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Oslo Pix returns for second year with three competitions

Event will open with Joern Utkilen’s Norwegian debut feature Lake Over Fire.

The second edition of Oslo Pix (June 4-10) will open with Joern Utkilen’s Norwegian debut feature Lake Over Fire and close with Gustav Moller’s Danish festival hit The Guilty.

The festival has three competition programmes: Nordic fiction, Nordic documentary and international competition.

The international competition is comprised of: A Gentle Creature, Daughter of Mine, Disobedience, Faces Places, Golden Exits, Soldiers. Story From Ferentari, Summer 1993, The Tale and Aga.

The Nordic fiction competition includes: Amateurs, Jimmie, Lake Over Fire, Team Hurricane, The Real Estate, Thick Lashes of Lauri Mantyvaara,
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Rushes. Golden Globes, "Twin Peaks," World Poll, New "Death Race"

  • MUBI
Get in touch to send in cinephile news and discoveries.NEWSLast weekend the generally derided yet fiercely observed Golden Globes winners were announced 2016, which included La La Land (Best Director, Screenplay, Song, Score and Actor, Actress and picture for a musical/comedy), Moonlight (Best Drama), and Elle (Best Foreign Language film, Best Actress for a drama).Okay, it's not strictly cinema news, but 18 episodes of new moving pictures directed by David Lynch counts as news to us! Showtime has revealed the number of episodes of the upcoming season of Twin Peaks, all directed by Lynch, and that the two-hour premiere of the show will be on May 21, immediately followed by the digital release of the third and forth episodes. Those film professionals who will be in Cannes at the time better plan on skipping their Monday morning screenings!Great news for those, like us, still enamored by celluloid: Kodak has
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Weekly Rushes. 5 August 2015

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Rushes collects news, articles, images, videos and more for a weekly roundup of essential items from the world of film.Ace Hotel has several amazing photos by Stefanie Zoche and Sabine Haubitz of movie theatres in India. It sure makes us wish our neighborhood multiplex gave a damn about conjuring excitement for going out to the movies.We love Hou Hsiao Hsien's The Assassin, but it undoubtedly a difficult film to market. Most trailers have tried to pass of this contemplative drama as an action movie, but the above trailer gets the closest, so far, to the tone of the entire film.Speaking of trailers, we don't know what to say or think about the one for Michael Bay's 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, which seems to be combining the lean look of his great Pain & Gain with the "seriousness" of Pearl Harbor and his gross, overall
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Special Features - The must-see straight-to-video action films of 2014

Tom Jolliffe on the must-see straight-to-video action films of 2014...

If you’re a little fed up of the never ending stream of remakes, kid friendly PG13 (12A or 15 here) CGI heavy theatrics and Marvel/DC action films that fill up the multiplexes, or you’re no stranger to the unrepentant, simple delights of a bit of straight to video (or Netflix) action, then here is a list of the best to look out for this year.

As big screen action caters more and more for younger audiences, straight to video still largely offers a bit more adult entertainment. What it might lack in big budget thrills it makes up for with F-bombs and gallons of blood (if that’s your thing). As for myself, alongside a steady upbringing of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sly Stallone and Bruce Willis in the late 80’s and 90’s, I’ve also had more than my share
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10 Potentially Awesome Dtv Action Movies Coming In 2014

Rodin Entertainment

Everybody knows the name of the next big modern comic book movie, but not many knows what’s going on in the land of Direct-To-Video action movies. Some may refer to it as the garbage bin, while others may call it ‘the last frontier of the old school action movie’. Ever wonder what the washed-up action stars are doing when they are not in Expendables movies? With more talented directors in Dtv action than there has been in God knows how long the future is looking bright for the heroes of yesteryear.

2014 has several interesting Dtv projects in the pipeline that might skip theaters, but could still give you a damn good time if you turn your brain off beforehand.

