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Bert Rodriguez's blog
jotix10018 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
An amateur blogger, Bert Rodriguez, introduces us to famous porn star Elektra Luxx, now retired from the sensational days of her stardom. Her films are described in vivid details from the comforts of Rodriguez's living room where he is recording his piece about the luminous star while one hears in the background his mother's voice asking him to take out the trash.

Elektra, who finds herself pregnant from a boyfriend who died on the lavatory of a jetliner, has reinvented herself into a teacher for repressed women who has no clue as how to behave in bed. The singer has left a lot of songs which even Elektra did not know about. Elektra is surprised by one of her students, that turns out to be a professional writer who wants to write her memoirs, a sort of guide into the pleasures of sex.

There are about three narratives running into the plot, all of which come together toward the end. This is not a film for everyone. Sebastian Gutierrez expanded his previous "Women in Trouble" with an emphasis on the character of Elektra. The comedy is witty as it tackles its subject with an eye toward fun. Mr. Gutierrez even includes a scene where the Virgin Mary has a tete-a-tete with Elektra while she is having a bath!

Carla Gugino makes the most of her character; she really is an optimist in a field where one could not think it possible. The excellent Joseph Gordon-Levitt is perhaps the director's alter ego, Bert Rodriguez, a young man in awe of the pleasures he has received from watching all of Ms. Luxx's films. Most of the cast has worked with the director before. Among the supporting casts there are good performances by Marley Shelton, Emmanuelle Chiriki, Adrienne Palicki, Timothy Olyphant, Kathleen Quinlan, Malin Ackerman, and a great cameo by Julianne Moore as the Virgin Mary.

Mr. Gutierrez keeps things moving at a quick pace, which benefits the enjoyment of the film. The creator of "Elektra Luxx" shows an irreverent streak for the material he wrote and directed.
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"Elektra Luxx" is a fun and enjoyable film with great performances all around.
MovieManMenzel12 April 2010
On March 14th in Austin, TX, I headed into the World Premiere of "Elektra Luxx" at the Paramount Theater and boy was I in for a treat. I was so pumped just being at SXSW but sitting a few seats away from me were Malin Akerman, Carla Gugino, Emma Bell, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and director/writer Sebastian Gutierrez. About an hour into the film, the worst thing that could ever happen to a director happened...the movie screen went blank during the world premiere. Within a few minutes, Sebastian Gutierrez appeared on stage doing a one man show entertaining the audience to the highest level possible. After about 20 mins, the cast came on stage to help fill the time. This is when my brilliant ass decided to ask the most awkward question to ask a filmmaker period, let alone during a chaotic screening. I began to ask "how do you make a sequel to a film that no one saw the original of?" After that sentence came out of my mouth, I actually felt really bad for asking it because I didn't realize how harsh it sounded but luckily for me Sebastian Gutierrez decided to answer it honestly and poke fun at me a bit in the process. The guy is awesome. I have met a ton of directors and celebrities and he ranks up there as the coolest guy I met in showbiz. He just seemed like the kind of guy who really valued his fans and I truly admire the man now. But as the 45 minute mark drew near, Janet Pierson let everyone know we would not be able to see the ending of "Elektra Luxx" tonight as the projector could not be fixed.

About two weeks ago, I was browsing online and came across the Gen Art Film Festival and to my surprise "Elektra Luxx" was playing at the festival. I knew I had to get tickets and surely enough just a few days later I did. So finally on Friday April 9, 2010...I entered the theater took my seat right across from Mr. Gutierrez again and shortly the film began...

"Elektra Luxx" is the sequel to the film, "Women in Trouble." For the most part, this film focuses around the life of "Elektra Luxx (played by the beautiful and very talented Carla Gugino) and her retirement from the porn industry. In the film, Elektra is trying to just live a normal life by teaching a class called "How to have sex like a porn star." Shortly into the film, her past comes back to haunt her as she gets a surprise visit from Cora (Marley Shelton) who has some information about her husband. The film only continues to get more interesting as it goes along.. A lot of laughs and some dramedy filled moments ensue...

