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Cant believe all the negative reviews
j-stewart12 June 2011
I wasn't going to watch this movie at all because of the terribly low score (4) on IMDb. Luckily, my kids talked me into it, and I was very pleasantly surprised indeed.

I am amazed that this movie scored so low. Yes, granted, its nothing groundbreaking; there are plenty of well-worn formulas applied. But its far from unusual in this regard, and the story is full of fun situations and characters.

Visually, its very nice to look at, and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the time I spent watching it. So did my kids, 8 and 10, who both thought it was great! I don't usually review movies here, but I often check the ratings before watching films. In this instance, I am amazed at the low rating this film received, and feel its unrepresentative of the actual quality.

So 7/10 from me, and really at a loss as to how almost 30% of viewers could have possibly thought 1/10 was a fair rating!
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not as bad as everyone has made it out to be
actiondallas21 March 2011
I saw it with two of my little cousins and i was not looking forward to it atall after hearing how it bombed in box office and everyones reviews were really bad. It turns out I kinda liked it, the animation was very cool in 3D, which it must be seen in 3D or not nearly as cool.

It was simple family friendly entertainment, very vibrant and original with very creative digital technology behind it. It was fast paced and kept the kiddies smilin'. More than I was expecting definitely, and overrall not that bad, I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a film to bring some kids to. As a small bonus at the end they shows behind the scenes of how they filmed it with live action actors, very cool.
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Not the best one I've seen
anouk7713 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It's not the most brilliant movie I've ever seen but it's not the worst one either.

I enjoyed the animation except for the way Milo's face "feels". I'm not sure what it is, but I had the same thing while watching Polar Express: the kids don't really have childlike faces which makes it difficult for me to become attached to the characters.

I would have liked to see more humor in this movie. The only part that I thought was actually funny and sort of cute was in the end, when the bug-like pet (Tuka??) went "ew, ew" when walking on grass for the first time.

I don't think this movie is suitable for small kids because some parts are pretty creepy. For instance, when Gribble is captured by the Martians, he ends up in a public execution place in front of a fire squad where there are remains of the previous victims. Also, there's the message that when you're a good kid, Martians will come to take your mom away to do horrible things to her.

(Oh, and why do men become dumb, sloppy creatures and why aren't they capable of creating the same sort of "intelligent" society as the females did when left without the presence of the opposite sex? I'm all for girl power but this really bothered me.)
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Not perfect but a lovely animated movie
brenring21 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This seems to be a movie that people either enjoy or virulently hate. I am one of those who enjoyed the movie and I am mystified by the virulence directed against it. Yes, it was a little long and obvious at times but the animation was simply gorgeous, especially the cave sequence. One poster said the animation was "too good" and felt that animation should look more cartoony. I think the value of animation, even if it is "too good", is that you can do things with animation that you could not otherwise do. And as other posters have said, this movie is actually about something. It is about the importance of having a mother and father raise their children. Because of the title, some posters seem to have missed that the movie is about the importance of having fathers as well. Think of how the Martian fathers ended up in the movie. The movie also touches on the difficulties of raising children and on the dangers of the modern move towards "efficiency" and outsourcing tasks to machines. The movie seems aimed at kids with the sometimes overdone Gribble character but I think the movie is more interesting to older audiences. I saw it with my parents and we all enjoyed it. We are long-time science fiction fans and we loved the science fiction aspects and the lovely scenes of Mars. I am usually disappointed by Mars movies but I liked this Mars movie the best. It was like Avatar Meets Mars. It wasn't perfect but it was lovely.
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Quite good, actually
zetes4 September 2011
Easily the biggest flop of 2011, and pretty close to of all time, this Disney motion-capture film is about a young boy, Milo, who must save his mother (Joan Cusack) from Martians. In Martian society, females rule the world. They discard the males (who then live on the trash-strewn surface world) and the females are raised by nanny-bots. They need the Earth mothers in order to program these nanny-bots, and the process they use leaves the Earth mothers dead. With the help of another human (Dan Fogler), who was brought up to Mars in the same fashion as Milo (trying to rescue his own mother, he stowed away on their ship), and a rebellious female Martian (Elisabeth Harnois), Milo sets out to save his mother. A lot of viewers get stuck on the film's gender politics. I admit they do seem a little backward, especially with the shrill, feminist stand-in villain (played by Mindy Sterling, whom you may remember as Frau Farbissina from the Austin Powers movies). However, I think that Ki, the Martian girl who helps Milo, is a positive enough female character that she should make up for the villain (the remainder of the female Martians are more or less faceless soldiers). If you can get past that stuff, the film is actually a lot of fun. Simple and straightforward, but a lot of fun. It's fast paced and beautiful to look at (thankfully, now that it's on video, you don't have to see the colors diminished in 3D), and it's very funny. Fogler and Harnois are both very good. Fogler's character, Gribble, is easily the best looking motion capture character I've ever seen. Gribble is an 80s kid and Ki has fallen in love with humanity after watching sitcoms about hippies, so they both talk in idioms from those eras, bugging modern kid Milo the whole time. I think most kids will love this movie, and it imparts a nice moral (respect your damn mother!). This fits in with the late crop of severely undervalued Disney films of the past several years, which includes The Princess and the Frog and Meet the Robinsons. None of these films are masterpieces or on par with Pixar's best, but they're excellent films nonetheless.
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Slightly flawed, mildly entertaining
CSHaviland19 March 2011
The average rating for this movie by professional film critics is about 3.0 out of 5 stars. That average is realistic. I would probably give it 6.5 out of 10 if I could, but I didn't feel it was as bad as movies I've given 6 out of 10 stars, so I gave it a 7 out of 10.

