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"Dark Was The Night" Now In Theaters And On Demand

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Cinema Retro has received the following press release:

Dark Was The Night received an overwhelming response at ScreamFest and the Lincoln Center’s New York Film Festival Sidebar Scary Movies Series and is now in theaters across the country and available Day and Date on VOD, and Digital platforms including ITunes and Amazon instant video.

Kevin Durand (The Strain) and Lukas Haas (Inception) star as local policemen who go to battle against an ancient evil. The script, from Tyler Hisel, appeared on the 2009 Black List of best un-produced scripts, a rarity for the monster genre, under the title The Trees. Rounding out the cast are Bianca Kajlich (Undateable), Sabina Gadecki (the Entourage movie), Heath Freeman (Skateland), Steve Agee (@midnight) and Nick Damici (Late Phases).

Maiden Woods is a remote and quiet town, but something stirs in the dark woods surrounding this isolated community. Sheriff Paul Shields (Kevin Durand) and his
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Round-Up: The Shining 35th Anniversary Screening, Dark Was The Night, Poltergeist

Next week marks the 35th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, and it will be screening during the 16th season of Film on the Rocks on June 9th. Also in this round-up: a Dark Was the Night trailer and listing information for the house from Poltergeist.

The Shining 35th Anniversary Screening: Press Release -- "Denver Film Society and Denver Arts & Venues announced the line-up for the 2015 edition of Film on the Rocks (Fotr). Presented by Pepsi, the 16th season includes nine events throughout the summer. Each film is preceded by a live concert and local comedian, courtesy of Comedy Works.

"Memorial Day weekend is the traditional start to Summer and Film on the Rocks is a Colorado Summer tradition," said Britta Erickson, Festival Director for the Denver Film Society. "We are so excited to kick off the season on the holiday weekend and bring cult-classic and fan-favorite films, great
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Exclusive: Katherine Heigl Schedules Sex In Clip From 'Home Sweet Hell' Plus Watch The First 9 Minutes Of The Movie

When under the thumb of Katherine Heigl, a man can only take so least that's how it goes in "Home Sweet Hell," an upcoming black comedy which finds the "Grey's Anatomy" star making life hell for Patrick Wilson. Today we have an exclusive clip from the film.  Anthony Burns ("Skateland") directs and Jordana Brewster and James Belushi co-star in the movie about a man whose affair with a co-worker takes a deadly turn when his wife finds out. With the other woman revealing she's pregnant, the man's wife will stop at nothing to ensure her life remains picture perfect. In the clip below, you can see Wilson trying his best to spark some kind of intimacy and stand up for himself, but Heigl is having none of it. After that, you can check out the first ten minutes of the movie. "Home Sweet Hell" is now available on
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Murder’s On The Menu For Katherine Heigl In New Home Sweet Hell Trailer

Since becoming America’s Sweetheart across the span of about four rom-coms, Katherine Heigl’s stock hasn’t exactly plummeted. Then again, it’s not been on the rise. Instead, it’s hovered indecisively while she committed to NBC’s latest drama, State Of Affairs. Whether she’s heading back to TV for the long haul or just waiting for a new movie direction, her performance in Home Sweet Hell hints at future in B-movies.

Directed by Anthony Burns (Skateland), the film stars Heigl as obsessive compulsive housewife, Mona, who makes her husband’s existence a living hell after she discovers he’s been unfaithful. Her poor spouse, a long-suffering furniture salesman named Don (Patrick Wilson), isn’t subjected to the normal ranting and raving of a wronged woman. Instead, Mona forces him to kill his pregnant mistress (Jordana Brewster), otherwise… well, if she’s making him commit homicide, then
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Horror Round-Up: Ouija Seance Event, Burying the Ex, The CW’s ‘Dead People’ Pilot, New Tales of Halloween Images

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We’re back with another horror news round-up, this time focusing on a recent seance event that took place in Hollywood ahead of Universal’s home media release of Ouija. We also have acquisition details on Joe Dante’s zom com, Burying the Ex, as well as news on another supernatural pilot order from The CW, and new images from Epic Pictures Group’s upcoming horror anthology movie, Tales of Halloween.