"Elektra Luxx" has a cast of some of the most beautiful women in showbiz and surprisingly all of them are great actresses as well. Carla Gugino's lead role as Elektra is not only fun but a very good performance. Her character isn't as simple as you may think and Gugino plays the role with such passion that you just enjoy every moment she is on screen. Marley Shelton plays Cora and is very good even though she has very limited screen time. Emmanuelle Chriqui is always pleasure to watch as Bambi. Her role of playing the all business & no fun girl perfectly offsets her partner in crime Holly Rocket played by Adrianne Palicki. Holly Rocket is is my favorite character in the film as well as the funniest. She seems dumb on the surface but if you actually pay attention to her character, she really isn't and that's what I love about it. Joseph Gordon Levitt is great in the film as Burt Rodriguez. Levitt steals the show every moment he is on screen. Malin Akerman's character Trixie isn't in the film all that much but for what little screen time she has, her character looks like it's going to show some promise in the next film. Overall, everyone does an amazing job even the host of people I haven't listed but these are the main ones.

Sebastian Gutierrez pulled a "Woody Allen" so to speak and directed, wrote, and produced the film. He is truly great at doing all of those things. I guess having done a lot of writing for "Mainstream Hollywood" it is nice to see him create something more independent. After having seen two different Q&A sessions with Sebastian, I would have to say that he is one of my most driven and passionate directors in the biz. He loves film and he loves his cast and it truly shows. One thing I have to mention is that everyone in the cast pointed out was that Sebastian treats everyone like family and that shows. These films "Women in Trouble" and "Elektra Luxx," are his babies and while some may not appreciate them for what they are, I really enjoy the films thus far and can't wait to see the final chapter "Women in Ecstasy" next year. Great Job Sebastian! I applaud you and support your work. I would love to be in or work on one of your films one day.

Bottom Line: "Elektra Luxx" isn't for everyone and with that being said you have to have a good appreciation for fun independent films in order to appreciate the film. Horny guys seeing this film hoping to see a lot of sex will surely be disappointed. This movie is very much a character driven film that tells a lot of interesting stories. There are a lot of laughs to be had but also quite a few heartfelt moments thrown in as well. "Elektra Luxx" is a movie that is definitely geared towards a mature and smart audience. It has a beautiful and talented cast and I highly recommend it.

MovieManMenzel's final rating for "Elektra Luxx" is a 9/10.
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Weird, Wonderful, Sexy Elektra
rocketship-212 February 2011
This movie, several steps up from "Women In Trouble" in terms of consistency, further evolves the weird, wonderful and sexy world of the title character. Carla Gugino is so winning as this confused but sometimes wise former lady of porn that it makes you wonder what movies would be like if she got more leading parts. Returning from the first one are the awesome duo of Adrienne Palicki and Emmanuelle Chriqui, who are maybe the most moving part of the story. Joseph Gordon Levitt is hilarious in it too and Malin Akerman, who I wasn't all that keen on from "Watchmen", actually proves she's a very good actress. Sex-positive and lesbian-positive without being preachy or sappy, this is a smart, weird comedy with a ton of personality and GREAT DIALOGUE.
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Almodovar in America
brenttraft24 June 2011
I would bet that Sebastian Gutierrez, the writer and director of "Elektra Luxx" is a big fan of the acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. "Elektra Luxx" is kind of like an American version of a Almodvar film. It is full of funny, quirky and sexy characters.

I don't typically like most mainstream comedies but I really liked this film so that might say more about me than it does about this film. I was laughing out loud throughout the whole thing. The humor doesn't seemed forced like mainstream comedy. It is the characters that make it funny.

There is not much of a plot but I enjoyed the time I spent with these characters. My only complaint is that I had to watch it on DVD because the BlueRay is not available yet. Hopefully it comes out soon.

Make sure to watch to the ends of the credits. There is a trailer for the final Elekta Luxx film at the end that you will not want to miss.

"Elektra Luxx" is not a movie for everyone. In fact, it is not a movie for most people. If you like eclectic, quirky, sexy films, you should give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.
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Best TV Season Ever
luckysoul-15 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was fortunate enough to see this movie at a special screening last night and had no idea what to expect. The poster and tagline made it seem like a raunchy romantic comedy aimed at women or young men. What I saw instead was one of the smartest, most heartfelt and profound comedies I've seen in years.

But it's not for everyone.

