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A whole lot of commotion
enkephalin073 November 2009
The first time I saw the title sequence cured me of all hype aversion I had for this, and I was hooked on the series. Watching and hearing the opening credits still never gets old for me.

It's hard to describe without spoilers, so I'll be brief. Unforgettable characters. Brilliant dialog. Gripping action scenes. Intelligent premises, with a little bit of the fantastic but not enough to feel inauthentic in the 30's prohibition underworld setting.

At first it's difficult to follow because of the anachronistic order and sheer loads of characters, but as you get used to the pacing and familiar with the faces, the pieces begin to fit together. The storytelling is genius, and the reveals are a lot more rewarding exposed in this way than if time were shown sequentially.

English dub: I just finished watching this, and it's a fair localization that kept to the spirit of the original, and included more appropriate accents. It's somewhat lacking in that Isaac and Miria, two of the more watchable characters, just aren't as funny, though the actors are decent they don't have the same chemistry as the original Japanese.
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One of the greatest. A true must-watch
bretboonnofan13 June 2013
I've just concluded watching this anime for the third time, and I have to say you are doing yourself a disservice by not watching it.

I was terribly shocked by its score on IMDb. 7.9? Blasphemy. There are only two logical reasons for anyone to not like this show. 1. they are appalled by blood. 2. they are not willing to think.

The plot of this show requires you to use your head and give your undivided attention. But this is a strength of the show. It will completely immerse you and is totally filler free. Three times through, and not a second of this show bores me. Three story lines are expertly weaved together with pacing that reveals everything at just the right time.

The characters are amazingly fun to watch bounce of each other. Insane people are set up, and the pay-off is amazing when they meet up.

The animation makes this even better. The show is the perfect length, so the budget is spread out to where everything is fluid and all the characters expressions are captured excellently.

The music is the exact same way, and the opening is the best I've ever seen, ever.

The voice acting is superb. Funimation's best dub to date. It captures the time excellently and every actor/actress is giving there all.

It's a show near perfection. The one flaw it has is some of the confusion there might be on first watching. But in the end everything is rapped up and is fully satisfying. Which is why I would give it a 9.7. I've seen 30 anime and this is number two, only being topped by Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I've also watched many respected youtube reviewers such as GRArkada, Gigguk, and JesuOtaku. Every single one either gave the show a perfect 10 or a strong 9. It's not just for anime fans. I showed this to my 40 year old parents (never seen anime) and they loved it. Do yourself a favor, go out and buy Baccano right now. Not afraid of blood or focus? Then you will have a hell of a time.
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Great series with plenty of fun and action set in '30s America
Tweekums5 July 2010
When I started watching this series I didn't know much about it but as it could be watched legally on Funimation's YouTube channel I thought I'd give it a go; I'm glad I did as it is one of the best anime series that I've seen. It is only sixteen episodes long but there isn't a moment wasted as it is jam packed with story and a large cast of memorable characters. When the cast it is first introduced in the opening credits it seems that it will be impossible to remember who is who but as they are such great characters it isn't so difficult. The great names also help; who could forget characters with names like Jacuzzi Splot, Czeslaw Meyer and Szilard Quates. The characters are a mix of immortals, gangsters and psychopaths living in 1930's America. Over the course of the series we learn how they became immortal, how they get to know each other and most importantly what happened aboard the 'Flying Pussyfoot' a transcontinental express bound for New York on board which most of the cast meet and many people die in unpleasant circumstances. Much of the series take place on the train but we also see frequent flash forwards of what happened before and what happens later, amazingly this does not lead to confusion.

The series was a lot of fun but also included violent scenes which would make it unsuitable for younger viewers; the actions of 'Rail Tracer' might give them nightmares, they made me cringe and its a long time since I was a child. The animation looks fantastic, the slight sepia tint giving it a period look and distinctive characters made it a joy to watch, it also had a great musical score to accompany it.

These comments are made based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles although I did see one of the episodes in English and thought the dub was pretty good.
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Different Lives, Different Destinations, Endless Stories
hellraiser720 December 2011
The people we pass by everyday all have stories, it's always the choices people make that either make the stories or even throw themselves into intentionally or unintentionally, design by fate or chance by choice, either way makes each characters story more broader because other people with stories intersect and connect. This is a principle in the mysterious art of storytelling but also life itself.

