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Season 11

1 Sep. 2017
Mid Life Murder
These Deadly Women didn't grow old gracefully; they committed "Mid-Life Murder."
24 Oct. 2017
Illicit and Lethal
The real life stories of three different women who went crazy after their love interests dumped them. Shannon O'Rourke Griffin went after her husband's psychiatrist and mistress, Patricia Tito shot her ex-lovers new relationship and Manisha Patel lost control when she found out her boyfriend had a fiancee.
1 Nov. 2017
Broken Ties
These Deadly Women brutally turned on family and in-laws, they had "Broken Ties."
1 Nov. 2017
The Dark Side
These Deadly Women aren't afraid to take a walk on "The Dark Side."
11 Nov. 2017
Two To Tangle
These Deadly Women liked company when they killed, for them it took "Two to Tangle."
6 Oct. 2017
Hit and Run
Two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead. These Deadly Women think they've committed the perfect murders when they "Hit and Run."
13 Oct. 2017
Death Watch
These Deadly Women get their kicks from the suffering of others. They enjoy being on "Death Watch."
20 Oct. 2017
Hot Tempers, Cold Hearts
When these Deadly Women turn green-eyed they reveal their "Hot Tempers, Cold Hearts."
27 Oct. 2017
The Love of Money
These Deadly Women sacrificed their loved ones to satisfy their "Love of Money."
3 Nov. 2017
Fatal Ties
These Deadly Women take the wedding vow "till death do us part" seriously; they make sure their marriages are "Fatal Ties."
10 Nov. 2017
In the Family 2nd
When these Deadly Women strike they keep it "In The Family."
17 Nov. 2017
Tipping Point
Innocent blood spills when these Deadly Women reach their "Tipping Point."
18 Aug. 2017
Dumped and Dangerous
When their love life goes sour these Deadly Women take lethal revenge. They are "Dumped and Dangerous."

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