ELEKTRA LUXX is striking first and foremost for its jigsaw-like structure. This is a movie that doesn't beg you to like it, it simply starts telling its multi-character tale and lets you decide whether to come along for the ride or not. Its filled with so many witty details and so much great dialogue and genuinely touching moments, that it feels more like a strange condensations of an entire season of your favorite television show expertly cut under 2 hours. The central question in the movie is delivered by Julianne Moore (excellent as the Virgin Mary, the only entity that listens to our protagonist, as everyone else simply asks things of her, and it is: What is you heart worth? This question resonates with all the characters in the story, who initially seem like stereotypes (the dumb blonde, the blogger in his basement, etc) until we see that each one is really an innocent (another important line, this time from Mr. Gordon Levitt: "He's an innocent. the world already has enough grownups) looking for a romantic connection in person in a world of internet fetishism and voyeurism and isolation.

At the heart of the tangled (but easy to unravel) jigsaw puzzle is Carla Gugino as the title character. Let it be said that few movies I've seen allow a performer to show a more dazzling display of acting abilities and Miss Gugino tackles every hurdle in her way with the grace of the greatest (singing and dancing? No problem. Playing twins in the same scene, one with a lisp? No problem? Being funny? No problem? Being heartbreakingly sad? Done.) That she is also the sexiest great actress working helps, even if the blond wig is a little distracting at times. Even here, however, the little movie (the budget is clearly non-existent) triumphs. The wigs, props, flashback devices and artifice surrounding the real themes of the movie: gender politics, identity, self-discovery, only seem to bring these into sharper focus. At one point one woman tells another one that she is in love with her and the other woman responds that they are not even gay and woman #1 explains that it has nothing to do with gay or straight, that it's simply love and so everything will figure itself out. That the moment does not feel like soapbox preaching is a testament to the writing (exceptionally smart) and the entire movie thrives on this kind of optimism. Optimism for a less cynical world in which "fallen" women can get advice from the Virgin Mary, find redemption and re-invent themselves as "a person of substance". See it and tell all your open minded friends to check it out.
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A very moving and somewhat funny movie about a porn star trying to change her life. Not what I expected its better. I say B+
cosmo_tiger17 June 2011
"What kind of person are you?" Retiring pregnant porn star Elektra Luxx (Gugino) fills her days by teaching a sexology class. After being approached by a stranger with a tie to her dead ex-boyfriend her day starts to get weird. If you have seen the previews to this then you think you know what the movie is about. You would be wrong. From what I saw I expected a very funny comedy. While this movie does have it's funny moments, at its core it actually a very moving story. A woman who is trying to figure out where her life is is the one everyone seems to go to for advice, help or anything she can provide. Being that the movie is about a porn star there are a few pretty raunchy scenes and dialog, but no where near what you would have expected. There is a shot a a male and female butt and that is the extent of the nudity. The acting and characters are very entertaining that it makes you want to watch and see everyone get what they want. This is not at all what I expected, it was better. Overall a very touching, and somewhat funny story about finding out and being comfortable with who you are. I give it a B+.

Would I watch it again? - I think I actually would.

*Also try - Finding Bliss
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fung020 February 2012
I saw Women in Trouble with no expectations and was blown away. I saw Elektra Luxx with high expectations and was not disappointed. There's simply no way to describe either film, except to say they're both funny, touching, thought-provoking, surprising, and, of course, extremely sexy.

I particularly love Gutierrez' knack for creating conversations that never go where you'd expect, with participants talking at cross purposes, or simply flying off on wild tangents. (What do you get for $10? A yogurt... and a pony!) But it's always done without compromising the characters; always organic, never contrived.

I also got a huge charge out of the opening credits, which do the 1960s pop-art thing better than 9 out of 10 recent James Bond films. And I'm totally enraptured by Gutierrez' use of Robyn Hitchcock for music. Women in Trouble made me a lifelong Hitchcock fan, and it's great to hear Elektra Luxx again making use of his talents.

