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Great concept parody, overall well done movie. (very minor spoilers)
vaeisenberg4 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I didn't have big expectations from the film given it was both modern and done under Disney's flag, and expected something very westernized, but luckily I was completely wrong. The movie's actual plot isn't bad, and fits well into Russian fairy stories (The "Malachite Box" is the only book I ever seen stories about gem cutters in), the main antagonist is actually competent, which is something you don't see that often (and I liked her quips, too), and the characters do manage to be fairly sympathetic and relatable. Oh, and great visuals too,from costumes to special effects, but that's not why I'd watch a movie.

But, that all goes to the side. The movie is filled with hilarious quips ,and pokes fun at oodles of fairy story cliché , from the obvious - talking horse wondering if Ivan's the dumb Ivan from another fairy story, Baba Yaga and Ivan tossing storybook lines at each other from memory, the sad, bored bohatier, GPS ball of thread; to the more covert ones, such as the head gem cutter's rhetoric being that of an old nomenclature cadre, to the Countess's terrorist-style negotiation, to Koschei having the personality of a mobster, complete with an expensive girlfriend. Oh, did I mention the magic mirror showing a monoscope? Cracked me up both times I seen it.

All in all, well-worth watching.
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Fairytale Acted Out by Real Persons
HLX19929 August 2019
Sleepiness overcame me in the middle of the film. I would say this is a film for children under 12 years old. It is a bit like a fairytale acted out by real people. The first half of the film, which is all I know about the work, was quite banal and lack of passion. Even if it was with the huge sound effect in the cinema, it would not be strange to see someone fall asleep with this film. The graphics, however, were almost on a par with other Walt Disney Studio films.
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