The movie uses motion-capture computer animation to apply more realistic textures and movements to its characters, following movies like A Christmas Carol (which wasn't as good), Beowulf (which was much better), and The Polar Express (also much better).

Mars Needs Moms features a plot that wasn't demographically targeted correctly. It features a boy who needs to rescue his mother from awkwardly humanoid-looking Martians, but boys that age are working very hard to separate themselves from needing their mothers. It is a very natural consequence of a male's life. So while the movie might appeal to mothers, I'm not sure it will appeal to boys.

The next problem, which exacerbates the previous one, is its timing. The studio made a big, big mistake trying to release it at the same time as Battle: Los Angeles, and only a week after Rango. Parents already took their kids to Rango the weekend before, and the dads really wanted to see Battle: Los Angeles (especially after being sorely disappointed with the similarly themed Skyline last Fall).

A lot of movies in January through March have been juggled around recently, causing all sorts of problems. Many movies were yanked from their original release dates and moved out later in the year. But Mars Needs Moms should have been released in early January. It would have fared a lot better. As it is, the movie has been a complete disaster at the Box Office. I fault Disney for the poor release strategy (they were only the distributor, not the actual producer of the movie), and Simon Wells for the rest.

There is also the point that a lot of viewers were troubled by the Martians themselves. I think Simon Wells could have had his animators design them a little more intelligently. They seemed awkward to me -- they were humanoid, but slightly differenced to a degree that some people found disagreeable: legs too far apart, butts too big, and legs like they were inflated with air. Mr. Wells also made the mistake of giving the male Martians dreadlocks-like hair, which has accidentally incited a lot of racist remarks, although racial nods was not intended. (People really need to stop being oversensitive. Grow some skin, please!)

There is an army of people flaming the movie, however, and the computer animation is at the core of their argument, which is very curious. One critic said, "Mars Needs Moms stands as the potentially final Zemeckis-produced motion-capture effort, and, like The Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Christmas Carol before it, its characters boast the waxy complexions, unreal movements, and dead eyes of mannequins..." (Nick Schager, The Village Voice)

What the...? I'm confused here. What standard is this critic holding computer animated features to? I don't recall any waxy complexions or unreal movements or dead eyes of mannequins in any of these movies, or at least nothing that distracted me from the otherwise near photo-realistic computer animation that has only been around a few years. While they fall short of the realism of characters inserted into live action movies such as Peter Jackson's King Kong and Gollum, or George Lucas's Yoda in Star Wars episodes II & III, and certainly not the characters in Avatar, it didn't strike me as being a requirement in an animated feature to be THAT photo-realistic. Nobody complained about Shrek's movements being unrealistic or his eyes being dead as a mannequins, but clearly Shrek isn't being held to the same animation standard. What gives?

While I'm not going to defend Mars Needs Moms on every point, I don't understand the beating its taking from reviewers here at IMDb. It's a fairly average film from a director who isn't very good to begin with, with plotting that could have been better and could have been worse, and some character design that could have been more intelligent. But unfortunately there seems to be a subculture out there (probably made up of mostly teens, and maybe even competing film marketers and computer animation folk -- perhaps some Rango promoters attempting to keep its returns high in the second week) who are throwing one stars around IMDb with malignant glee. To give 1 out of 10 stars to this movie is dishonest, and an abuse of having a rating system in the first place. There were 404 people who gave A Bug's Life "1 star" for example, and 3,284 who gave Shrek "1 star." And so forth. Movies need to be rated with some perspective on similar movies.