The story in this newer film is perhaps a little less focused than in the first one, but it's not a big deal. When every moment of the journey is a delight, who cares where you end up?
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A Complete Mess
claudio_carvalho4 July 2013
The famous porn star Elektra Luxx (Carla Gugino) has retired from the adult film industry since she is pregnant and now she survives giving sex class to married women. One day, the flight attendant Cora (Marley Shelton) meets Elektra after class and tells that she killed the rock star Nick Chapel, who is the father of her unborn child, and stolen lyrics that he had written about Elektra. Cora offers the lyrics to Elektra provided she seduces her fiancé to compensate the one night stand she had with another man. Elektra is reluctant to accept but she agrees in the end and everything goes wrong.

Elektra also meets her former colleague Holly Rocket (Adrianne Palicki), who has been expelled from the film industry, and she tells that she is traveling to Mexico with her girlfriend Bambi Lindberg (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Holly has serious difficulties in communication but along their journey she discloses a secret to Bambi that will affect their lives.

Meanwhile the blogger Bert Rodriguez (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a great fan of Elektra Luxx and he posts articles about the adult industry. He has a crush on the attendant Trixie (Malin Akerman) has difficulties to tell his feelings for her.

"Elektra Luxx" is a complete mess, with a story that is unfunny for a comedy; too silly for a drama or romance; and too well-behaved for a erotic or soft porn movie. The good cast is wasted in a weird and numb plot and surprisingly there are reviews promoting this terrible flick. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Um Caso Complicado" ("A Complicated Case")
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Not as good as it could be
Gordon-1122 May 2011
This film is about the life of a porn star who quits the entertainment industry because she got pregnant.

"Elektra Luxx" is not really a comedy, but a quirky semi-serious drama. There are three vaguely connected subplots, one about the life of Elektra Luxx, another about a blogger and the third about two female friends of Elektra. While the main subplot of Elektra's life is interesting, the latter two subplots seem to add little to the main story. They seem disconnected and seem to function as fillers. Or, they are just reasons to put some soft porn in.

I find "Elektra Luxx" not so engaging or captivating as it potentially could be. What surprises me the most is the number of big names in the film, such as Joseph Gordon Levitt, Malin Akerman and even a long cameo by Julianne Moore.
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story disintegrates
SnoopyStyle11 January 2016
Bert Rodriguez (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a fast-talking self-styled porn commentator reporting on 90s porn star Elektra Luxx (Carla Gugino) from his mother's basement. She is famous for a porn with herself as twins but she actually has a twin in prison for real. She is pregnant and out of the business. She's teaching sex class in the community center. Cora (Marley Shelton) admits killing her baby daddy Nick while having sex with him. Cora gives her songs written by Nick about her. In return, Cora wants her to seduce her fiancée Ben (Justin Kirk) to even the score. She tries to accommodate but he wrongly mistakes robber Dellwood Butterworth (Timothy Olyphant) for him. Holly Rocket (Adrianne Palicki) is a former porn partner who is in love with her best friend Bambi Lindberg (Emmanuelle Chriqui).

This is the sequel to 'Women in Trouble'. It tries to be campy with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It tries to be an irreverent take on porn. I'm willing to go with this weirdness for another Sebastian Gutierrez episode. However it becomes rambling messy story. It has no flow. Its quirkiness is not actually funny. The first movie has a certain charm which this one seems to struggle to maintain. I still like Adrianne Palicki and Emmanuelle Chriqui together. Carla Gugino starts out fine but goes downhill. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is too broad and I grow to hate his part of the movie.
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Incredibly Sweet!
threecrows9 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Wow. What a sweet movie. This is a really original comedy that takes a look at the kinds of people (a porn star, a sex blogger, a call girl) that other movies might look down upon or simply make fun of and instead it crafts a very surprising manifesto for becoming better people. More like episodes than a proper narrative, the movie centers on Carla Gugino (Karen Sisco herself) as she tries to make a living in the straight world after leaving her porn past behind. It should be noted that there is nothing pornographic in the movie, nor is it a satire on the porn industry itself, it's more... well, it's hard to explain. It's more a character study of a confident but confused beautiful woman that you root for despite her job. Joseph Gordon Levitt is very funny as the blogger obsessed with her and Emmanuelle Chriqui is luminous as the all business call girl who finds out her best friend (Wonder Woman herself) wants to be more than friends. This is one of those movies that grow by word of mouth and it is a very pleasant surprise. Great, GREAT funny lines in it. Can't wait to see the third one.
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A Gonzo Comedy Sequel With a Heart. . .and Boobies.
madbandit2000200028 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Being a fan of "Women In Trouble", the first chapter of the "Women" trilogy by filmmaker Sebastian Guitterez ("Rise: Blood Hunter", co-wrote "Snakes On A Plane"), I looked forward to see the follow-up, "Elektra Luxx". Why? It's just nice to see an indie sequel, and I survived the "Transformers" saga.

