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The movie is also visually magnificent - modestly so. Plus, it's half the length of "Avatar."
Any satirical points about contemporary gender roles get lost in a mad rush through the matriarchy's beautifully realized, Death Star-like gray fortress. It's a fun rush, though, and an intense one, too.
I salute the effort to go somewhere strange in Mars Needs Moms; if only a fully realized idea - and not the same, barely concealed right-wing rap, different planet - had been the destination.
Boxoffice Magazine
The perfect family film in every way, moms, dads, kids and even those Martians are gonna love this funny, warm and wonderful tale.
Orlando Sentinel
Though light enough in tone, packed with good messages and delivering a couple of lovely, touching moments, "Mars" still has that plastic look that made you wish you were seeing the REAL Tom Hanks in "Polar Express" or the REAL Jim Carrey in "A Christmas Carol."
The three most important things in movies are story, story, story so the movie never comes off as the considerable achievement it truly is.
A modestly enjoyable performance-capture creation bearing the unmistakable imprint of producer Robert Zemeckis.
Village Voice
Imagination is in short supply, with rubbery heroes repeatedly plummeting (down chutes, primarily) or hopping and running in slow motion-images that (to state what has now become the obvious) are seldom enhanced by pedestrian IMAX 3-D effects.
After the novelty of these backgrounds and comin'-at-ya bits wears off, Mars Needs Moms has to rely on Fogler's obnoxious Jack Black Jr. shtick, a weak subplot involving a '60s-obsessed Martian graffiti artist (Harnois) and rote video-game-y action sequences to carry it along-and that simply won't cut it.
Chicago Tribune
On the whole, I'd rather be on Pluto, which isn't even a planet.

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