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A very good danish-production.
j-gravare16 September 2009
A great show, I hope there will be a second and third season... After viewing the fourth episode I really felt the urge to log on to my IMDb-account and make a vote.

The first thing that stroked me was that there wasn't even 5 votes for the show, well I guess danish; and nordiccountrymen don't use IMDb so much?

I recommend this show for you who like; 24 but wants something more real, in the show you follow lifeguards in a quiet realistic situations...

I wonder what happens in the next episodes...
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A thrilling ride with potential for greatness
Elinix24 September 2009
It's a shame that this excellent danish production hasn't even got five votes on this site yet. It deserves praise and attention for being just as exciting as your average American action-series, but unlike them remaining firmly rooted in reality, in everyday life situations. The structure of two episode arcs, first one ending on a cliffhanger and second one giving closure to the storyline while setting up the next works excellent, and all technical aspects are incredible.

But what really brought me in was the characters. They are an interesting group, really fleshed out with their strengths and flaws, making them real people. I also really liked that the show is centered around body guards, since the whole concept of that profession is deeply fascinating, both on a philosophical, ethical and practical level. It's a fresh angle on the tiered cop story, dealing with the same issues but coming in from a different perspective, constantly in the middle of everything. Also the relationship forming between a body guard and his or her "object", as they refer to their clients, is highly interesting and is a fold for great stories. Although to be honest, in this production they underplay this to leave room for more dramatic, action filled plot lines with high tech surveillance and chasing snipers on rooftops. Which is thrilling and pleasing for the eye, but they have set the scene for great emotional depth, and so far not really delivered. I will keep watching though, hopefully it will develop over the course of the series.

On a side note, frankly I'm surprised that there aren't more movies and shows about bodyguards (that disastrous thing with Whitney Huston aside). As a center of a story it has all the potential in the world.
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VERY Watch-worthy TV, despite the subtitles!
debcp19 November 2012
I watched all 24 episodes of THE EAGLE, first - which was also excellent. When I finished, I was searching for something else on Netflix, hopefully as good, when I came across THE PROTECTORS. I smiled when I saw it was the same creating team (Peter Thorsboe, Mai Brostrøm)!! The first episode, getting to know all the many characters, was slow going, I admit. But starting with episode 2 I was COMPLETELY and totally HOOKED, spellbound even. I found both these Danish shows such a huge improvement over most U.S. television, which has become increasingly meaningless, mediocre and bloated. Whereas The Protectors has so many authentic characters -- you can't help caring about ALL of them. I hoped for something AS good as The Eagle -- and it was! It might even have been. . . BETTER?! Either way, BOTH are TRULY OUTSTANDING television, with the added bonus of providing a few interesting and wonderful insights into Danish and world culture. Bravo to a flawless cast and hugely talented crew! Unfortunately, I finished ALL 20 episodes over the course of ONE, glorious weekend. I just could NOT STOP watching them . . . and now there are no more. In future, I will watch absolutely anything and everything this same creative team puts together, probably more than once. Tusen Takk!!
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It's good!
paulvanurkdam20 July 2010
The first episode makes you wonder where it's going. The second episode gives you hope. And after the third episode you're hooked: you just want to see the next one....

The series is well played, well made and pretty realistic - though there are some minor mistakes and 'over the top' scenes. Also a government service like the Protectors probably doesn't exist in any country, not in this form anyway. Well, so be it: I like it a lot, there's a lot of believable action, the characters are realistic and so are the situations. It is at least as good as 'the Eagle' (made by the same people) or that other great Danish series 'the Killing'. Don't know who made that.

Just go and see it when you won't be disappointed!
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Sluggish start, but soon in full sail
BeneCumb1 April 2014
In recent years, I have been in the wavelength of Scandinavian crime films and series, particularly Danish and Swedish, but Livsvagterne had somehow slipped my mind. Forbrydelsen, Borgen and Bro/Broen, for example, have obtained more fame and media coverage. But, a for now, I have seen both seasons and I am happy I did, as it is a strong and intense creation where both human values and world politics have decent place within.

True, the first story focusing on new employees' preparation courses and indecisive Minister of Defence was just above average, but the next events and angles were as sophisticated as in other great Danish series: versatile characters, distinctive acting, multilevel plot, events n different countries, realistic approaches on difficult topics such as different religions/genders/ages, etc. Some solutions were predictable, but - nevertheless - it was pleasant and catchy to follow the persons and events leading to them.

Unlike other series, the one in question has less actors known internationally, no Mikkelsens or Coaster-Waldau or Nielsen, but this apparently due to the physique, age and skills required for a bodyguard (I recognised Thomas W. Gabrielsson and Ellen Hillingsø only in senior roles). Luckily, its quality and originality have been awarded: Livvagterne won an International Emmy Award from the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for best non-American television drama series in 2009. But still, I think, it should deserve more attention here in Europe, and could attract female audience as well, regardless of the main topic.
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Effective, well played and toned Danish series!
maria-ricci-198324 June 2014
A wonderful, underrated series which delivers in every aspect, if you like good acting and directing, well-paced action, interesting characters, inter-cultural issues, gray zones around political correctness and religious tolerance, and Nordic atmosphere in general.