This is one of my personal favorite animes, I can't say too much about this anime since discovering things for yourself is actually one of the best things about this show. This show has so much going for it it truly will require more than one watch because it's just one of those stories where you uncover more as you revisit it making it long lasting. The animation is great the background animation is probably the most impressive to me cause it both captures decades long gone but also it's not static it's actually lively.

The story telling format is similar to films like "Pulp Fiction", "Watchman" and "Memento", which tell their stories in a non-linear format. I always loved this format in storytelling because it adds a great amount of intrigue and depth to both story and characters and makes you constantly wanting more info about their lives. There are lots of characters in this show it's confusing at first but if you stick with this show for a while you'll know who is who, how their connected and actually care about them. My favorites are Isaac and Mira whom are both eccentric airheads but their hearts are always in the right place and they do take actions that do have fruitful results.

The show is literally a puzzle another reason why it requires more than one watch. By it's nature the story is really simple it just doesn't seem that way due to it's jumbled arrangement and the fact there is so much happening and information, just when you think you have it all figured out think again because there is another twist that can throw you perception off balance. It's also beautiful mix of genres,there is alchemy, action, romance, gangster crime, noir, martial arts, slasher horror, comedy, fantasy, it's an exhausting mix but it all blends in perfectly like throwing in different fruits to make a tasty fruit punch.

As an old saying goes, "Everything happens for a reason." Rating: 4 stars
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Best Anime I have seen (and I have seen a lot.. trust me)... spoiler free review
TheNeel9 May 2014
1. First Thing first - "best editing in any anime series ever." Perfect pace.. not to slow,, a bit fast, but you wont be totally clueless Grabs your interest thought out the entire 16 episodes..

2. Good Story "represented in the most amazing way". Actual plot is not the best thing but still awesome. You have to watch the entire series to get a complete understanding and after completing you will relish it even more and might get a complete new understanding to the story. **Brilliant Inner Meaning**

3. "Great Character Depth." Every character is special, different and grabs your attention (there are a lot of characters.. a lot)

4. I love the music.. opening track is energetic ,, ending is melancholic Background music build up at the perfect scenes.

5. Animation is old school,, Brilliant

|| Now, when I say the best anime its not mind blowing story/ thriller/ mystery/ science fiction / like Death Note/ Code Geass/ Samurai Champloo/ Steins Gate/ like super popular's like OP/ Naruto... but the overall experience is unlike any other (Guaranteed) ||

**Be warned.. lot of violence Watch yourself and recommend to others**
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A lovely show!
mechachan158 March 2009
I first watched this one on the funimation website. They were having this special thing where you could watch the first episode online for free! (was in Japanese tho', which was peculiar instead of the dub:0) Aaaaanyway, this show is addictive and quite enjoyable. I could tell you about THE main character..but there are MANY main characters. The show keeps hopping along from character to character, describing certain events from different perspectives(did that make any sense??). This series is rather confusing so far, but I'm hoping it'll make more sense once I watch more of it. I've only seen the first four eps. The series is set in the 1930s in the U.S., which is pretty different for those used to watching anime where the setting is almost always Japan. There's some slang from the 1930s too, weird to get used to(plus some characters have accents). The dub is exceptional btw. Japanese is pretty good as well. Recommend either one.

So far, I give this show a 9/10. The music is great(the theme is pretty much intrumental 1930s music.), the animation is great(much like the style from Blood Plus),the voice acting is very spot-on, and the story is great. This is a great show,but should be noted it is rated M for mature, so maybe not such a great idea to let your little 5 year old watch it..they might be a little traumatized from the blood in some scenes. So far, there hasn't been that much blood tho', so don't let that stop you from watching the show:) Hope you watch! The first DVD is out now and more are on the way^^
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Excellent Watch
mayank098769 July 2013
Its a Great watch for such a short series having only 16 episodes. Has its share of suspense,action and laughter

The first two episodes were a task to watch as you didn't know whats happening with the overload of characters,the many time jumps and the confusing story.