Mars Needs Moms has some redeeming values. Not nearly as witty as Tangled or Shrek, but easier to understand and more enjoyable than Rango, which seemed to bore my two boys (4 and 7) whereas Mars Needs Moms entertained them. In all fairness, Rango was intended for slightly older children than mine, but I'm a pretty old child myself, with a lot more filmmaking, movie-going, and storytelling experience than the average IMDb reviewer, and I didn't find Rango nearly as brilliant as Johnny Depp's ground-worshipers claim.

My advice to you, if you haven't seen Mars Needs Moms, is ask your kid if he or she is interested, and if so, take them. Forget about what you hear about it on IMDb boards, it's likely tainted.
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A movie that touches your heart
robert-710-76716711 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't expecting this at all. I really wasn't. I hadn't read the bad reviews, however I saw the trailer and figured it would be quite cheesy and probably lame. Oh no aliens took my mother and I have to stop them! Sounded like a cheesy cartoon which would involve shooting aliens and running around to find his mom and save her, yada yada yada.

Well... boy was I surprised.

The movie started out with the whole alien world and because I knew the title was Mars needs Moms it implied the aliens were looking for moms. I watched them show two moms who's kids weren't listening, then it showed a third one who minded his mom. Satisfied by this result, it shows the boy and his mom and how the boy is in that age where he doesn't know why he should listen to his mom. Before they go to bed he says he wishes he didn't have a mom. The emotion from that makes you feel so bad.

Now many scenes later the mom got abducted by the aliens, and the boy managed to hitch a ride and meets some new friends and learns a lot. By the time the ending comes you really hope he can save his mom. The emotions I felt were amazing. More amazing though was the fact that I eve got some nears near the end. I won't say what happens, but it was very emotional and powerful to me.

So I would recommend this movie to anyone. And I'm 18 for your information, so hearing that a young adult got tears from a movie like this must be something.

Rated 8/10.
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A Message to the Open Minded
theghost5014 June 2011
Due to the copious negative reviews about "Mars Needs Moms," I decided to write a quick positive one.

I've read a bunch of different kinds of bashing over this film; from sexism and hidden political agendas to poor animation and a poorly timed release. Now, I think we can all safely agree that if the viewer really wants to find something negative about "Mars Needs Moms", they won't have to look very hard. Keeping this in mind, I went into watching this film with just one simple goal in mind, to be entertained, and I was. This film really isn't as bad as everyone says it is as long as you just go into it with the right mind set.

The animation is incredible, as well it should be with a $150 million dollar budget and over 6 minutes worth of end credits of people who worked hard creating it. Like Beowulf, the human characters look almost identical to the actor/actress voicing them and the surroundings like the space sequences, the garbage mountains, and the Mars tunnels are breathtaking. This simple animation element will be enough to entertain the open minded person. Yet, the overdone and predictable story is still heartwarming and I believe it served as a nice reminder of how special a mom really is. Though some of the dialogue isn't the greatest, and there are a few ominous notes played throughout (leaving me to recommend this movie to children over ten), wait for it to go down from a new release rental price and give it a try.
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How do you explain soul....
haerne15 March 2011
Like andrewj-lee wrote, how fun to read the obviously planted movie reviews here. Ranging from the ones in a journalistic style to the short and tear-jerking. That's the way to do it, Disney. As for the movie, it is terrible. Disney is dead. The people who now control the corporation have nothing in common with its founder. Walt Disney had a vision, his movies had a soul. "Disney" today has only calculation, with movies made of plastic.

For example: Who in his right mind would give a movie aimed at kids the tag-line "Mom needs a little space."? It means that children's' mothers want to get away from them. Is this heartwarming? Is it truly what children should hear? Or is it just something a movie producer thinks is a clever play on words? Few parents will pay to see a movie with a tag-line that insults them.

The characters look freaky. Aliens with bloated heads that would make their tiny necks snap are not a welcome sight. The anteater-like "Wingnut" character is outright disturbing. I am reminded of the creepy Australian children's show "Dirtgirlworld". (If you want to be freaked out, look it up in YouTube.) At the end you have to wonder where the people went who could make Lady and the Tramp and put true feeling in it, with way less technology than today. Now we get do-it-by-the-numbers productions: "Let's find a Heartwarming Subject. Let's throw in Funny Sidekicks (loved that Jar-Jar Binks). Let's have a Mean Enemy Boss. Give him a mean name too. In the end the kid Saves The Day. With lots of special effects."

What could go wrong? You did it by the numbers, right? Took it from A to Z. Why doesn't it work? Like when you survey people about what they like to see on a car, and put it all together to make the perfect vehicle. How could it be a flop? (It was, it's a marketing disaster classic.) Or when you hire a decorator to decorate an apartment in an "eclectic" style, choosing only the most expensive parts and the most appreciated objects in the catalogue. How could it be awful? Or when you go to the gym and pump up your muscles, targeting exactly those muscle groups that people are said to look at the most. How could people think you look fake?