Honourable Mention: Full Love/The Eagle Path/Soldiers

The Eagle Path has been Van Damme’s pet project for years with him directing, writing, producing and starring in the movie.
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Jean-Claude Van Damme: 'I tried to play the system; I was blacklisted'

The action film star reveals how Stallone, marriage to a good woman and dogs pulled him back from the drug-fuelled brink

Where is Jean-Claude Van Damme? We were supposed to meet in London, until he cancelled his trip at the last minute. Then I was to visit him on a film set in Budapest, but that fell through when he wrapped his scenes early, and so he invited me instead to his parents' home in Belgium, only to go missing in action for 24 hours in the middle of negotiations. None of this is too surprising; after all, this is the self-sabotaging prima donna action star who rose in the 80s and ignominiously nose-dived in the 90s, having burned all his bridges in Hollywood.

And then, as I'm beginning to give up hope, he calls. "I just finished two movies back-to-back," he says apologetically. "When you finish a film, if you believed in your character,
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Jean-Claude Van Damme Trailer Plays 'Assassination Games'

He's a weapon…. And he shoots where he's pointed!

So says the man Jean-Claude Van Damme in this trailer for "Assassination Games," his newest action thriller killer. Van Damme was last seen -- or heard -- in "Kung Fu Panda 2" as a crocodile, but his more recent films sound like outtakes from his meta-action pic "Jcvd," which tweaked the actor's waning career.

"Universal Soldier: Regeneration" went directly to DVD, and "The Eagle Path," which he wrote and directed, is headed there this October. However, things are looking up for Van Damme, at least when it comes to theatrical distribution.

"Assassination Games," previously known simply as "Weapon," is the first collaboration with Van Damme and director Ernie Barbarash, whose resume includes two episodes of the TV show "Rock the House" and the Cuba Gooding Jr./Val Kilmer vehicle "Hardwired." In "Games," Van Damme stars with muscle-bound martial arts dude Scott Adkins as,
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Six Bullets for Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme seems to be busier now than ever. While currently filming the newest and in 3D Universal Soldier: A New Dimension, he has The Eagle Path (which he directed) coming to Blu-ray in October, Weapon that co-stars Scott Adkins that was just picked up by Sony Pictures, Kung Fu Panda 2 is still in theaters, and the upcoming The Expendables 2.

Variety is reporting Jcvd has just signed on for Six Bullets, a new gritty action film which will have him reunite with his Weapon director Ernie Barbarash. The source describes the film: “Van Damme will play an ex-mercenary kidnapping expert hired by a martial arts fighter whose daughter has gone missing.”

The film will have a budget of $10 million. Sounds kick-ass to me. Thoughts?

Source: Arrow
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Jean-Claude Van Damme Finds Six Bullets

Jean-Claude Van Damme Finds Six Bullets
He kicked his way back from the career doldrums with 2008’s self-spoofing effort Jcvd, but since then Jean-Claude Van Damme hasn’t exactly capitalised on it, pumping out yet another entry in the increasingly irrelevant Universal Soldier franchise and writing/directing/producing/editing/starring in little-seen action pic The Eagle Path, which was filmed three years ago but will only finally limp direct-to-dvd this October. He’ll no doubt be hoping for better things from Six Bullets, which he’s just agreed to star in.Ernie Barbarash, who recently worked with Van Damme on Assassination Games, is stepping behind the camera once more for the tale of a former mercenary kidnapping expert who is hired by a top martial arts champ to find his missing daughter. Shades of Taken, then, and the sort of plot that makes us wonder why the fist-jabbing fighter doesn’t strike out on his own to find his sprog.
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Jean-Claude Van Damme’s The Eagle Path Finally Headed to DVD

It’s been a year or so since I’ve heard anything regarding Jcvd’s directorial effort “The Eagle Path”, a film in which our hero portrays a man who is “haunted by his past”. Of course, the plot is probably nothing more than a framework for plenty of non-stop action, so I’m not overwhelmingly concerned about the story’s specifics. As long as Van Damme looks like he actually gives a crap about the picture in question, I’ll be a happy camper. I’m not that hard to please, especially when it comes to the cinema of Jean-Claude Van Damme. If, like me, you’ve been curious to know when “The Eagle Path” will see the light of day, your wait is finally over. The aforementioned action flick is currently scheduled to hit DVD on October 3rd courtesy of Revolver Entertainment. However, that’s about all the
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Jcvd’s The Eagle Path to finally be released

Shortly after he completed Universal Soldier: Regeneration, Jean-Claude Van Damme directed a crime drama called The Eagle Path, that was once to play at Cannes and hopefully be bought. It didn’t and has been just laying around for a year or so, as Jcvd has moved onto other projects since. But in an early retailer announcement, Revolver Entertainment has announced that they’re releasing The Eagle Path straight-to-video on Blu-ray and DVD on October 3rd. No extras, cover art, region coding, or specs has been released yet.

