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Mani Shankar's best : till date
ritwiksondhi9 September 2008
fabulous, extremely well made, performances at their peak, flawless narration of an untold story.. this is what Mukhbir is .... one of the most powerful movies of the year.. a masterpiece of its genre .... Hats off to Mani Shankar .... his best work till date. The movie is about a MUKHBIR(informer) working for Indian Intelligence, the movie revolves around what risks,losses and sacrifices he has to face in this dangerous profession. The best thing about the movie is its realism.. If u r expecting a masala entertainer then m sorry... it has only 1 or 2 songs and nothing else except an excellent comedy even . The movie did bad business at Box Office and the credit goes to: 1.its promoters who forgot that even a brilliant movie like this needs good promotion and many people didn't knew about the movie .also the movie released with very few was released at only 4 theaters in Delhi, thankfully one of these theaters was near to my place 2. Immature audiences : no further comments 3.Some other grown up immature kids called CRITICS.... they suck
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Good Movie
itbhu-saurabh27 September 2008
Awesome movie, with a great Direction by Mani Shankaar. This movie is one of the brilliant movies of year 2008. There one will find good real life drama, after so many cheap comedy movies in 2008. This movies has some excellent matter in it. Some of the scenes are really touching, specially the last scene(rainfall). One will not fine n... number of songs in this movie, which is again a good part. Different from normal love stories. Technology level is high. Good to see proper usage of current technology in Hindi movies. Movie is close to reality and it reflects the real life of Mukhbir. Sammir Dattani has done a good job. Sammir has good potential and will have a long career. There are many things which people don't know, this movie covers a few of those things. All wells that ends well.
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good and intense, but storyline is a little weak.
Hunky Stud30 June 2011
Since there are only four reviews so far, I am writing one now even though I didn't plan to write one.

I am impressed by this film. I have seen quite a few Indian films. Almost all of them are all about girls and guys falling in love, getting married. This is the first Indian crime film that I have ever seen.

The cinematography and score are almost as good as Hollywood films. It seems that in Indian films, whenever they shoot night scenes, they just use dark blue lens and shoot them during daytime. I don't know why, to save money? or maybe they don't have the equipment? Indian films are almost always over two hours long. So in order to make an intense and long film, this film has basically three parts. So it seemed confusing how this guy was able to work for a different terrorist after another, especially for the last one. And Pasha could have easily said something to the other terrorist, etc. There are also a few illogical things, such as his "dad" doesn't know his real name during the first mission, etc.

Overall, it is a good film to watch, but I had to take a break.
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Sherazade29 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I would say that this film was a complete a waste of time but it's not entirely that bad to be thrown to the dogs. There were some good moments and some excellent lines. My main problem was with the direction, mediocre acting and poor overall quality of the film. I expected more but the problem seemed to be with the direction mostly.

Well, the main actor (whom I suspect might be a model or supermodel in real life) is eye-candy so the film is not entirely unwatchable but if you're looking for better anti-terrorism/insider/informant type Bollywood movies them see 'A Wednesday', 'Mission Kashmir' or 'Kabul Express' instead.

The film has an all-star cast including actors like Suniel Shetty, Om Puri, Rahul Dev and Raima Sen but don't be fooled by that. The acting, directing and script are very sub-par at best. I think, good actors caught in a bad film summarizes it best.
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