By the time the third episode ended, i was hooked. The sheer brilliance of the story line became clear. You will fall in love with the characters who are all unique. This animation is unique in having no central character. Each have there own story to tell and all of them are intriguing.

Each episode leaves you with wanting to know what will happen next.The music is also great.

Sad it ended so soon, do want to have more of these guys
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A unique and fantastic adventure!
edgedgedge3 January 2013
there are many areas in which this anime deserves a 10/10. it has many, many characters that, although initially seem to overload you with information, will each form a connection with you by the time the 16 episodes are up. this anime spares nothing when it comes to showing bloody fights and the like. however, it is used tastefully and is not to be confused with shows that have nothing but unchoreographed fight scenes, using chopped limbs and blood only to satisfy those who get off on that type of thing. "baccano!" takes a while to grow but if you stick it out till the end you will be very glad you did, for anyone who watches the entire series will be left with a longing for more anime like this one. i give this anime a 10/10 not because i have some connection with it or die hard obsession with it. i give it that because that is the rating anyone who watches it should give it, simply because it is closer to a 10 than it is to a 9.

"Baccano!" is close to being a one of a kind masterpiece. the only reason it does not achieve that title is do to "Durarara!", another great anime by the same production company, Brain Base, which i highly recommend seeing. "baccano!" consists of 13 episodes with 3 extra episodes that were released with the DVD.
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An Anime For Almost Everyone
Better_TV3 April 2018
This show is incredible - and it's only 13 episodes. If you're like me, and you prefer anime shows with a bit more of a mainstream, perhaps even "Westernized" flavor, this is a great choice. The only irritating cutesiness comes from the slapstick duo of Isaac and Miria, a pair of dopey criminals; everything else is brilliantly scripted and slickly animated.

The ridiculously complex plot spans several time periods and involves an enormous cast of characters, all seamlessly intersecting in fascinating ways. Everyone, from the homicidal gangster Ladd Russo to the cocky mafiosi Firo Prochainezo, to the blood-caked assassin Clare Stanfield, receive their share of great scenes. The show is tender, surprising, violent, funny, and always compelling. The editing is some of the best I've seen in an anime, with the subplots bouncing off of each other through different time periods - 1930s Prohibition-era New York, to the 1700s, to the present day. No Japanese aesthetics here, outside of the obvious fact that it's a Japanese cartoon; characters and settings are all clearly influenced by European and American culture.

The action sequences are brutal and fluid, with plenty of great fights throughout. Lots of foul language in the English dub, which suits the show's style. As Anime News Network similarly pointed out, the English dub here is preferable just because of how well the voice cast pulls off all the different accents the characters have. Some characters are French, some are working-class "New Yohkahs" and still others are bourgeoise. One of the best English dubs you're likely to ever hear, I'd say.

There is a supernatural element to the show, but it's wonderfully subtle: some characters are immortals, growing back appendages and digits in wonderfully animated sequences that show every drop of blood coagulating and returning to the flesh from whence they came - almost like a slow-motion vacuum. The ways in which characters can become immortal function as one of the great wrinkles of the show, and there's even a unique way for immortals to kill each other known as "devouring"; saying anymore would be spoiling the fun. Needless to say, the desire to be immortal (or the desire to die) propels lots of the different factions in the show to clash with one another (often unintentionally).

As a feat of multi-pronged, centuries-spanning, character-heavy writing, this is undeniably an anime epic for the ages. I've never seen ANYTHING like it, and I doubt I ever will again. The only flaw is the ending, which feels a bit abrupt - like there should be more (I know the light novel series upon which the show is based did continue after the events of the show). One of my favorite anime shows ever, one that I often think about, and one that I rewatch at least once a year. Near perfection.
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A wild ride with alchemy, mafia wars, a train hijacking and serial murder.
Jimmmm21 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Baccano! tells the story of two groups of immortals, some of whom aren't aware of their immortality, while with others, it's the audience who is out of the loop. Set primarily during the events of a train hijacking gone hilariously wrong, this is where most of the large ensemble cast come together in one place for the first time. Baccano! stands out by framing its climax, the events on the Flying Pussyfoot (dont laugh) in 1931 with the seemingly unrelated events of 1930 and 1932. The fate of many characters being known to you before their importance or relation to the other characters is made clear. The show makes repeated use of the somewhat non-traditional story-telling structure to build tension between characters and the viewers, breeding an inherent distrust of certain people due to your foreknowledge of future events. This makes for a very interesting experience, while never diminishing the many mysteries the show brings to the table.