How do you explain soul to a Hollywood executive - and do they care?
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That Crazzy Love Thing
claudio_carvalho15 November 2012
In Mars, the female babies are nursed by robots while the male babies are dumped in the junkyard under the command of Supervisor. They research Earth and finds that the boy Milo is raised by his Mon with love and discipline.

The Martians come to Earth and abduct Mon, to use her brain to instruct the robots about how to raise children. However, Milo slinks into the spaceship and comes to Mars. He meets Gribble, a young man that behaves like a child and together with the hippie Martian Ki and Gribble's friend Wingnut, they try to rescue Mon and bring her back to Earth. But Supervisor will give her best efforts to stop Milo and his friends.

"Mars Needs Moms" is a delightful underrated animation about that crazy love thing and a tribute to the mothers and to the families. There is no explanation of how the Martians breed but the wonderful story can be easy enjoyed by those that have the concept of family, and not hatchery. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Marte Precisa de Mães" ("Mars Needs Moms")
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Cute and underrated.
RichardKleiner21 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was tempted to see this movie in theaters, but I never got to convince anyone I knew to see it. Later, I was rather surprised to read it bombed. Sure, its plot sounded weak, but I didn't think it was THAT terrible.

So, after seeing it, I say liked it. It does has it's problems, but the movie has a heart, and it does touch your inner child.

I'm not crazy over Zemeckis' motion capture style, as, particularly in this movie, most of the characters are introduced as rather anonymous and not memorable.

The movie does start off very weak, with a thin introduction to the characters (there are hardly any close-ups of both Milo or his mom) and the action. However, about halfway through the movie, the story finally gets into shape. Gribble's character was annoyingly presented at first, but once you know his back story, you can actually feel for him. Ki also starts off very badly, and her own back story is rushed, making the opposite mistake that was made with Gribble.

Performances in this type of movies are rather irrelevant, so Seth Green's contribution might have been great as seen live, but in the movie it gets lost with all the visuals. Dan Fogler and Joan Cusack are functional, but their voice tone doesn't really mesh well with the style of the movie.

The animation and effects are nice, though a little too reminiscent of Wall-E and TRON: Legacy, so it does kind of feel very derivative. Also of note is John Powell's entertaining underscore.

As a whole, the plot starts off late, but it does grow in the telling. The movie isn't the worst ever made, it just happened to have the worst of luck during the season, which happens very often most of the times. Expect as an entertaining experience, and nothing else.
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Disney needs to wake up
andrewj-lee14 March 2011
I have to start out by saying that I enjoyed reading all of the obvious planted reviews about this movie. There is a reason that hardly anybody went to see this movie, and it isn't just because it was released around the same time as a couple of other "family" movies. Those reasons may include hideous character design, lazy animation (mo-cap), and a generic and unbelievable story. Not to mention an unmistakeably sexist trailer that leaves the audience groaning.

Who cares if Mars needs Moms? I don't. You won't, either, especially after watching this movie. The ensemble of unlikeable, repulsive characters will see to that.
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Mars Needs Better Marketers.
anaconda-4065821 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Mars Needs Moms (2011): Dir: Simon Wells / Voices: Seth Green, Dan Fogler, Elisabeth Harnois, Joan Cusack, Tom Everett Scott: Family animated space movie about the importance of mothers. It regards young Milo who constantly disobeys his mother. When his mother is abducted by martians Milo's struggle to rescue her. Apparently the abducted moms have their memories erased and entered into robot nannies that discipline the orphaned martians. Milo is assisted in his rescue mission by Gribble, a free spirited human whom lives in hiding. They are soon joined by Ki, a female martian who has adapted English and has a knack for colour. A triumph for director Simon Wells who also collaborated in another animated masterpiece called The Prince of Egypt. The animated detail is spectacular especially given movements, gestures and expressions of the characters. Seth Green voices Milo who must put his rebellious streak aside despite the fact that he will predictably learn his lesson. Dan Fogler voices Gribble whose spirit is sheltering his own failed attempt to rescue his mother. Now he has a new mission that will pay off by film's end. Elisabeth Harnois voices Ki who learns of emotion and love while assisting Milo with his mission. Joan Cusack voices Milo's mother who is placed within the dimwitted nanny-bot memory erased plot scheme, but whose rescue visualizes the bond between mother and son. Tom Everett Scott voices Milo's father and that is about the extent of his role. Underrated family film that is for anybody who needs a reminder of how important their mother is. Score: 7 ½ / 10
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Deep and thrilling charmer. Extreme negative criticism a mystery to me, but whatever...
bopdog16 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this movie tonight, without first having read a single review or description, and really liked it. Then I logged on here to IMDb and saw the roster of haters ripping it apart. Yikes! I respect that others may not feel the same as I about everything- but dang, i was frankly surprised to see so many reviews here that all sounded the same. Even the wording and phrasing was the same. And all also said the only "honest" review would be a one or two rating on a ten scale review. Let's agree to disagree then. If anything, all that "in-concert, lock- step criticism" may just indicate that PR firms can plant negative as well as positive stuff. Sigh...