The story reintroduces the title character from "WIT", played by the lovely Carla Gugino ("Watchmen", "Frank Miller's Sin City", "Sucker Punch" and Mr. Guitterez's old lady). Retired from the adult film industry to her being knocked up by a now-late rock star, Elektra makes a living as (what else) a seduction teacher for the ladies at a community center.

Things seem easygoing, until shaky flight stewardess Cora (Marley Shelton, another "WIT" alum, "Grindhouse"), the reason of said rock star's passing (they had Mile High sex), appears with a forgiveness plea, a plethora of songs about the ex-skin flick starlet, penned by the rock star, and a proposition to seduce her fiancée. However, hunky shamus Dell (Emmy-nominee Timothy Olyphant of "Deadwood" and "Justified"), hunting for the songs, gets mistaken for the real fiancée (Justin Kirk of "Animal Practice"), putting Elektra in a self-reflective funk.

There are two sidebar plots here. Elektra's old porn compeer, dim-bulb Holly Rocket (Adrianne Palicki of "Friday Night Lights: The Series") deals with her growing sexual feelings for her gal pal, harlot Bambi Lindberg (spunky Emmanuelle Chriqui of "Entourage" and "Thundercats 2.0"). Sex blogger/fanboy Bert Rodriguez (a daffy Joseph Gordon-Levitt of "Inception") bemoans over the retirement of his favorite skin film thespian (is there such a thing?) while clueless of the feelings towards him from drug store clerk Trixie (sunny Malin Akerman of "Watchmen" and "Wanderlust"). Isn't love grand?

Like "WIT", "Luxx" is a Skinamax film meets a Lifetime film meets a Kevin Smith film. It's doesn't have the right to good with its sexual frankness (never be trapped in an elevator with a naked guy, ladies!) and minuscule production values, but it does, due to Mr. Guitterez's gonzo, breezy and inventive script and direction and the actors he has.

Echoing Rita Hayworth without Production Code rules, Ms. Gugino's so inventive here (she even plays an incarcerated twin sister with a lisp), it's bizarre she's not an A-list thespian. Ms. Palicki twists the dumb beauty stereotype to hilarious and thoughtful heights to combat Ms. Chriqui's to the letter practicality. It's weird and funny, as Rodriguez, who still lives his mom, that Mr. Levitt would elevate an exploitative medium to an art form while Mr. Olyphant, like in "Catch & Release", is a stud with a soul. Ms. Akerman will probably get more room to breathe in the upcoming third chapter "Women In Ecstasy". Who knew drug store clerks can be so damn cute?

Other cast members add to the proceedings: Kathleen Quinlain ("Breakdown", "Apollo 13") is a Jackie Collins-like scribe; Isabella Guitterez (the filmmaker's niece) reprises her old soul kid role from "WIT"; Amy Rosoff is Bert's spitfire sister who wants to be an Internet pin-up girl; Vincent Kartheiser is the naked schmuck in the elevator (!) and Oscar nominee Julianne Moore ("The Big Lebowski") has an uncredited part as the Virgin Mary (!).

If you get the DVD, you'll notice Eric Stoltz ("Pulp Fiction", "Modern Love") gets a "Back to the Future" treatment in the deleted scenes section as he plays the hubby of one of Elektra's students. The faux trailer of Elektra's last film (Sergio Leone meets Russ Meyer) is a hoot as it follows the end credits scroll.