Once you see the first plot line (4 first episodes) you really appreciate it and want to see more of it. The stories and characters linger on in your head after you turn off the screen, which is generally a good rule to ponder how memorable a show is.

The story starts from the recruiting training period of a team of elite special bodyguards and quickly evolves to their actual performance in the field. A few scenes are enough to set in the relationships, conflicts and personal stories. The Team Chief Leon Lensen, particularly, is superbly played by Thomas Gabrielsson, a very credible, nuanced character indeed. You will also see familiar faces from other Danish or Swedish series, such as Borgen or Bron/Broen as well.

In sum, a highly commendable series, which regrettably will not have a third season, as I hear.
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Danish Secret Service Show Rules!
grahamjonesjr1 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of my favorite TV shows of all time... American or foreign. Wallander, Foyle's War, Prime Suspect, Annika Bengtzon, Spiral (Engreneges) -these are all great shows. But The Protectors is so real, so human. I just love it. Give it a shot. I only mention "spoiler alert" just to say: the first few episodes are good. But they get GREAT as the series develops. So my advice to anyone kind enough to read my review: watch The Protectors; as the series picks up steam the character development is wonderful, the production value also seems to get better, and the writing goes from better-than-average to simply superb. I can't say enough good things about The Protectors. Lastly please allow me to add: these aren't super-humans with badges, they're real people -or at least as real as a TV show about agents can be. Thank you!
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The Protectors
hamish-258516 September 2015
Government bodyguards, recruited from experienced police officers and working to protect high-level targets against very real threats, in a world where nothing is quite what it seems. It's a great opening concept and a great addition to the police procedural genre. In the wrong hands this could be a disaster, but writers Thorsboe and Brostrom take on extreme but believable situations and then run a mile with them. It always twists along the way. Every time I thought I knew where it was going, the show would do something else. You never know where you're going next. And the people you meet along the way... wow. The core group of characters is played and written to perfection. They take a while to come properly into view, and once in view, they evolve constantly. They're dedicated, but there's no way they're perfect. Everyone's got problems, everyone makes mistakes, and it just makes them even better to watch. Even the minor characters, ones you see for only one episode, are all real people, with foibles, personalities and problems all of their own. The show is a little short on humour, and at times deals with some pretty heavy issues. Lighthearted escapism it is not, and if you want mindless fun then you're better off elsewhere. Some rather convenient shortcuts come in every now and then. It's the only thing keeping me from giving it a 10/10. This is a show well worth trying out, and I'm very surprised that it hasn't been more widely promoted outside of Denmark.
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My, Denmark is a busy place.
mechteldehuning14 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Here is the spoiler alert: After watching the first season, I went out and took a firearms class. These bodyguards in The Protectors are public servants who without question are willing to protect politicians that are not worth giving up a life for. I appreciated them just for that, but these people are also sensitive husbands and fathers and lovers. So different from the cop shows we Americans watch week after week where the families only show up to help push the story. In The Protectors, family is essential to the plot in every episode.

I found this series on Netflix. I had passed it by week after week and then finally gave in and watched the first episode. There was plenty of story to keep me coming back. Over the last week, I have watched a season and a half. That's donating way too much of my time, though, so I just skimmed the last part of season 2 to find out what happens in the Jasmine/Rasmus story. Another spoiler alert: Rasmus has one dyno-mite body.

I also enjoyed spending several hours listening to Danish. It's one of those "mouthful" languages that require every odd shape of the tongue and lips to pronounce correctly. And they say I love you almost the same as Swedes. Oh, them Vikings!
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Definitely worthwhile!
innocuous19 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure what brought this fine Danish TV series to my attention, but I have to admit that I have really enjoyed watching the first 15 episodes. The characterizations and the story lines are well above average and the series strikes a good balance between the cliffhanger nature of some of the story arcs and the ability to watch each episode independently (or out of sequence).

The only reason I didn't rank this series higher is because, frankly, the "protectors" (PET) are pretty lousy at being bodyguards. They're great at solving crimes and fighting terrorism, but it's obvious that the show's writer(s) and director don't know anything about executive protection. If they do, they are deliberately going out of their way to make the characters look like they don't. This isn't a fatal flaw, but it does give one the idea that being a good bodyguard is something that takes very little training or experience (except for some very basic PT and defense training). Example: In one episode, a bodyguard is covering an actress at a theater. The actress's manager comes up to ask the bodyguard a question and the bodyguard then devotes her entire attention to the manager, allowing the actress to simply saunter outside into the alley so she can have a smoke by herself. This would never happen.

Check it out!
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Not my cup of tea but still reasonable.....
s32761695 December 2016
I can not get past the fact that all the bravado and heroics inherent in this series, amounts to enthusiasm in the service of what I would describe as a dismal cause.

Protecting shifty politicians and indulged Royal drones, does not strike me as a worthwhile use of ones time or career. Still, if you can swallow this pill, this is a well acted series. The stories presented are interesting too, if a little too kind to the elite and political class.

Certainly I preferred The Eagle for its more down to earth, human interest stories but that said my bias is my own and should not deter you from taking a look at The Protectors. Seven out of ten from me.
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