I liked the story. It was ABOUT something- not just frenetic action to amuse 8 year-olds, and then with a few triple-entendres for the parents thrown in. It showed, or at least attempted to show, the potential social evil of any mass-enforced dogma. After all, dogma doesn't quite conform to, or support might be a better word, our natural tendencies. Perhaps the story was comparable to what George Orwell's "Animal Farm" scene might have been like 10 years after the book's ending. But maybe that's reading too much into it.

The movie had the Martian women throwing away the make babies through a hole in the ground into a subterranean trash heap under the planet surface. The fervor of the sex-typed pogroms was played by Mindy Sterling, the fine actress who played Frau Farbissina in the Austin powers movies, and the hapless Iris in the great and under-appreciated "Drop Dead Gorgeous." . Her "Supervisor" (dictator) character was quick- tempered, ready to use lethal violence in support of her agenda, and she constantly screamed her shrill exhortations to the all-female Martian army to root out any and all males, and smash old-school feminine values such as motherhood. A bit of a shrew, with a machine gun.

Maybe that's what set the haters off? Or maybe a Hollywood feud I know nothing about. or, maybe, the movie is not for everyone? At any rate I loved it, and am glad I went. I do not, however, think small children will like it. There is much genuine danger, and realistic peril (the boy's mother allows herself to die in order to save her son) of the type that can truly give a little kid nightmares. Mature kids will probably find it a thrilling and gripping story. They will likely appreciate being addressed as intelligent and sensitive people, too, and not just Pop-Tart eating zombies.
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not a bad movie
buny10116 March 2011
This was better than some, no worse than others. I love Seth Green, and if he hadn't been listed in the credits you would have known in two seconds it was him. It looked almost too real, as every facial expression and reaction shot seemed too real. I think cartoons should be more cartoony--does that make sense? If you strive so hard to make cartoons look like real images, then why not just make a movie using real objects? That being said, the story wasn't horrible, and it is just repeating the title to tell you that mom is kidnapped by horrible aliens who wish to learn from her how to be a mother. There are reasons that will be explained. What I didn't like was that the idiots in the movie seem to be stereotyped from blacks from jamaica. So, getting past that, my recommendation is this: don't be a daddy in the theater. If you are going to watch this with your 3-7 year old crowd, it is a mommy son movie and can be touching. When it comes out on TV, i am sure the wife will enjoy watching it with her little men. As for me? Well, 8 bucks for the ticket and to keep the kids quiet for 88 minutes? Sure, not a bad trade off.
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Mars Needs Mom - A Review
dogsoldier_spoon-14 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Well, let me first start by saying that I wasn't particularly looking forward to this film. The plot sounded fairly familiar (kids having to rescue a parent/parents) and I was guessing this could be another The Wild (which still had its moments but wasn't really that good a movie). But I eventually saw it anyway and well, it was surprising.

As you can read at the summary section it's about a kid named Milo. His mom gets abducted by Martians to learn their nanny-robots how to take care of children. Milo ends up in the spaceship and tries to rescue his mom, finding help along the way. It sounds cliché and not very interesting, right? Not to mention that the marketing didn't do a very good job at promoting this movie.

But in all fairness, this movie is actually quite good. I'm usually not a big fan of this kind of animation, but must admit that it looked really well in this movie. They're gradually getting better. I remember seeing Monster House and the Polar Express a couple of years ago and the animation bothered me. The characters looked weird and something about the movements never seemed right. This movie does it a lot better and it never bothered me a single bit. I actually thought the animation looked great. The people who saw this in 3D might have had another experience of course, but I'm speaking from a non 3D perspective here.

The characters and their voice acting was great. Dan Fogler gives a great performance as Gribble and has a moment in which he actually moves me. That came as a total surprise since I've only seen this guy do comedies. I never expected that he would bring a scene this well. Mindy Sterling shouts the same way she does in the Austin Powers film and that's always great too. I guess that Seth Green's voice wasn't kiddie enough for a movie like this, but at least he still did the movements. Whoever the kid is, he sounded alright. As for the character Ki, the alien hippie, well another total surprise. I often dislike the type of character that tries to be cool, make unfunny jokes and use a certain type of 'slang' (I guess). Ki, however, was an adorable character and she actually was funny, I liked the performance.

