my friend Germain's mostly positive review on SlashFilm: "Despite some issues,
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Interview: Dominic Cooper Has the Need for Speed

In theaters today as Dino Brewster, the chief antagonist of director Scott Waugh's Need for Speed , Dominic Cooper is rapidly proving his acting talents with a diverse range of roles that have already stretched from his incredible dual performance in The Devil's Double to his potentially ongoing role as Howard Stark in Marvel Studios' cinematic universe. In the below interview with, Cooper discusses finding the humanity of Dino, driving fast cars and his British perspective on a film rooted in Americana. He also offers a brief update on his future in the McU and teases that his upcoming role in Duncan Jones' Warcraft may not be a character destined for more than one franchise film. Cs: There's one scene in particular I want to ask about at the beginning...
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Mem Ferda to Co-star in Jonnie Malachi's Thriller - Breakdown

Actor Mem Ferda of The Devil's Double fame has signed onto Jonnie Malachi's film, Breakdown. This thriller involves a contract killer who is double-crossed by his vicious employers. Breakdown has already announced casting appearances from Craig Fairbrass (Rise of the Footsoldier), James Cosmo ("Game of Thrones"), Emmett Scanlan (The Fall), Olivia Grant and Tamer Hassan. This title is currently in the shooting phase and fans of thrillers can preview Breakdown here. In the story, Fairbrass plays Alfie, the contract killer. Alfie is haunted by his violent past, which threatens to derail his current life. Forced to face his memories, Alfie will turn on his employers to find his freedom. Ferda is pleased to announce his participation in this exciting title. Ferda is impressed with the script and with his well written character, Hakan: "I am thrilled to be a part of this highly charged and strong no nonsense thriller.
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Female cast set for mystery drama set in Malta

Claire Forlani, Ann Cusack and Marama Corlett have been cast as the leads in The Three Lucias, an Australian-produced mystery drama which is set and will be wholly shot in Malta.

The writer-director is Sandra Sciberras, whose parents hail from Malta. It.s her fourth feature following Max.s Dreaming, Caterpillar Wish and Surviving Georgia.

The producer is David Redman, whose credits include Charlie & Boots, Salute, Till Human Voices Wake Us, You and Your Stupid Mate and Strange Bedfellows.

The plot follows Tony, a guy with a colourful past who is about to return home with the young daughter he didn't know he had until her mother Lucia died. His daughter is reluctant to leave and forms an attachment to a movie star with her own secrets. Over three days of Easter their lives intertwine with two other women called Lucia.

Forlani (Meet Joe Black, The Rock, Basquiat) will play Silent Lucia,
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