It's not Oscar material, but "Luxx" has enough heart to be better than an average sexploitation romp.
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When A Pornstar Retires
Chrysanthepop10 July 2011
Sebastian Gutierrez's dialogue oriented 'Elektra Luxx' is somewhat better than his next film 'Girl Walks Into A Bar', at least in terms of writing, especially where dialogue is concerned. It's wittier, fresher and funnier and fits well with the situations. 'Elektra Luxx' also has a film-noire style feel to it. The story of the title character juxtaposes with two others: one about Luxx's 'diehard' and desperate fanboy blogger Bert who's trying to move on with life post Luxx's film career (she quit) and another involving Luxx's former costar Holly. I thought the latter story, though well acted in by Adrianne Palicki and Emannuelle Chriqui, barely contributed to the film and perhaps it should have been left out as it only slows down the pace. The overall pacing is also uneven. At times the lighting feels excessive. The score is well utilized and pleasant to the ears. Carla Gugino is terrific in the title role and she is well-supported by Adrianne Palicki, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kathleen Quinlan and Marley Shelton. There's also an interesting cameo by one of the finest actresses.

To sum it up, 'Elektra Luxx' is refreshing. It has a novel premise and Gutierrez steers away from clichés. Some good editing was required to tighten it up a little.
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Not a comedy, not a drama, not a good movie
slake0919 April 2011
Elektra Luxx tells the story of a porn star's personal life, but fails as both a comedy and a drama. You can see the potential for laughs or serious drama, but the movie never gets there. There isn't much in the way of nudity, so the potential for exploitation is also missed.

The jokes fall flat, and the characters aren't particularly likable. The plot itself is fragmented, jumping all over the place without much exposition. The first few reviews here are glowingly positive, which makes me think the reviewers are somehow connected to the film. Don't be fooled by the name actors in the cast: this movie is a turkey.

If you're in the market for a drama about a porn star's personal life, you would be better served checking out The Girlfriend Experience.

The acting in Elektra Luxx was OK, nothing great, but not particularly bad either. It's mostly the script and direction that are lacking. The jokes probably sounded a lot better on paper than they do when the actors speak them; the plot probably looked better on the storyboard than it does on film.

You won't laugh, you won't be thrilled, you won't marvel at the drama. You will just wish you had watched something else.
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Elektra Luxx — Very light entertainment, but still appreciable
AvidClimber27 April 2013
Elektra Luxx is about sex and hot women, and set just after Women in Trouble (WIT), but not as interesting.

The good. An interesting, if not captivating, story. Beautiful women. Lots of things happening. Some laughs, a bit of drama, and sexiness.

The actors. Carla Gugino gives us a good performance as Elektra. I wonder if it's the limit of her acting capabilities. Adrianne Palicki is hilarious as the challenged beauty, while Emmanuelle Chriqui completes her admirably. And finally, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is just right as the obsessed blogger.

The bad. Using an actor for two different role. Not as good as WIT, and still portraying a career in the sex industry as something base.

The ugly. That bath scene with the virgin Mary. Badly shot and edited, with horrible sound take, and it doesn't even bring that much to the story.

The result. Nice entertainment, especially if you want to find out what happens after WIT. More geared toward men, even if it still empowers women.
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Incredibly Quick Dialog And Wonderful Dialog Gives This Sequel A Real Kick
mbs16 March 2011
Amazingly Strong Semi Sequel to 2009's Women In Trouble,improving on that one with its dialog alone. Elektra Luxx starts out strong right out of the gate plunging first into a wonderfully noirish plot providing so much fantastic dialog that it becomes a pleasure to listen to. The dialog IS the reason to seek this one out however you can because it is that good. There are so many fantastic one liners, and conversational two handers throughout. There are exchanges of dialog flying at you in all directions throughout that you end up just trying to absorb everything that was just said just so you can process it all-- reminding me a bit of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" in that sense. This dialog not only provides the movie its spark--it made me want to hang around the theater for the 40 odd minutes after the end credits finished rolling to catch the next showing. I can only think of a handful of films that I've seen in theaters that have made me want to do that but i just had to hear this movie again pronto. Movie has three largely separate plot lines, but the characters do all know each other as they were all featured in the director's previous film "Women In Trouble." The main plot line involves now pregnant ex porn star Elektra Luxx--played by the dependably wry and endearing Carla Gugino-- who finds herself thrown into a plot line involving unpublished songs written about her by her dead lover from "Women In Trouble" as the young woman who was with him (when he died--and blames herself by the way) promises to give her those very songs which Luxx would like mostly for sentimental reasons in exchange for the tiny little favor in which Luxx seduces her fiancée. Lets just leave it at that because i can't really say what happens next but i will say that the film's not really plot driven as much as it is character driven, which would normally be a turn-off but when the characters are spouting as terrific dialog as they are here, there's a lot of pleasure to be had just from sitting back and listening to them talk their talk.

