"Robin Hood" Something Worth Fighting For: Part 1 (TV Episode 2009) Poster

Fraser James: Blamire


  • Archer : The name's Archer.

    Blamire : Archer. Archer What?

    Archer : Just Archer.

    Blamire : Archer. Weren't you due to hang in York?

    Archer : Me? Hang? York? I don't know anything about that.

    Blamire : That's right. He's the one Hood and Gisborne broke out of prison. Many of my men were injured.

    Archer : I never asked them to do that, they just turned up.

    Isabella : Arrest him.

    Archer : That Robin Hood's a nut! He feels compelled to go about saving people.

    Isabella : Even so, did you think I would fraternize with such a lowlife as you?

    Archer : You would if you knew the truth.

  • Isabella : If I disappoint the Prince, I hang like every other Noble who's ever failed him. Blamire, I need those men.

    Blamire : Tricky. Hood's protecting them in the forest.

    Isabella : Then it's Hood I need to destroy. I need to get to his weakness, exploit his vulnerabilities.

    Blamire : Which are?

    Isabella : His friends. That odious little gang. The idiot cares about them, that's his weakness. Blamire, bring me Kate's mother from Locksley.

  • Blamire : My lord.

    Sheriff of Nottingham : Blamire, you old tomcat. How the devil are you?

    Blamire : The plan is in place.

    Sheriff of Nottingham : Good. Oh, this will be so much fun.

  • Isabella : The peasants are trying to get into the castle. You have to protect me!

    Blamire : Can't help. Sorry.

    Isabella : They're going to tear me to pieces.

    Blamire : Not my problem. I've got to be somewhere else.

    Isabella : I just gave you an order.

    Blamire : You have no idea what's happening here, do you?

    Isabella : What? You can't just leave me here to be massacred by this rabble. Please! For pity's sake, help me.

    Blamire : If you want to save yourself, hear this. Deliver Gisborne to the tunnel.

    Isabella : That doesn't make any sense, Gisborne is dead.

    Blamire : Goodbye, Sheriff. And good luck.

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