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Anime Killer to check out
Wingzero4u15 December 2008
When I first checked out the preview of this series on my Mermaid Forest DVD,I gotta say out of all the Horror Anime that I've seen,this one takes the cake. When my Boss bought me the entire collection of this series online. I enjoyed it, it was the best,and very killer. I do like Momosuke,and the 3 outlaws. But what this show kinda tells us is stories are the most things people like to tell. We are want to write stories,and come up with ideas that would tell an interesting story. The series also features the great voice talents of:Grant George,Steve Kramer,Michael McConnohie (famous for Transformers,and others),and Mia Brady,and others. So if you plan to see this series,be careful when watching it. It can mess with your head.
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Requiem from the Darkness
Tweekums13 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Set in the dying days of Japan's Edo period this series follows author Momosuke Yamaoka. He intends to write a hundred ghost stories; while conducting his research he crosses the path of an unusual trio known as the Ongyou. They consist of Mataichi, 'The Trickster, a spiritualist; Ogin, 'The Puppeteer', an attractive woman and Nagamimi; a shape-shifter. These three operate in the realm of the dead and they see to it that sinners are caught and punished before being committed to the netherworld. The people they deal with are some of the most vile and depraved in society so Momosuke is frequently in danger and many people will suffer before they are banished.

This thirteen part anime is fairly dark; both literally and metaphorically. The violence is fairly brutal and frequently shocking and the animation is done in a style that renders the shadows black. The small group of main characters are interesting and, in the case of the Ongyou, mysterious. This certainly isn't a series for younger viewers due to the subject matter and the graphic violence; there is also a degree of sexual content although no real nudity. Each episode (apart from the final two-parter) sees them dealing with a different adversary. Overall this was an enjoyable series and definitely worth watching if you like your anime dark.

These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
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