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  • A young boy named Milo gains a deeper appreciation for his mom after Martians come to Earth to take her away.

  • On Mars, the female babies are nursed by robots while the male babies are dumped in the junkyard under the command of Supervisor. They research Earth and finds that the boy Milo is raised by his Mom with love and discipline. The Martians come to Earth and abduct Mom, to use her brain to instruct the robots about how to raise children. However, Milo sneaks into the spaceship and comes to Mars. He meets Gribble, a young man that behaves like a child and together with the hippie Martian Ki and Gribble's friend Wingnut, they try to rescue Mom and bring her back to Earth. But Supervisor will give her best efforts to stop Milo and his friends.

  • Milo is a boy who is raised with love by his mom, even though he can't get along with Mom sometimes. One night after Milo has angered Mom, he sneaks into her bedroom to apologize to her, when he suddenly finds out that the Martians had come to take Mom to Mars. Now it's up to Milo to save Mom to bring her back to Earth.


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  • The film follows a boy named Milo. Milo is just beginning summer but his mother gives him chores and tasks like weeding the garden or eating his vegetables. But after Milo tints his sister's face purple, his mother sees no humor in this. She orders him up to his room. After an argument with his mother in which Milo says "I don't see what's so special about mothers!", Milo goes to his room. After falling asleep, Milo does not hear the rumble of the rocket landing outside. After, Martians enter Milo's house and take away his mother. Milo realizes that he has to rescue her. Milo embarks on an adventure to rescue his mother.

    The film is based on a children's picture book by Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Berkeley "Berke" Breathed, author of the comic strip Bloom County.

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