Elektra's plot line ends up alternating screen time with two other plot lines--one involving Joseph Gordon Levitt as Luxx's ultimate fan boy blogger trying to get a hold on his own life post Luxx's career, and one involving Electra's ex-porn star colleague also trying to get a hold on her own love life post Luxx's career. I should put in a strong word for former Friday Night Lights' actress Adrianne Palicki here who really holds the screen with star power as the big-hearted and adorably dim ex porn star herself. Palicki not only holds her own in her plot line but she delivers the lines with such perfect delivery and spot on timing that i do believe she could be not just a big movie star but a really first rate comedic actress as well. (we really need more of those right now too, way more then romantic leads or dramatic actresses.) Gordon Levitt doesn't fare quite as well here--he's fine but his character doesn't really have as much to do plot-wise--and honestly isn't as fully developed as the other two female characters are. (is he just an obsessive pervert stuck in his life or is he this dignified romantic? the two traits don't really gel.) The two other plot lines never exactly intersect with Elektra's (altho they do both know Elektra) but they are all thematically related. They're all trying to cope with and are scared of the changes in their lives to put it broadly. The film is really at heart more of an old fashioned melodrama then anything else--the end credits list a special thank you to Pedro Almodovar and that's exactly who's influence can be felt in just about every single thing i can think of here. (the wistfulness of its characters, its comedic dialog, its intimate heart to heart scenes, its candy color decor, the film's use of music, or even in the film's cracker jack pacing.) Almodovar is such a singular combination that no one's ever really tried to copy him before because it would be just too difficult to balance without really careful handling but writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez does such a terrific job balancing everything here that i sincerely look forward to seeing him spin other tales involving other sets of quirky yet sentimental and wise characters in the future. Say something not set in the porn world for example. If Gutierrez keeps up this level of production--he will hopefully be able to sustain a long term career doing these kinds of movies. Hell at the very least he should be able to provide regular work for muse Carla Gugino who in addition to delivering a knockout performance here will make you care for whether or not she'll emerge from her situation OK. She very very much deserves more big screen exposure other than the 3 movies Mr. Gutierrez together now counting women in trouble, and 1999's Judas Kiss-(itself a neat and twisty neo noir) has ably provided for her.

Do yourself a favor--if you like movies with fast dialog that you love to listen to check this one out--even if you're put off by the subject matter of an ex porn star restarting her life--you will find some terrific crackerjack dialog here. I can't imagine this one not having a very healthy shelf life on cable and DVD.I also have the high hope that after the third one comes out a CD of Robyn Hitchcock's music from all 3 of the films will be made available because the three songs from him that get played are all very catchy. There's Some Great Work Here--Well Worth Checking Out.
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The "women in trouble" return.
lewiskendell11 July 2011
Elektra Luxx is the slightly improved sequel to Women in Trouble. If you enjoyed that movie at all, then this one will also probably be worth your time. 

A lot of the failed attempts at humor where left out this time around, and the story focus also lies more heavily on the characters of Elektra (Carla Gugino), Holly Rocket (Adrianne Palicki), Bambi (Emmanuelle Chriqui), and Bert (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). The story lines of those characters in the first movie are continued right where they left off, and they're also joined by a few new faces like Timothy Olyphant, Malin Akerman and Lucy Punch. 

Elektra Luxx is also a much tamer movie than Women in Trouble, despite the fact that most of its characters are still porn stars. Besides a few curse words, this could have been a PG-13 film. 

As I said before, check this out if you're interested in the continued lives of the characters from Women in Trouble (the doors are left wide open at the end of this movie for a third entry in the series). Otherwise, there's not a whole lot of reasons to go out of your way to see this. 
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Not the best vehicle for this couple
TdSmth524 April 2016
Gugino is lovely (not so lovely with a blonde wig) and can act. Gutierrez is a bright guy and can write smart, insightful, and occasionally funny lines. But in this "story" of a former major porn star who's pregnant and giving "how to have sex" courses their talents are wasted. There isn't really much of a story just pieces as an excuse for Gutierrez's musings. Gugino is placed in a couple of unlikely scenarios. A ridiculous and ridiculously articulate porn industry vlogger obsesses about Elektra and is nervous to meet her. Two friends travel to Mexico and meets some guys but one of them has a secret. What does all of this have to do with anything? It doesn't. What's the point? There isn't one.