The film follows Frenchy, played by Van Damme, who’s haunted by his past, while he heads dangerously into vengeance. More on this soon, and check out the trailer below:

Source: Blu-ray
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DVD Review - Jean Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors (2011)

Jean Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors, 2011.

Directed by Jared White.

Starring Jean Claude Van Damme.

Narrated by Jason Flemyng.


A reality show giving unprecedented access into the life of action star Jean Claude Van Damme.

In the mid-80’s, a young, and buffedly (yes, I just invented that word!) goofy looking young Belgian, crossed paths with (somewhat) pioneering action movie producer Menahem Golan. At the time the action flick business was hitting full swing with the likes of Sly, Arnold, Chuck and Charles leading the pack. Jean Claude Van Damme entered the fray and roundhouse kicked his way firstly into the video market in a big way, then onto the big screen. Jean C has starred in many cult favourites amongst genre enthusiasts, in particular his breakout movie Bloodsport and then the likes of Kickboxer, Lionheart (Awol), Double Impact, Universal Soldier, Timecop and Hard Target. Oh and Derailed of course,
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Posters and Synopses for On The Inside, The Witches Of Oz, The Eagle Path, and Bridge To Nowhere

Last year, we brought you loads of coverage from Afm (American Film Market). Afm is where buyers and sellers do business to bring you the films you might be seeing in the near future. They use artwork and synopses which are used for promotional purposes but which we use to bring you news on these films. With this year’s Afm gearing up, we have artwork and synopsis on four upcoming movies: On the Inside starring Nick Stahl and Olivia Wilde; The Witches of Oz (which is actually a mini-series) starring Christopher Lloyd, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, and Lance Henriksen; The Eagle Path written, produced, directed by, and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme; and Bridge to Nowhere starring Ving Rhames, Danny Masterson, and Bijou Phillipps, and directed by Blair Underwood.

Hit the jump for artwork and synopses for these films plus a trailer for Bridge to Nowhere. Look for a lot more Afm coverage soon.
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What Was Jean-Claude Van Damme Thinking?

By Margot Gerber

The self-proclaimed “Fred Astaire of Karate,” Jean-Claude van Damme appeared at the Marche in Cannes with “The Eagle Path” (Rodin Entertainment), a film that he directs and stars in and which has a number of programmers and buyers scratching their heads.

“It could possibly be the biggest embarrassment of his career,” said Fantastic Fest Director Tim League who was a big fan of 20...
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‘Bloodsport’ reunion on the cards

  • Nerdly
The Muscles from Brussels, Jean-Claude Van Damme will be attending and performing at Budo Gala 2010 – the world’s biggest martial arts exhibition – along with his Bloodsport co-star Bolo Yeung and Jon Foo (Universal Soldier: Regeneration) on May 28/29th in St. Jakobshalle, Basel, Switzerland.

Next month, Van Damme is set to attend the 2010 Cannes Film Festival to screen his latest movie The Eagle Path (aka Full Love), in which he stars and has also written and directed. He is then apparently due to fight Olympic gold medalist Thai boxer Somluck Kamsing in a kickboxing mtach in Las Vegas in October, before resuming work on his next martial arts epic movie known as The Tower.