The story is honestly very predictable. You could often tell what was going to happen a couple of minutes before it actually happened. But if you can ignore that and some weird plot holes (why are there 2 alien genders if they don't need each other to make kids?) you'll find the story pretty entertaining. It's god a couple of jokes, plenty of action and some emotional scenes. It's a standard formula but that's not always necessary bad. Especially considering it's a kid's movie. I wasn't bored for a minute and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Other things to mention? Well I guess the soundtrack was okay, nothing special but nothing really bad as well. It's not a laugh out loud film, but the jokes are okay and well at least we don't really get many fart jokes.

As you can probably read on various places, there are people who take the movie way too seriously. They think this film carries an anti feminist message and that a real family needs a mother and father. Women who choose careers over children are evil! Well, those people clearly take this film way too seriously and are overall incorrect. The movie's main message is that a family needs love. They're not saying that they need a father (actually Milo's father is pretty much absent from the film except for the beginning). They're not saying that women should stay at home and abandon their careers (it's not even said that Milo's mom doesn't have a job, who says she doesn't?). It's not saying that a society run by women is evil (the other female aliens quickly changed opinions when they learned about family. Hell, the only evil one is a dictator and whether male or female, dictators are never a good thing) And it's not saying that men are worthless. Actually the latter two are an immediate result of a society of aliens grown up without being raised by a real parent. There was only one and she was kinda crazy). It's about children loving their parents and parents loving their children. It's a film about that crazy love thing. And if people can't appreciate that, well fine for them. I loved this film and will see it again. Call me tasteless, call me a sexist, I don't care. The film was great and it had heart.

Why I gave it an 8? I compare it only to the genre of animated films. You can't compare this film to the Godfather or the Dark Knight (and if I would, it would of course drop quite some points). But it was a good animated film that children can enjoy. Ignore the bad critics and give this movie a chance. Because let's face it, opinions are different. So sit down and make up your own mind, like you always should.
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Good movie for family specially for moms and their sons ( Not one of best movie but its rated to low, its not so bad as people claim)
werkis200223 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This one actually was very smart movie, its not one of best movies but also its not so bad as people claims it to be - its actually fine, average family movie as Disney makes them most of time .

This movie is great for Moms and Sons as this movies title says ...

First thing whats amaze you is outstanding animation (Yes but its almost to good they could just use real actors with CGI for this movie).

And also i get message and idea what Mars needs moms sent to me this movie is very intelligent and i like when i get message from movies but unfortunately nowadays people deteriorate with lame things and losing their intelligence so probably thats why this movie is rated so low people just don't get what this movie try to tell them .

And finally this movie touched me very emotional i almost cried in the end !

Rango left me without feelings and i was bored but Mars needs moms touched me emotionality , my lips never moved watching Rango cause it was very unfunny and also it had bad, terrible, sex, suicidal and evil jokes. Rango was to violent & boring slow western movie with to creepy CGI characters.

I feel now so bad i suggested my friend to go see RANGO with kids over the Mars needs moms!!! Rango definitely is not a movie for kids !!! And i think soon Mars needs moms will get more views cause parents who saw Rango will be mad as i am and my friend and also other parents who saw how bad that Rango movie is will do same - even Johny Depp not saving it ....

I give this movie 8/10

Animation: ** Intelligent story: ** Good ending: * Emotional: * Message: *
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Shame on Disney - Violent, confusing and unfaithful to Berkeley Breathed
amster-1-66310314 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm pretty tolerant about mediocre movies, but this one needs a big thumbs down.

If you don't know already, Berkeley Breathed's book, Mars Needs Moms, is visually beautiful and appropriate for kids. It has a moral, and some scary moments. A movie which honored the story and was able to convey a substantial portion of the visual style and loving touch that Breathed spins in to his books would have been welcome. Breathed books lead one to believe that he loves children, and wants to produce books that kids will enjoy and actually understand. But this movie is so bad, and so dismissive of children, that I don't know where to start.

Sadly, this movie is pointlessly violent and scary. How scary and violent could it be, you ask, after all Milo's mom nearly dies in the book? (spoilers start here) In this movie, the kidnapped moms are strapped down and incinerated to extract the contents of their brains to program nanny bots. Disney doesn't think that rescuing your mom from aliens enough to add suspense to a movie? The movie also portrays executions by firing squad with the charred outlines of previous execution victims showing behind the next potential dead body! Hey, I really like plenty of movies with over-the-top violence (e.g. Robocop, Unforgiven, Full Metal Jacket, even Reservoir Dogs), but this movie provides no commentary upon or condemnation of the the violence (the dictator figure directing the killing never has to pay a price for murder). I could go on, but the bottom line is that nobody, especially a kid needs more of this kind of pointless generic violence. It should have been rated R.