The fantasy elements of immortality or demons are never overpowering, the former makes simply for an effective macguffin which masterfully drives along the plot while the characters develop on the centuries long ride of their never-ending lives. The later, making only sparse appearances as the mechanism behind immortality. Neither being of central importance to the story or the characters. A lot of shows with such high-concept aspirations tend to fall into a pool of their own self-importance and are content to just cook up some cosmology and let wooden archetypes wade through pseudo-philosophical metaphors and convoluted plot-lines. Meaningful dialogue or interaction between characters takes an obvious backseat to pushing the auteur's "grand vision." Not so with Baccano!, not by any stretch of the imagination. Every fantastical claim is paid off in full by the end. Nothing is brought to the table without the intention of it having some meaningful place in the story later on. There is no pretentious concept driving this production, only the passion and intensity of the story and the people who populate it. This is by far as close to a perfectly structured narrative as I've ever seen.

The characters are the real meat here though, they're lively and realistic but never boring or generic. The cast here is huge, at least a dozen important characters, and you'll need to keep track of them all. A large number of anime with a cast this size tend to let a lot of characters fall into plot-cracks only to resurface when a deus ex machina needs a plot twist for a pilot, while over-developing the 3 male leads and their girlfriends. That misuse of characters should be a crime, since often they're more interesting than the generic Mary sue/Johny Joe shonen heroes that get the lions share of screen time. Here everyone has a story thats well developed, understandable, and relate-able. All of them have distinct personalities and you'll have a hard time pinning them to simple anime clichés or tropes.
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One of the Best
sarahm-2112126 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Now, I am a die-hard fan of the popular anime, such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, One Piece, etc. However, this is by far my favorite anime of all time. Consisting of only 16 episodes, that's all this shows needs. It accomplishes in such a short time what other shows often need hundreds of episodes to complete. The storyline is so intriguing and perfectly done that I can't even imagine anything being changed. You would think with such a short time, that you would have under developed characters and a flat storyline, right? WRONG! All of the characters are developed to their fullest, growing attachment to even those that are ruthless killers (*cough* Ladd Russo *cough*). The story is told out of order, but this just makes it even more interesting as the more you watch, the more pieces fall into place in the carefully interwoven plot. The musical score is amazing, the dub is fantastically casted, matching (and maybe even surpassing) the skill of the sub, it's full of everything you could ever want. Thieves, immortals, alchemists, mafia, dark humor, light humor, gore (gallons of it), and so much more. Give this show a shot. It is too underrated, and it deserves so much more attention for the amazing job that was done. No matter what you're a fan of, you can find it in this show.
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The Kind of Show that Gets Ties Every Storyline Together in a Brilliant Fashion
venom-dushyant24 December 2015
There are shows with a lot of suspense, blood and gore with no humour whatsoever, being completely serious, and have to be very long to get the story complete. This is not that show. This show has its share of suspense, blood and gore, but what it also has, is an amazing story concisely told in 16 episodes. In the beginning, I was questioning as to where this story was going, but as the story progressed, I felt like I was been taken as a spectator on a journey with these interesting characters. All I can say is that the writer has been on point with the way this story has been told, and it has been executed perfectly by the animators. This is my 2nd viewing of this show, and I am able to piece things which I missed out from my first viewing without a dull moment since the pace of this show is so interesting. Kudos!
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Miria my dear, this is Fabulous!
ThatMOVIENut19 March 2015
A multi-strand tale of mobsters and alchemy, 'Baccano' is the 16 episode story of a colourful cast of characters on the other side of the law (including hit men, gangsters, socialites, robbers and well, an alchemist or two) whose lives change over the course of three years (1931-1933) as they deal with the likes of a turf war, gangland murders, an elaborate train heist and the convergence of 'immortals' seeking the means to produce an elixir of eternal life. And that's just a quick skim! A fun and distinct period romp, 'Baccano' is told in a manner akin to 'Rashomon': jumping between different characters and times and seeing their effects on the story, and given our diverse cast, this equals a lot of possibilities. The train is the main anchoring point, and where most of the story takes place, but we cut back to prior years to help inform characters, as well as the bigger narrative of the show, which deals with immortals, alchemy and their ongoing battle. Despite all this though, the show is for the most part a drama with comedic elements (mainly in the form of cosplaying thieves Issac and Miria), and not a big whizzbang fantasy or action show. In fact, this would make a great beginner's anime, given how restrained it actually is and not using a lot of the 'eccentricities' that the form has become notorious for. If the West produced mature dramatic animated series, this is how I imagine it would look.