You can get more information on Budo Gala 2010 at the official website, and tickets are available from TicketCorner.
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Retweet and Win Universal Soldier Regeneration

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Retweet and Win Universal Soldier Regeneration
In celebration of the upcoming release of “Universal Soldier: Regeneration” on February 2nd, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and are giving away two copies of the film to twos lucky readers. All you have to do is click the ‘Retweet’ button and tweet this post and your automatically entered. “Universal Soldier: Regeneration” by director John Hyams (The Razzle Dazzle, One Dog Day) starrs Jean-Claude Van Damme (The Eagle Path, Universal Soldier: The Return, Street Fighter), Dolph Lundgren (Conan, The Expendables, Icarus), Andrei Arlovski (Ufc), Corey Johnson (The Fourth Kind, The Bourne Ultimatum) and Zahary Baharov (Air Marshal, Fake Identity). Giveaway restricted to Us residents only. Synopsis: With stolen [...]
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Jean-Claude Van Damme Video Extravaganza! New Trailers for "Universal Soldier Regeneration" and "The Eagle Path"

Last year, Jean-Claude Van Damme surprised everyone with the film "Jcvd." It was a great movie and the action star served as the heart of the flick.

Now, Van Damme returns with not one but two new action films. One, has the actor embracing his Luc Deveraux character again in the "Universal Soldier" franchise, and the other, Van Damme returns to the director's chair in "The Eagle Path."

First, let's take a look at the fifth installment of the "Universal Soldier" franchise called "Universal Soldier Regeneration." This one's directed by John Hyams and stars Van Damme and Dolpg Lungren (!) yeah!

"Universal Soldier Regeneration" is a direct-to-video release (tsk,tsk) and will arrive February 2nd of 2010.

Now here's "The Eagle Path." The last time Van Damme directed a film was 1996's "The Quest." This time, not only did the actor helm the project, he also wrote it! Interesting trivia y'all, did
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The Eagle Path Extended Movie Trailer

  • ShockYa
The Eagle Path Extended Movie Trailer
Rob2K Productions sent us this very cool extended movie trailer for the upcoming film “The Eagle Path” written, directed and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Synopsis: A military veteran and former mercenary, Frenchy (Van Damme) works as a taxi driver, hiding somewhere in East Asia, haunted by his past. After his driving shifts he often frequents the Eagle’s Nest, a seedy bar that houses a caged eagle. In the midst of the chaotic Asian traffic Frenchy picks up a beautiful female passenger who will change him forever. Driven by dark memories of his childhood, he becomes determined to improve her life and, without her approval, he embarks on a journey which proves to [...]
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A Trailer for Jean-Claude Van Damme's 'The Eagle Path'

A Trailer for Jean-Claude Van Damme's 'The Eagle Path'
It's time for the second feature written, directed, and starring the Muscles from Brussels Jean-Claude Van Damme. First we had The Quest, a story he whipped up with the help of Frank Dux (the man Bloodsport was based on). Now there's The Eagle Path. Once called Full Love, this sucker is all-out classic Van Damme with faux serious acting, violence, and of course, the potential love of a sexy woman -- and you can check out a trailer for the film after the jump, courtesy of THR's Heat Vision Blog.

Van Damme plays "Frenchy," a military vet and former mercenary who hides from his past by working as a taxi driver in East Asia. When he picks up a sexy woman one day, he becomes obsessed with the idea of improving her life and decides to do so without her approval. With help from his special ops friends, he sets out to "save" her,
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Universal Soldier Regeneration Movie Trailer

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Universal Soldier Regeneration Movie Trailer
Rob2K Productions sent us this brand new official movie trailer for the upcoming film “Universal Soldier: Regeneration” by director John Hyams (The Razzle Dazzle, One Dog Day) and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme (The Eagle Path, Universal Soldier: The Return, Street Fighter), Dolph Lundgren (Conan, The Expendables, Icarus), Andrei Arlovski (Ufc), Corey Johnson (The Fourth Kind, The Bourne Ultimatum) and Zahary Baharov (Air Marshal, Fake Identity). Synopsis: With stolen top-secret technology, terrorists have created a next-generation Universal Soldier - an elite fighter genetically altered into a programmable killing machine. With this “UniSol’ (Former Ufc Heavyweight Champion Andrei “The Pit Bull” Arlovski) leading the way, they seize the crippled Chernobyl nuclear reactor, threatening [...]
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