Also just as sad is the lack of fidelity to Breathed's gorgeous, loving, and imaginative visual style. The slumping figures of Milo and his dog are absent, and replaced by the fluid but inappropriate motion capture. It is as if the director didn't bother to actually read (or even look at) the book. It isn't that the movie isn't pretty (the 3-D is great!) at times, in an immature factory made kind of way, but it never provides the visual narrative that is integral to Breathed's illustrations. That is is amazingly lame for a movie that probably cost a thousand times more than the book. More shame on all of you at Disney.

Brazen, jarring, product placement: Milo lists the fact that his mom takes him to Disneyland as one of the reasons for saving her from the aliens who are going to incinerate her. You non-Disneyland-taking parents better watch out!

I feel sorry for the first rate actors, but hope that Mr. Breathed uses the money Disney already paid him for the rights to write and illustrate more great books - he is a treasure that this movie ignores. Do your best to avoid this one. Does anybody at Disney even think any more?
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Pretty good movie
brandfam19 March 2011
I think all the bad reviews of this movie are sad. I thought this was a wonderful family movie. Me and my kids loved it!! My kids are 8 and 10. Some of the other reviews mentioned violence and there is nothing violent about this movie. There are a FEW moments of martians shooting at humans, but nobody gets shot, wounded or killed. Not even the martians get shot, wounded or killed. Thats not what this movie was about!! This is a great movie that was worth going to see. It's about love and understanding that parents and kids share. All the other people that picked this movie apart and tore apart Disney should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a family movie, that was made by Disney and mention's Disneyland once in it. Big deal! What kid doesn't talk about Disneyland, even if they have not been there? My family would go see this again for sure. And to think we almost didn't go because of all the bad reviews . Very, very sad.
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**** not a good movie for children, especially not small children
mbmiller-o18 September 2011
This was quite a surprise: A Disney family movie rated PG with creepy animation, lots of dark scary scenes, aliens, homicides and attempted homicides and more! Why make a movie about children's mothers being abducted by aliens and murdered in some kind of giant laser machine? I guess it will grab kids' attention, but it will also scare them to death.

Aside from the crazy story line, which is not child-friendly, we have a new kind of animation that makes computerized characters look very much like real people. So, for example, the supposed 11-year old boy was modeled by a 35-year-old man, so that the kid looks like a cross between a kid and a middle-aged man. The forehead is expressive, but in a 35- year-old-man kind of way. You have to see this to understand. It is weird and a little scary.

Frightening, realistic aliens and robots chase a child while shooting at him with their ray guns, trying to kill him. They also try to kill his mother. They attempt to execute his friend in a firing squad. This all takes place in a dark and scary world where people run through long tunnels and dive into dirty chutes to spend some time in a giant fiery trash dump. The dump is inhabited by a monkey-like species of "stupid" creatures who wear primarily yellow, red and green clothing and have their hair in dreadlocks. I'm not kidding.

The character called Gribble, played by Dan Fogler, was an exception to the general drudgery of this film. He had a strange part to play in a weird script, but he brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm and a really unique style. It wasn't enough to save the movie, but he added at least two stars to my rating. The animation quality is good, but these days it's hard to count that for much. The story is just terrible and that's what really matters. Sorry, Disney, but I know you will overcome this setback.
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Could not even finish the movie
fenrir071 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching this on a boring Thursday night. i was looking for movies to watch and unfortunately, this was the only remaining movie i had not watched up until now.

When I started the movie, i wasn't expecting anything at all. After seeing the aliens, i said to myself "uh-oh, here we go". i still continued after seeing the horrible looking aliens. after that, they finally show the main characters and boy did they look ugly. if you're going to make a movie that sucks, at least make the characters look appealing. the mom needs a total make over and her son definitely inherited her terrible features. :/ anyway, i tried to force myself to overlook the ugly looking characters and just focus on the plot. but boy, did that trick fail! even the plot was so horrible.

I was only able to reach up to the part where he falls down to the garbage world through the hole he jumped in. the kid meets a group of aliens and he tries to explain what a "MOM" was by doing silly actions indicating what a "mom" does at home. The aliens kept imitating his actions and that's where i decided to cut the crap and do away with this horrible movie.

For people who like their movies to have some sense, this one is not for you. i wouldn't even recommend this movie to kids.
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Better than it has a right to be
dbborroughs5 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Taking the barest thread from Berkley Breathed's book and throwing away pretty much everything else, the people behind this motion capture film have made a good, but slight film that barely fills out it's running time.