A Blumhouse Productions and Platinum Dunes film from Universal Pictures, Ouija comes out on Blu-ray and DVD today and to celebrate the film’s home media release, Universal recently hosted a get-together in Hollywood that included Jason Blum and real life Ouija guru Robert Murch (an advisor on the film), who showed those in attendance how to conduct a proper seance:

“CEO of Blumhouse Pictures Jason Blum, director Stiles White, actress Bianca Santos, and Ouija historian & expert Robert Murch
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Horror Round-Up: Spring, Backcountry, Dark Was the Night

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Welcome to another horror news round-up! This time around we have release details for the Lovecraftian love story Spring and the wilderness-based horror movie Backcountry, as well as acquisition details on the Kevin Durand-starring Dark Was the Night.

The latest film from the directing duo of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Resolution), Spring stars Lou Taylor Pucci (2013’s Evil Dead) and Nadia Hilker (The Other Wife) and will be released by Drafthouse Films in theaters and on VOD beginning March 20th:

Press Release – “Drafthouse Films is immensely proud to present Spring, the stunning new genre-defying supernatural love story from directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Resolution), in U.S. theaters and on VOD March 20th!

Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci, Evil Dead, Thumbsucker) is a young American fleeing to Europe to escape his past. While backpacking along the Italian coast, everything changes during a stop at an idyllic Italian village,
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Dark Was The Night Scores Domestic Distribution

Monster films seem to be having a nice little comeback. We seem to be venturing away from the “Grindhouse” homage films, the torture porn films and the other tropes the genre got stuck in. A film that is on my radar is Dark Was The Night, which was adapted from a screenplay that was on The Blacklist a few years back. We just got word that we shouldn’t have to wait too long to see this flick starring Kevin Durand (The Strain) and Lukas Haas (Lady in White, Inception, Brick). Read below for the official word. We’ve also included a trailer that was posted last year for the film.

From the Press Release

Image Entertainment, an Rlj Entertainment (Nasdaq: Rlje) brand, has acquired the North American distribution rights for Caliber Media’s Dark Was The Night, directed by Jack Heller (Enter Nowhere), after the film’s premiere at
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Indie Spotlight: Ghost Trek, Kane Hodder, The Kiss, State of Desolation

We’re back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes a full episode of Ghost Trek, first details on a Kane Hodder figurine by DeConte Figures & Collectibles, a new State of Desolation poster, a casting update from Welcome to Purgatory, distribution details from Dark Was the Night, a trailer for What’s Kind About the Dark, and much more:

Watch Ghost Trek: Goomba Body Snatchers Mortuary Lockdown: “Ghost Trek is an episodic supernatural-comedy series that follows the Paranormal Underworld Detective Society (Puds) as they investigate haunts across the U.S. and abroad between tanning beds, babes, body-building, and bong hits – all the while risking life and limb capturing the undead and unexplained on video. The series is not a “parody” of paranormal reality shows, Admittedly, Ghost Trek pokes fun at all the ghost hunting programs but
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Afm 2014: Premiere Entertainment Group Will Handle Foreign Sales Of Creature Feature Dark Was The Night

The foreign sales rights for Jack Heller's creature feature, Dark Was The Night, were picked up by Premiere Entertainment Group this week. Sales will begin at this year's American Film Market. The film stars Canadian actor Kevin Durand alongside Lukas Haas. Durand has been getting into all manner of fighting evil creatures this year. He was recently seen on television's The Strain fighting off vampires. Dark Was The Night also stars Bianca Kajlich (Rules of Engagement), Sabina Gadecki (the upcoming Entourage movie), Heath Freeman (Skateland), Steve Agee and perennial Twitch favorite Nick Damici (Cold in July and Late Phases).The plot of the film begins when a long slumbering evil is awoken in the trees outside the remote town of Maiden Woods. Isolated and threatened, it sets its sights on the townspeople, as Sheriff Paul Shields (Kevin Durand) attempts...

