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  • Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and former nemesis, Captain Hector Barbarossa (Geoffrey Rush), who stole the Black Pearl and somehow lost it, band together to outwit their mutual enemy Blackbeard (Ian McShane) while searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth. Further complicating matters is Blackbeard's daughter Angelica (Penélope Cruz), who has a history with Jack. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • On Stranger Tides is the fourth movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, preceded by Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) (2003), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) (2006), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) (2007), and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) (2017). The franchise is based on Walt Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction at Disneyland park. However, the plot for On Stranger Tides diverges and draws inspiration from the 1987 historical fantasy novel On Stranger Tides by American author Tim Powers. The novel was adapted for the movie by American screenwriters Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott, who also wrote the screenplays for the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Untitled Pirates of the Caribbean Project is announced with no release date set. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, but that doesn't mean that watching At World's End (or the other movies) is prerequisite for understanding the plot in the fourth movie. On Stranger Tides is a standalone movie that contains plot elements from the previous ones, though they are not so important and thus you can go see it without watching any other Pirates of the Caribbean film. It does help, of course, as you will be familiarized with the main characters of Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa, and Jack's first mate Gibbs (Kevin McNally) as well as the reasons for the animosity between Jack and Barbossa. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The three most prominant characters are: Jack Sparrow, Mr. Gibbs and Barbossa. Gillette and Groves (members of the British Royal Navy and later the East India Trading Company) return as well. Jack the Monkey and Mr. Cotton's parrot make cameos too. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This is the map that shows the location of "The Fountain of Youth". Jack took it from Barbossa, who received it from Sao Feng, one of the eight Pirate Lords in At World's End. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Barbossa lost his right leg in a fight with Blackbeard (before the events of the movie), in which Blackbeard stole the Black Pearl. Blackbeard tied up all the crew with ropes, and Barbossa cut his leg off in order to get free. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Jack Sparrow: It was revealed in the previous film that Sparrow is afraid of death after his experience in Davy Jones's Locker. Thus he set off at the end of At World's End in search of the Fountain of Youth. Jack seems to have actually been to the cave housing the Fountain before (the one with the water on the ceiling), but not to the Fountain itself, as he didn't have the chalices of Ponce de León. Barbossa: Barbossa doesn't want the fountain at all—he merely desires it as a way to get his revenge against Blackbeard. Blackbeard: Blackbeard's quartermaster has forseen Blackbeard's death, and Blackbeard wants the extra years to prolong or perhaps eternally prevent this from happening. King Ferdinand of Spain: The King is a Catholic and wants to destroy the Fountain of Youth because he believes only God can grant eternal life. King George of England: The English monarch doesn't want the Spanish king to have possession of the Fountain of Youth, fearing the power that it might grant him. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Blackbeard's powers primarily come from the sword he carries. The sword, called the Sword of Triton, allows the holder to bring any dead matter back to life. In other words, it allows him to animate inanimate objects, such as the ropes and rigging of the Queen Anne's Revenge and the zombies. The sword does not make Blackbeard himself immortal, however. Blackbeard also is somehow capable of shrinking full-sized ships and their crews down to small size and putting them into bottles. The film offers no explanation as to how he does this. The only other supernatural power Blackbeard seems to control is the voodoo doll of Jack Sparrow. This isn't something he himself commands, but rather anyone who makes or holds the doll, and both Angelica and the Quartermaster can be seen using it throughout the film. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In Blackbeard's collection of defeated ships, magically reduced to miniature and stored in a bottle. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • None of them return in this film, it's likely they were in Tortuga, as Barbossa mentions at the end of this film that's where he's headed. Marty, Jack The Monkey, Mullroy and Murtogg all appear in Dead Men Tell No Tales. So it's likely that was the case. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In order to extend life by drinking the water of the Fountain, you have to follow a rite. In particular, you have to place water of the Fountain of Youth in the two silver cups and in one of them you have to place a tear from a mermaid. Then, the person who wants to extend their life drinks from the cup with the mermaid's tear, while someone else (specifically, the person-victim who will "give" all the years he has lived plus all the years he would have lived "had fate been kinder" to the other person) drinks from the other. By repeating this ritual, a person can essentially live forever. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This is the only Pirates of the Caribbean film that doesn't feature the prison dog. Jack the monkey is shown in the Black Pearl miniature in a bottle. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The film never says, although it's possible that when Ponce first sailed to the island, the waterline was higher, allowing him to drop anchor there. Then if the waterline lowered significantly the ship would be trapped on the rocks.This seems to be the most likely theory since Ponce supposedly sailed to the island several hundred years before the events of the film. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. Angelica drinks from the fountain. As Blackbeard and Angelica are both dying, Jack fills both the chalices with water and puts the tear into one, without revealing which. He then asks Blackbeard to save Angelica by giving up his own life, and seemingly directs him to the chalice without the tear. However, Blackbeard grabs the one that Sparrow had offered to Angelica and drinks from it, demanding instead that Angelica save him. Angelica complies, but Jack, anticipating this, had actually put the tear in the other cup—the one Angelica drinks from. Blackbeard, furious, is swept away by the waters of the fountain and killed. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Their story arcs were considered completed in At World's End. At the end of the credits, we see Elizabeth return to meet with Will for one day after 10 years at sea. We also see she has a son. On Stranger Tides presumably takes place in those 10 years, meaning Will Turner is still captain of the Flying Dutchman, and Elizabeth Swan is caring for her son. Both Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom decided not to return to the franchise, despite them having positive feelings towards it. However, both Will and Elizabeth return with small roles in Dead Men Tell No Tales. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There are many opinions and thoughts on this question. In the film, it is stated by one of the other sailors that a mermaid's kiss can prevent a man from drowning. If the mermaid attack scene is closely watched you can see that, while teasing/tempting the sailors, not one of those mermaids actually kissed one of the sailors that they pulled overboard to kill. On the other hand, Syrena did kiss Phillip. Furthermore, it was noted by Blackbeard himself that she clearly cared for him, and they used this as a means to get her tear (making her think Phillip was dead and then have a tear of joy at finding him still alive) It was also noted that she was "different" and that the entire tone of the end scene at the pond was different from the tone of the mermaid attack scene. Syrena says that she can save Phillip, so it seems likely that is what she is doing, saving him and kisses him beforehand to ensure that he doesn't drown while beneath the water. Other possibilities include: (1) she was taking him to the fountain of youth, but whether a sacrifice is required or merely drinking from the fountain to heal his wounds is unknown, or (2) she turned him into a merman, which is a common theme in mermaid folklore. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Before taking the wounded Philip (Sam Claflin) underwater to heal him, Syrena (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey) returns the two chalices to Jack, asking him to use her tear well. Jack fills each cup with water from the fountain then adds the tear to one of them. He offers the chalices to Angelica and Blackbeard, both dying from Barbossa's poisoned sword/ When told that one of them must sacrifice his or her life for the other, Blackbeard chooses the cup with the tear, claiming his daughter's years for his own. Jack reveals that he might have gotten the cups mixed up, watches as Blackbeard disintegrates. He then abandons Angelica on an island, knowing that she will come after him in revenge. In the final scene, Jack locates Gibbs, who has found the bottle containing the shrunken Black Pearl. Gibbs asks Jack why he didn't didn't drink from the fountain himself, and Jack explains that he enjoys the mystery of not knowing when or how his final demise will take place. "It's the pirate's life for me," he says. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Likely not. It was stated that drinking from one chalice takes away all the years you have lived and would live and gives them to the person who drinks from the other chalice. The real Blackbeard was rumoured to be around 35 to 40 at the time of his death. However, assuming Ian McShane was playing the role at his actual age of 69, we can assume that Blackbeard would have died in a short amount of time if he hadn't drunk from the cup regardless. Therefore, Angelica would have received roughly 70 more years onto her life. Whether she would age accordingly or stay young is another question. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. Angelica is seen sitting down at the beach where Jack left her. She looks down and sees the tide bringing Jack's voodoo doll ashore. She picks it up and smiles. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The majority of the film was filmed in stereoscopic 3D. The only sequences that was not filmed in 3D was any footage involving underwater scenes. Due to the limitations of filming underwater with the digital 3D cameras, those scenes were filmed using analog film, then post converted into digital 3D. Edit (Coming Soon)


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