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Season 10

28 Aug. 2012
Duggars Down the Aisle
The Duggars are going to a wedding! Watch as the family travels to Florida where Anna's sister Priscilla is getting married. Meet David, her fiance, plus, the older Duggar girls discuss what they look for in a husband.
4 Sep. 2012
Duggar Growing Pains
When Jordyn gets her head stuck in the railing, it's Jim Bob to the rescue. Later, the kids meet up with two other large families for a pizza and a lesson in pizza dough tossing. Plus, Jim Bob and Michelle head to DC and have dinner with Kirk Cameron!
4 Sep. 2012
Duggar Sick Day
Did you know the last 5 Duggar kids were born on TV? Watch as we take a stroll down memory lane and see just how much these little ones have grown. Get a peek at the Duggars' enormous pantry and all the food it takes to feed a family of 21.
11 Sep. 2012
All You Can Eat
With a family of 19 kids, there's no such thing as a light snack! Watch as we find out how the Duggars keep their bellies full between meals. Later, Anna spends the day with Mackynzie while Josie reaches a milestone at the doctor's office.
11 Sep. 2012
Puppies, Properties & Patients
With a family of 19 kids, there's no such thing as a light snack! Watch as we find out how the Duggars keep their bellies full between meals. Later, Anna spends the day with Mackynzie while Josie reaches a milestone at the doctor's office.
18 Sep. 2012
Smile and Say, Duggars!
The family returns to Joplin, MO for a Mother's Day Fundraiser for the victims of the tornado in 2011. And when they return home, it's picture day for the Duggars! But will their photographer be able to get all of them smiling in the same direction?
18 Sep. 2012
Duggars Dinner Party
The Duggars welcome the Popes for dinner, whose son was in the NICU with Josie. Watch as they prepare a Duggar-favorite, Tater-tot casserole, for 26 people. And it's a family affair when they help Josh move vehicles from one used car lot to another.
18 Sep. 2012
Busy Duggars
The Duggars have a busy week ahead. First, Johannah turns six and learns to do things the big girl way, then Jim Bob takes the family hiking and fishing. Finally, the older girls and Cousin Amy let Grandma know just how much she means to them.
25 Sep. 2012
A Duggar on Her Own
Anna takes Mackynzie and Michael to the public library where she is going to be the guest reader at story time. Will Mackynzie and Michael sit still long enough to hear how the story ends? Jana is going to Michigan for her first-ever solo ministry trip.
2 Oct. 2012
Grand Ole Duggars
The family heads to Nashville to help out with a charity event called Laundry Love! Later, the older girls speak at an emotionally charged speaking engagement. Finally, the family rounds out the trip by visiting the famous Grand Ole Opry.
2 Oct. 2012
Hunting and House Guests
Newlyweds, David and Priscilla, visit the Duggars fresh off their honeymoon! Later, the Duggars go on a turkey hunt! Will Jinger and Jim Bob bag the first bird or will Joseph and Josiah be bringing home the turkey bacon?
9 Oct. 2012
Baby Steps
Josh and Anna have added a new member to their family... Domino, the kitten! But caring for a new kitten becomes challenging when also caring for a baby and toddler. Plus, Anna has a big suprise for Josh as little Michael is about to take is first steps!
9 Oct. 2012
Kittens and Konstruction
The Duggars are up to their knees in kittens! Michelle must teach the little ones how to feed, burp, and clean up after their newest additions. Meanwhile, John David is renovating a big project while also thinking about the future.
16 Oct. 2012
First Grandson Turns 1
First Duggar Grandson Michael is turning one and Jim Bob and Michelle are pulling out the stops! Plus, Anna decides to make a 3-tiered high-concept cake for her birthday boy, but will it be too difficult for her to pull off in time for the party?
16 Oct. 2012
Thrill Seeking Duggars
The Duggars put their family's history of motion sickness to the test when they head to Branson, MO to ride roller coasters! But first, their friends the Vanderhoffs are coming over for dinner. And later, see how Jill celebrates her 21st birthday!
23 Oct. 2012
Fencing and Fireworks
The Duggars are lighting up the sky after the family purchases fireworks for the 4th of July. Then, Jim Bob takes some of the family to their first fencing lesson. And finally, the older girls start preparing for Michelle's birthday celebration.
30 Oct. 2012
Michelle's Birthday Makeover
Michelle Duggar is getting a birthday of a lifetime as the older Duggar girls and Anna prepare a day of surprises for her birthday. But perhaps the biggest surprise may be from Jim Bob himself. And Michelle has a little surprise for the family of her own.

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