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Katherine Heigl Gets Vicious in Red Band Trailer for 'Home Sweet Hell'

There's a lot of stories going around about just how unruly Katherine Heigl can be, and it looks like she's bringing some of that to the big screen in the form of a ridiculous and terrible looking thriller called Home Sweet Hell. A red band trailer for the film has just surfaced, showing off the story of Don (Patrick Wilson) who seems to have the perfect marriage, life and house until a sexy young woman (Jordana Brewster) comes along, sleeps with him, and then blackmails him for money unless he tells his wife (Heigl) about the affair. Things get interesting, so to speak, when his wife decides to kill the tricky vixen. Watch? Here's the first red band trailer for Anthony Burns' Home Sweet Hell, originally from Yahoo: Home Sweet Hell is directed by Anthony Burns (Skateland) and written by relatively unknown writers Carlo Allen, Tom Lavagnino and Ted Elrick.
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Red Band Home Sweet Hell Trailer Features Patrick Wilson and Katherine Heigl as a Killer Couple

Did you know that Patrick Wilson, Katherine Heigl and Jordana Brewster made a movie together? Probably not and this new red band trailer proves why. Anthony BurnsSkateland follow-up, Home Sweet Hell, looks absolutely ridiculous. But the question is, is it a so bad it’s good type of situation? Wilson leads the film as Don Champagne. He used to be a used car salesman, but now he’s got it all – a beautiful home, loving marriage and his very own rugs and furniture store. But then Brewster’s character comes in and ruins it all. She sleeps with Don and then blackmails him for money by threatening to tell his wife. The thing is, Mona Champagne (Heigl) isn’t about to leave her man over a little fling; she’d rather just kill Brewster instead. Hit the jump to check out the Home Sweet Hell trailer. No word on a release date just yet,
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Restricted Trailer For Home Sweet Hell, with Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson

Today we have a restricted trailer for the upcoming "Home Sweet Hell," starring Katherine Heigl, Patrick Wilson, Jordana Brewster, Kevin McKidd and Jim Belushi. Check it out below. Plot: A seductive and scheming new hire (Brewster) causes dangerous problems for a businessman (Wilson) who is married to a bi-polar, obsessive-compulsive woman (Heigl). The new movie is directed by Anthony Burns (Skateland). A release date has yet to be announced. Trailer:
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Top 200 Most Anticipated Films for 2014: #184. Anthony Burns’ North of Hell

North of Hell

Director: Anthony Burns

Writer(s): Carlo Allen, Ted Elrick, Tom Lavagnino

Producer(s): Burns, A.J. Buckley, Jeff Culotta and Darko Ent.’s Sean McKittrick

U.S. Distributor: Rights Available

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Jordana Brewster, Patrick Wilson

2010′s Skateland, a Sundance Dramatic Comp entry played well in Park City and it found tlc support but the coming-of-ager didn’t find it’s audience when released theatrically so we’re hoping that Anthony BurnsNorth of Hell (a dramedy with a little more acting clout) retains some of the filmmaker’s atmospheric prowess.

Gist: Based on a story by Carlo Allen, Ted Elrick and Tom Lavagnino, and scripted by Anthony Burns, this is about a seductive and scheming new hire causes dangerous problems for a businessman who is married to a bi-polar, obsessive-compulsive woman.

Release Date: With Sundance out of the equation, we now think this could land at Tribeca or Tiff.
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2014 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Anthony Burns’ North of Hell

We were big fans of Anthony Burns’ debut film, the visually strong coming-of-ager sans pretension and a nod to the Dazed and Confused sorts with just the right character set. Skateland deserved a little more fanfare than the one it got back in 2011, but Burns round two North of Hell, should receive a lot more fanfare with its cast alone. Pitting Patrick Wilson, Jordana Brewster, Kevin McKidd with Katherine Heigl, this dramedy began shooting in March-ish of this year…so we’re banking on this being already prepped for festival season.

Gist: Based on a story by Carlo Allen, Ted Elrick and Tom Lavagnino, and scripted by Anthony Burns, this is about a seductive and scheming new hire causes dangerous problems for a businessman who is married to a bi-polar, obsessive-compulsive woman.

Production Co./Producers: Burns, A.J. Buckley, Jeff Culotta (God Bless America) and Darko Ent.’s Sean McKittrick (Hell Baby
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Ashley Greene Replaces Anna Kendrick In Zach Braff Kickstarter

More Anna Kendrick casting news has come in today, although this time she is out rather than in. Seems like her schedule has become a little too full with all her recent casting announcements as she will no longer be starring in Zach Braff’s kickstarter project Wish I Was Here. The role has been taken over by her former Twilight co-star Ashley Greene. In the last few weeks Kendrick has joined projects including musical adaption The Last Five Years, Disney’s live fairy tale adaptation Into The Woods and just today she was announced as starring in the zombie comedy Life After Beth alongside Aubrey Plaza and Dane Dehaan.