Animation is solid, sleek and dynamic without being hyperactive, the voice work is good despite some accents, and the 30s setting allows for some really neat recreations of the contradiction that was 30s America: really gorgeous skyscrapers and trains versus very dingy warehouses, dark speakeasys and slummy neighbourhoods. The large group of characters are also by and large rather likable and fun, even if they are slightly stock mafia archetypes, with special note going to the aforementioned Issac and Miria. They are such wonderfully charismatic and energetic goofballs yet not so much so they clash with the darker elements.

As far as complaints, I really can't offer much, except that having a big cast does mean some of them, as well as certain plot threads, are not fully tied up by the end, yet their introductions make them feel more important than they actually turn out to be. Plus, the returning immortals angle is not explored as much as you would think, with really only one episode being the focus and then a quick cap off at the end. I wish they did delve a little more into their lives and what the effects of living so long do to different people. However, the rest of the show is so engaging that it didn't become too big an issue.

In the end, 'Bacanno' was a neat little surprise. It's not 'FullMetal Godfather' as one may be lead to think at first, but it's an exciting and often lively romp through the unlikely blend of mob and magic. Not sure about anime because of all the fanservice, kawaii and ADD action? Give this a shot ya mug.
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Horribly Strange, yet decent.
mercfma26 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
How to explain this anime... I think the best way to describe this show is if you took a book and ripped out all the pages, put them in random order and then read the jumbled pages as a book lol. This show makes almost no cents until around episode 7, then it starts to pick up in stuff making cents and action wise and becomes easier to follow. If you don't watch the series from beginning to end i can almost guarantee you wont really like it, but if you watch it all the way through it basically explains everything, just all out of order. With all that being said its a decent show, the characters are all crazy in a good way and make you like them. Honestly i could take it or leave it, but having stuck with it to the end i did like it more then if i stopped half way.

Overall 3.5-4/5 I wasn't a big fan of the way they portrayed the show, in my opinion it could have been done a lot smoother but that being said it was done the way it was for a reason. But even so its just not that appealing to the watcher its kind of annoying trying to figure out what the hell is going on or who were talking about cause it changes so often. You do get use to it and once things get explained a little more in depth it gets more enjoyable.
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A unique storytelling set in different times but comes together as one story
potter-metal13 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was one the best series I have seen, not just in anime but altogether. SUCH interesting characters,and the main characters Isaac and Miria are a bunch of lovable idiots. I almost fell laughing,they were hilarious. The animation is great,go watch it. The voice acting is just awesome,not just random dubbing,its great. So,it starts of in 1700s as a group of alchemists are granted an elixir of immortality by the frigging Devil himself. The now immortal group unanimously decides to keep this a secret and destroy the elixir; but one of them ,Slizard Quates opposes. Many years later again till 1930 the story is continued in Manhattan, and the chaos begins. The story is told in intervals of different time periods. Just watch till the last episode. There is a lot of blood,gore and violence. Its has elements of dark satirical comedy. A unique and great watch!
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This is One Of The Best Anime Ever! But to understand why this is one of the best anime, for that you will have to watch all 16 episodes!
mubashirshafiq16 June 2019
What I Liked Amazing Storytelling Good Pacing And Good Animation Amazing Characters And Amazing English Dub And Amazing Opening Theme And Background Music! There is a lot of comedy. What I Didnt Like This Anime Gets A Bit Boring After The 13th episode but its still ok.

