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The Title Says It All?
gavin69424 February 2013
High school student, Rusty Funkouser, finds out his brand new step-dad is a vampire looking to raise some serious hell.

Honestly, I expected this film to be pretty terrible just based on the title alone. And then I saw the low rating on IMDb, which seemed to confirm that this was a complete waste of time. I will have to respectfully disagree with this rating.

Sure, there are no "name" actors and the acting at times is a bit weak. And the plot may be just average. But I actually thought it was a pretty good film, sort of a poor man's "Fright Night". There was some humor, a clever up and down momentum, and despite the vampire subgenre being done to death, there still seems to be something here that is a little bit new.

In short, it is better than "Twilight".
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mmmm... Keys!
moviereptile22 November 2010
I saw this film at a theater back in 2009 to a sold out crowd. I didn't know what to expect, I just new that there was a lot of buzz about it on the news. I heard it was a kid friendly movie so I took my 10 year old son to go see it and he was blown away! That's all he could talk about for weeks.

The film is about a high school student who finds out his step-dad is a vampire looking to raise his army of monsters from hell and regain his power.

Overall I feel the movie was really good. It's definitely not a horror movie. It's more of a teen adventure movie with touches of horror. There are parts where the acting isn't all that great, but the main character and the step-dad were really good. The cinematography and the visual effects were well done for the budget. The best part about the whole movie were the monsters. They looked GREAT! My only real complaint is I wish there were more monsters.
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When you get back to Hell, you tell them Travis sent you.
lastliberal21 November 2010
If I were a rich man, I would not waste my money running for public office or travelling to the Space Station. Just imagine how many movies I could act in at only $20,000 a pop. I could have paid for director David Matheny's first feature film, and a quarter of this one. I could at least get the UPS driver part.

But you have to start somewhere, and this is Matheny's first full length film. Horror is usually a good place to start.

I get to be the first to review and really rate this film. So far it has only been rated by the cast and crew, so it's like having a screener.

I did like the costuming on the creatures and I though the zombies were made up well.

There isn't a whole lots of blood and gore until the end when things start popping.

Sorry, a horror movie without bare skin is just not satisfying.
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New Cult Classic!
mpritch7 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Just from the title you know you're in for cheesy campy fun and this movie delivers what the title suggests. This family project is very professionally put together with surprisingly good performances and an excellent score you would expect in a movie with 50 times the budget. The characters are well-developed and you grow to care about them, unlike today's slasher films where you just wonder how they're going to meet their end, and I was happy to see none of the ones I really cared about were sacrificed. The movie builds to a very satisfying climax on Halloween night. The special effects were a joy to watch and you have to laugh when our hero complains about having to go to school the morning after "Saving the World". Being a horror story told "tongue in cheek", despite the rating, I think this movie would be suitable for middle school age children. The movie is "fun", nothing to have nightmares over. I expect this movie to develop a following that will enjoy watching it over and over, probably a Halloween tradition!
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