Here’s what Braff himself had to say about the swap:

“We’ve tried our hardest, but we’ve been unable to figure out the lovely Anna Kendrick’s scheduling conflicts with another movie she’s doing. This happens all the time in movie-land.
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New Photos Of Brit Marling, Ellen Page & Alexander Skarsgård In 'The East'

Actor/writer Brit Marling and director/writer Zal Batmanglij -- the creative team behind the smart little indie "The Sound Of My Voice" -- are just getting started, but their sophomore effort is about to arrive and it's hopefully the second chapter in a long line of collaborations. The duo employ genre elements and then turn them on their sides with an independent, character-driven perspective and the results, so far, have been certainly worthwhile. The premise of their latest, "The East," is super intriguing as well and centers on an operative for an elite private intelligence firm (Marling) who is tasked with infiltrating an anarchist group known for executing covert attacks upon major corporations. However, personal conflicts arise when she integrates into the group and begins to fall for one of its charismatic members. Starring Marling, Ellen PageAlexander Skarsgård, Toby Kebbell ("RocknRolla") and Shiloh Fernandez ("Skateland,""Red Riding...
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Casting: Peltz, Perlman, Heigl, Gosling

Transformers 4

Nicola Peltz has been confirmed to join the cast of Michael Bay's "Transformers 4" alongside Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor.

Peltz ("Bates Motel," "The Last Airbender") will play the female lead. Transformers 4 is scheduled to hit screens on June 27th 2014. [Source: Twitter]

The Virginian

Ron Perlman ("Hellboy," "Sons Of Anarchy") and country singer Trace Adkins have joined the cast of the latest adaptation of Owen Wister’s Western novel "The Virginian". Shooting kicks off this week in Vancouver.

Perlman plays a cattle baron and Adkins his enforcer. When the latter looks into a cattle-rustling problem that has hit the local community, he uncovers far more than he expects. Thomas Makowski helms from a script by Bob Thiekle. [Source: Variety]

North of Hell

Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson have joined "Skateland" director Anthony Burns' black comedy "North of Hell" at Darko Entertainment.

Based on a short story by Carlo Allen,
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Casting Net: Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson go 'North of Hell'; Plus Dermot Mulroney, more

Casting Net: Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson go 'North of Hell'; Plus Dermot Mulroney, more
Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson will play spouses in the dark comedy North of Hell. Wilson will play a successful business man, and Heigl, his controlling wife. Anthony Burns (Skateland) is set to write and direct. Heigl hasn’t really been on the scene much since 2012′s One for the Money, but she has a number of films in the pipeline, including The Big Wedding (out April 26) with Robert De Niro, Amanda Seyfried, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, and Robin Williams, and the animated flick The Nut Job. Wilson has a number of projects coming up as well, including The Conjuring
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Katherine Heigl joins Patrick Wilson in dark comedy 'North of Hell'

Katherine Heigl joins Patrick Wilson in dark comedy 'North of Hell'
Former Grey's Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl has been cast in North of Hell.

Heigl will co-star alongside Patrick Wilson (Insidious Chapter 2) in the dark comedy.

Heigl will portray the obsessive and controlling wife of a businessman (Wilson), Deadline reports.

Darko Entertainment will finance North of Hell, with Anthony Burns (Skateland) on board to both write and direct the feature.

Sean McKittrick and Jeff Culotta of Darko will produce along with Burns and Aj Buckley.

Heigl and Wilson are slated to begin filming on the project in Louisiana in April.

The Knocked Up actress is also attached to star in A Moment To Remember.

Watch Katherine Heigl in The Big Wedding trailer below:
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Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson Join North of Hell

Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson Join North of Hell
Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson have signed on to star in North of Hell for Darko Entertainment and director Anthony Burns (Skateland).

The story centers on Don Champagne (Patrick Wilson), a successful businessman who seems to be living the good life. What most don't know, however, is his domineering wife (Katherine Heigl) viciously controls every aspect of his well-being.

Anthony Burns is directing from his own screenplay, which is based on an original story by Carlo Allen, Ted Elrick, and Tom Lavagnino. Darko Entertainment's Sean McKittrick and Jeff Culotta are producing alongside Anthony Burns and Aj Bowen.

Production is scheduled to begin next month in Louisiana.
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