Warning:- There is a lot of violence in this anime so, recommended for ages 16 and up.
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I HATE this show.
Gumbiman31519 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Where's the trashman to eat up this garbage!? This anime is clearly only for people who like crap like Pulp Fiction. Stuff that has no purpose for existing, has no substance and only serves to waste your time. Anyone with a BASIC understanding of good storytelling can tell why this is bad. But while the animation and music for it is perfectly fine, nothing else works. From the start of the show you're just left confused and annoyed. Confused about the story, what's actually going on and about why the hell the story's time line is all jumbled up(there IS no reason). Annoyed at the character's stupidity that has no charm to it, at it's inability to tell a coherent story and plot and at the voice acting. I made the mistake of watching this dubbed under pretense that it was the correct way to watch it because of the setting. But since I hate the old timey-New York/American accent, the dub simply added to the torture. Looking back on it now, I probably should've switched to the sub. Oops. Biggest reasons for this anime not working at all is this:There is no reason to care about these characters or about what happens to them because the vast majority of them are all immortal. How am I supposed to care about these people and what's happening to them if nothing bad can happen to them and there's no consequences? They can't die. The immortal characters are LITERALLY indestructible. Save for the plot point of this old dude (they're all old but whatever) who starts "Devouring" immortals. Which is just a lazy way of trying to remedy the lack of tension coming from the plot point of immortality that YOU (the writer) CREATED! This problem is not hard to understand at all, this is called using your brain. I didn't care about any of the characters or the events of the story. Literally nothing interested me. It. was. BORING! The one thing I like though was one character who was mute, and I enjoyed watching how she interacted with other people. It's something that belongs in a much better anime. Another thing that bothered me is it's unbelievably poor control of tone. There so many unpleasant scenes in this that even I had trouble watching them. There's a scene where one character beats up another dude repeatedly while spouting asinine lines. And it JUST. KEEPS. GOING. The whole time I was saying " I get it, he's insane, I get it, I get it." And it's not a "good" insane either like the Joker. It's just unpleasant. Unpleasant scenes with unpleasant violence. I don't get it, is this anime supposed to be fun? Finally is the ending, or lack thereof. The fact that this has the balls to talk down to me and have an ending discussion on what makes good stories is insulting. Especially when the writer CAN'T MAKE ONE HIMSELF. It's pretentious, pseudo and it's crap, and all the rating out there for this anime are full of it too.
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I don't recommend this anime
rogofer16 April 2017
I don't recommend this anime. I saw 8 episodes and stopped watching it. I found the story and the characters dull and not at all engaging. It has nothing to do with the complexity of the plot, the number of characters or the twisted way of telling the story. It's just I had no fun watching the show and I had to keep forcing myself to watch one episode after another.
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Decent show but should have been better
Harikrushnan13 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers

1. Interesting story told in out-of-order sequences with a mix of different characters. Isaac and Miria were hilarious.

2. The opening theme "Gun's & Roses".


1. The anime lost intensity towards the end.


1. Episode 13 - Both the Immortals and Those Who Aren't Sing the Praises of Life Equally

2. Episode 08 - Isaac and Miria Unintentionally Spread Happiness Around Them

3. Episode 06 - The Rail Tracer Covertly, Repeatedly Slaughters Inside the Coaches

4. Episode 07 - Everything Starts Aboard the Advenna Avis

5. Episode 14 - Graham Specter's Love and Peace


A good anime that could have been better.

7/10 - Good
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Disappointed that it didn't turn out great for me as I thought...
Irishchatter16 July 2018
Despite having the best English dub voice actors, it's setting era and its likeable characters, it just didn't click with me as being the best anime to watch. I mean I have watched just 3 episodes but I just didn't get into the mood of wanting to watch it more...

Sorry to fans of the anime but its just not one of my best anime lists.....
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anshuagrawal-2372212 November 2017
The variety of characters and the time jumps seemed like a good idea for storytelling at the beginning but after a point it got a little annoying.

The conversation at the beginning and the end of series is definitely an interesting way to communicate the authors intentions and address the fourth wall.

They didn't focus even a little bit on the loneliness side of immortality which could have been explored. They kept plenty of leads open for a sequel but I guess there isn't supposed to be one.
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