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4 Jun. 2009
When he loses his job fighting for a patient's life, Dr. Hank Lawson escapes to the Hamptons with his brother and inadvertently becomes the area's newest on-call doctor.
11 May 2009
There Will Be Food
Evan dates a retiring ballerina with a hidden disorder, while Hank crosses the line in advising Tucker's father.
18 Jun. 2009
Strategic Planning
The son of a senator turns ill and his mother doesn't want him sent to a proper hospital for privacy reasons. Meanwhile, Evan attempts to recruit more clients.
25 Jun. 2009
TB or Not TB
Hank and Divya perform TB tests on the staff of a restaurant. Later, its boss suffers a stroke while another employee's test comes out positive.
9 Jul. 2009
No Man Is an Island
A pregnant woman wants Hank to stay on her family's private island to deliver her baby. Meanwhile, Jill tries to call Hank, but is unable to as the island has no coverage.
16 Jul. 2009
If I Were a Sick Man
Hank quarantines the attendants of a bark mitzvah party held by Ms. Newberg when symptoms of some disease appear.
23 Jul. 2009
Crazy Love
A Venezuelan couple exemplifies what Divya and Rajan's relationship lacks. Katie's (Jill's friend's) visit sheds light upon a troubling detail with Boris.
30 Jul. 2009
The Honeymoon's Over
Jill believes Hank stole her heart patient, while Divya deals with Evan's interfering presence on a call to a newlywed suffering a possible STD.
6 Aug. 2009
It's Like Jamais Vu All Over Again
At a horse show, Hank meets an Olympic hopeful suffering jamais vu, Evan protects Divya's honor while lying to her parents, and a man from Jill's past returns.
13 Aug. 2009
Am I Blue?
Tucker asks Hank to intervene on his dad's recreational drug dependency, and Divya challenges Evan to be just a friend to a woman - any woman.
20 Aug. 2009
Nobody's Perfect
While Hank thinks that he has gone all the way to New York to help save Boris, it turns out Hank may need a little saving himself. Boris reveals that the Gardners are pressuring the state licensing board to revoke Hank's credentials. Hank wants to handle the matter on his own but Boris isn't about to butt out of Hank's business, just like Hank hasn't let the issue of Boris's mysterious illness go. Boris puts his cadre of lawyers on the case despite Hank's wishes because he has a vested interest in Hank keeping his medical license. Boris wants Hank to help him with his...
27 Aug. 2009
The owner of the manor at which Divya is to get married at is treated by Hank for her strange, nightly hallucinations.

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