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1 Jan. 2009
Del 1
Danish defense minister Henrik Skelbæk would be exposed as an utter coward hadn't his PET bodyguards pulled him trough a 'scary' New Year visit to the troops in Iraq. In order to phone his mistress, the adulterous politician breaks safety rules, costing valiant young bodyguard Ibro Catic his life. Like every year, 20 of the best police academy recruits are admitted to PET's elite training selection process. The hero's father Drazen Catic, a traumatized Bosnian refugee, fails to attend the funeral, which worries the brass. Indeed he followed the minister, seeing he's '...
4 Jan. 2009
Del 2
The PET recruits class completes its training course. For Rasmus and a few mates, the normal exam is replaced by an actual operation. They must help track down and eliminate Drazen Catic, the Bosnian father of the killed bodyguard, who has kidnapped the adulterous minister's mistress and is a danger to anyone as his own family and colleagues sadly experience.
11 Jan. 2009
Del 3
The just-graduated rookies are officially instated as PET bodyguards. After the yellow defense minister's resignation to take up a diplomatic posting abroad, the PM reshuffles the Danish cabinet. As this makes the daughter of in immigrated Persian professor culture minister, PET rightly suspects increased security risks from racist right-wing extremists. A leak is soon found, pointing to a complex conspiracy. Rasmus needs to mentally digest his deadly first mission.
18 Jan. 2009
Del 4
Even now he's best man at his sister's wedding, only Jewish PET agent Jonas Goldschmidt agrees to an undercover entrapment of the racists suspected of planning to murder his Egyptian colleague. After a fake discharge, he's transferred to the uniformed police as partner of the only accessible conspirator. The plan proves surprisingly complex and counter)action very dangerous, but the PM supports field chief Leon against yellow paper-pusher Diane.
25 Jan. 2009
Del 5
Jonas Goldschmidt's marital troubles worry is superiors too. Jasmina must push her naive, conservative sister to report on her husband and his buddy, Islamic fundamentalist, who have visited Afghanistan viz. Pakistan. They dispose of all ingredients to construct a big bomb.
1 Feb. 2009
Del 6
The Danish prime minister allows invasive spy techniques to observe the Islamist terror suspects, which prove Ammar Hayat and Mukhtaar have prepared a bomb. Next the PET team works out the target is the NATO secretary-general's visit to the monarch, the medium a trolly-car. Time is running out and tailing goes wrong, so a psychologic counter-measure is devised, appealing to paternal instinct which researched shows to be at the root of hatred too.
8 Feb. 2009
Del 7
Danish PM Jens Ole Vestergaard is guarded on his last official visit, to Paris, where he'll bid for an EU post. Meanwhile his bride, famous actress Josefine Rhode, is also under discrete PET guard. Prime concern is a female stalker, whose fantasy is to become Mrs. Vestergaard herself. Still even PET is surprised when Josefine's hen night goes way out of hand, and is filmed, so although the national press accepts to hold the story, crisis PR advises to cancel the wedding to save his career. Yet Josefine may be innocent, the stalker having impersonated her, which nobody...
22 Feb. 2009
Del 8
The PM can't decide whether to stand by his fiancée, who turns on him and the PET, or play it politically safe as his PR team hopes. The PET meanwhile works out it was all the evil doing of the lunatic stalker, whose imaginary world makes her dangerous and unpredictable if undone. Jonas must come to terms with his wife having emigrated to a kibbutz, unlikely to return at all.
1 Mar. 2009
Del 9
The PET mobilizes to guard the participants of an international Copenhagen climate conference. Prime target seems the Dutch professor Wim Cremer, the spokesman of the scientifically absurd denial of the greenhouse effect itself. The team ignores he blackmails the British climate minister, who received a memory stick full of data about bribed participants, with StaSi records concerning embarrassing private youth life.
8 Mar. 2009
Del 10
Eco-terrorist leader Christoph Meyer, a former Bader-Meynhoff member, plays tricks on everyone, including his naive terrorist greenhorns, to lure British minister Thornton in a trap. After blackmail and kidnapping, she suffers disclosure as he claims to be the father of her aborted child. MI5 discovers he blackmail trail trough the mister's spouse. PET has a hard time localizing the kidnappers, then to plan an intervention in the decommissioned broadcast studio.

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