The plot has Martians stealing Milo's mom so that she can be used as a programming for the nannybots that will raise the martian children. Unfortunately this will kill her; so Milo, who ends up on Mars by accident, has to save her. With the help of Gribble and Ki it's a race to save Mom before the sun comes up.

I liked this way more than I should have. The cast sells the film even as the plot motors from thing to thing with little explanation or character development. In it's way it's an expanded short but it works thanks to some really good supporting characters (Gribble and Ki).

I saw this at what they said was the first public screening as part of the New York International Children's Film Festival where it was a big hit. The kids around me seemed to be really loving it.

This is one of the better Robert Zemekis motion capture films (I've only really liked A Christmas Carol). While they have a good story they have to do something with the mouth movements which are really really bad and had the people on either side of me checking to see if there was something wrong with their 3D glasses.

Definitely worth seeing.... though if you do see this try to do so in 2D and not in IMAX. The film is shot in a wonderful widescreen that will be lost on an IMAX screen, and other than two or three depth shots there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that will require you to see this in 3D. Save your money.
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Highly underrated
Troy_VA1 January 2013
I watched this movie tonight in 2-D and can't for the life of me figure out why it's only rated 5.1/10 at It has a fun story, good characterizations and great animation with possibly the most realistic motion-capture character ever in Gribble, the childlike adult victim of the Martians' earlier Earthian foray. I'll admit that it may possibly be perceived by some as portraying radical feminism in a bad light, especially with the faceless Storm Trooper uniforms of the Martian guards and their Hitleresque female leader, the Supervisor. Perhaps one reason for the negativity is the absence of cute cuddly animals like in practically every other Disney animated movie, but there was the robotic Wingnut in a very limited presence for the die-hard cute animal enthusiasts. The only other reason I can see for all the negativity is that Martian women are portrayed as intrinsically incapable of raising children on their own without male help and must solicit "instructions" from a "real woman." I give it a 7/10.
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Former critic reformed on a maternal/child level...
white-3715 March 2011
Now look. All you haters need to chill out. I know why you don't like it/did not like it/whatever. Please listen to why I've given it a good review.

I'm basically tired of Pixar. I'm tired of their bloated merchandising and advertising and I'll tell anyone who will listen to either rent How To Train Your Dragon or go and see this very personal little movie.

Remember how the toys in TS3 almost... well, you know. Yeah, well here it's moms. It's a little boy's mother, supporter, lifeline... and I will tell you right now that more kid's movies need to be like this one.

It's a good, honest movie that doesn't stand a chance because of gimmicky advertising and forgettable, in-your-face motion capture animation.

Yes, I'm looking at you animated movie marketing.

If you want to connect with your kids, see this movie. If you want to bond will your young son or daughter, see this movie. If you want to pay high admission prices for throwaway 3D specks on something you'll forget the second you walk out, be my guest. This movie is more emotionally potent then Toy Story 3 in my honest to goodness opinion. It just is; case closed. Up/How To Train Your Dragon and Moms Needs Moms are superior movie fare for kids today.
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The earth doesn't need this movie.
Rectangular_businessman28 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
No wonder why this movie was a flop.

Just like "The Polar Express", "Mars Needs Moms" is a CGI mess, that fails at every single level:

While it is true that the textures and shapes are photo-realistic, every single character from this movie has an incredibly ugly,unappealing appearance. The expression of their faces are quite awkward and sometimes grotesque. Their movements are strange and robotic, something that gives the feeling that they are soulless mannequins rather than living human beings, despite all the effort put to make them look "realistic".

The ugliness of the characters from "Mars Needs Moms" isn't like the appealing and stylish "ugliness" of the characters from films like "Rango", being just plain hideous instead. I can't believe I'm saying this, but in what concerns the visual aspect, "Mars Needs Moms" is even worse than "The Polar Express".

The plot isn't very good, either: Being incredibly stupid and childish, it is also tedious as well. Most of the scenes had a endless feeling on it, even those that are supposed to be "exciting" or "intense". The characters are annoying, one-dimensional and unlikeable, while the script (Filled with plot holes and absurdities) is pretty much like one from a cheap B-movie. Except than worse, because at least B-movies can provide some unintentional fun, while this atrocious film is completely devoid of joy, beauty, entertainment value, or anything that could make a film to be worth watching.

"Mars Needs Moms" is one of the worst animated movies from the recent years, and, along with "Gnomeo & Juliet" it is the worst animated flick from the 2011. It is bad for the kids and for the adults as well, being one of those big failures that are guaranteed to disappoint everyone.
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