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Season 2

3 Jan. 2010
Del 11
Jonas and Rasmus feel 'punished' when ordered to guard in his country hideout Preben Pedersen, the cartoonist who offended Muslims by portraying the Prophet. Morten Nyholm, whose wife consents although high-pregnant again, and Muslim Jasmina, are sent to Islamabad in advance of the Danish foreign minister's visit, in fact a secret mediation requested by India. The chief ignores Leon's wise advice against visiting a girls' school. It becomes the first of several relevant Taliban bombs attacks, just after the team leaves there, not the worst.
10 Jan. 2010
Del 12
After the Taliban bomb in Islamabad, it soon becomes clear jasmine escaped because Rasmus happened to call her. Morten Nyholm is missing for long, but ultimately his corpse is identified. Jonas and Rasmus are bored babysitting Preben Pedersen, but the depressed idiot leaves trough the window at night, drunk. A half-wit hotel guest who hates the cartoonist follows him into the forest.
17 Jan. 2010
Del 13
The Danish foreign minister's next visit is to Moskow. PET sends along Rasmus and Jonas, who is delighted to meet up with reporter Tatyana 'Tanya' Zimakova, a former date. Thus Jonas is informed about corruption the Russian secret service and realizes she's in danger for investigating it. Meanwhile Leon's haughty political Benedikte 'Tønne' Tønnesen compromises her position by starting an affair with CIA agent Shane.
24 Jan. 2010
Del 14
Jonas, assigned with her ex-lover Rasmus to guard Russian reporter Tatyana Zimakova, finally works out that they are spied on themselves by Konstantin Korovjef and his fellow ex-KGB cahoot. CIA agent Shane gets Tønnesen off the hook by having his assignment altered.
31 Jan. 2010
Del 15
Foolish foreign minister Margrethe Korch was supposed to retire 'for personal reasons' after a grand birthday party,but a press leak concerning misuse of public funds urges the PM instantly to announce a cabinet reshuffle, expected to replace her with capable MP Thomas Eriksen from a small party, who is told he has a few weeks to win public support. While Thomas and his bitching wife each mind one of their kids, the baby is kidnapped. Rasmus, who knows the MP, and Jonas join the local police's search. Phone records later confirm there's something fishy about the whole...
7 Feb. 2010
Del 16
After foreign mister Koch's suicide, the PM is ready to nominate MP Thomas Eriksen justice minister in a reshuffle. PET however feels it necessary to clear up his baby's kidnapping, which still hasn't been cleared up. it leads to the MP's gay assistant, Algerian immigrant Emre, with tragic consequences. Meanwhile Jonas's moving is sabotaged by his ex Rachel.
14 Feb. 2010
Del 17
Jonas is moving with Rasmus in a bitter mood after attending the Moscow funeral of his fellow Jewish lover Sprig Grenigier, whose alleged murders will presumably remain untouchable. The team is assigned to guard Croatian nun Clara, author of a book on pacifist forgiveness, in a hotel for TV interviews and later a meeting with the PM. Pakistani maid Sumaiya, whose husband Jacobsen is fighting in Afghanistan, left their son Ahmed-Emil with the hotel security agent. The kid finds and plays with his gun, and plays with a toy laser. Rasmus mistakes its red dot for a sniper...
21 Feb. 2010
Del 18
After Ahmed-Emil's demise in hospital, his Pakistani mother Sumaya is too distressed even to consent to organ donation, but when his father Frederik Jakobsen gets leave from Afghanistan, he's ready to raise hell against Rasmus while anti-war extremists start riots in Copenhagen. Scorned Rikke discloses Rasmus's identity and whereabouts to the press. Jonas comes to terms with his ex, who plans to remigrate from Berlin with their daughter. Leon's office team works out the hotel's German super-waiter Klaus Maria Grashoff may still be planning an attempt on the ...
28 Feb. 2010
Del 19
The team follows a criminal trail of blood diamonds, used to pay hit-men, to their origin in civil war-torn, corrupt Congo.
7 Mar. 2010
Del 20
Jonas and Rasmus return home after the team prevailed over the Congolese rebels, guarding the corpse, which contains priceless diamonds. Leon continues the mission to Cairo, but has to delegate a crucial meeting to 'hire him' to Jasmina, who gets captured by the Swedish mercenary's Italian lover. Leon's deputy's own, questioned style proves crucial. Leon must decide whether to become head of a European security service.

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