A shame that big budget movies won't even try to offer something intelligent. And when intelligent folks want to say something it has to be in the context of a movie like Elektra Luxx.
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Hilarious send up of movie making
fredroyer2 May 2019
2 big thumbs up yours from me to the filmmakers for this one.

It's a hilarious send up of Hollywood, celebrity culture, porno, and at the time this movie was made (2010) the burgeoning world of online web cam commenters.

I didn't even know Carla could be this funny. I'm now the president of her fan club.
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Like a Skinimax flick without the payoff
iumma24 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I had the unfortunate displeasure of viewing this movie tonight, and my shock and awe at how bad it is cannot really be put into words. I got pulled in by the cover, shame on me. Gugino is a feast for the eyes for sure, and seeing Chriqui make out with another chick was a nice surprise, but those two niceities cant save this deplorable piece of trash. As with an earlier reviewer, I rarely give a movie one star, as I can usually find SOMETHING redeeming about the experience: that was not the case here. It gives off the stink of one of those late night soft-core skin flicks, but without the skin! What the hell was Gordon-Levitt thinking reprising this role? He is lucky he didn't screw up his chances landing the role in Inception. I wasn't even aware this was a sequel until I read some of the other reviews. Anyway, there is nothing else to say, this is pure garbage. I should receive some type of reward for making it all the way through...
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Better than expected, but still mediocre...
grantss17 September 2015
Better than expected, and disappointing, at the same time. Initially better than expected, as I was expecting a lame send-up of the adult film industry, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt's opening scene is hilariously funny. Next few scenes were in the same vein, so I got my hopes up, thinking this could be a great comedy.

Unfortunately, it runs out of steam pretty quickly, and takes itself too seriously. At some point it becomes a drama, and the plot unravels and becomes pointless.

Ultimately the only positives are the scenes involving Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as they continue to be funny throughout the movie, while the remaining threads spiral into random nonsense.

Performances are pretty good, despite the weak material. As mentioned, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is great, and Carlo Gugino, as Elektra Luxx, is solid. Supporting cast, which includes Malin Akerman, Timothy Olyphant, Kathleen Quinlan and Julianne Moore is OK.

Could have been better, but also could have been a lot worse.
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Successful mix of comedy and drama
vitachiel9 September 2014
The big charm of Elektra Luxx - as of its equally good predecessor Women In Trouble - lies in the matter-of-factness in the way the story lines are presented. Charlotte, one of the main characters in Women in Trouble, only appears for one scene here. Her mother, another prominent figure in WIT, is mentioned in this film, but doesn't appear at all. Just because she doesn't need to be. Virgin Mary, paying a visit to Elektra in her bathroom, is just a good, trustworthy friend, an understanding and caring human. No need to emphasize her holiness.

There are flaws. The comical conversation skills of Adrianne Palicki are carried on a bit too much and evolve into a long-winded running gag. Also, living the life of a porn star is idealized too much; there's not much place for a critical or pitiful look at the adult industry. If this had been the case however, we wouldn't have had enjoyed the film so much. And it's refreshing to see these actors as normal persons, as intelligent individuals with real emotions and character.

All in all, Elektra Luxx is a successful mix of comedy and drama with good acting, good dialogs and an attractive visual style. It's not a masterpiece, but it's a good and entertaining movie.
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Better than I expected - and pleasantly weird
BeneCumb7 February 2013
The topic of porn industry and their performers usually bring along ambivalent feelings related to shame, sympathy, or disgust, and those thinking broadly beyond have thoughts related to abuse, humiliation and human trafficking. Elektra Luxx can nicely "hover" above this, depicting a deliberately hectic story of porn stars trying to leave their regular track and start to live "normal" life - whatever it means... The cast is even and strong, especially Carla Gugino as Elektra Luxx / Elektra's twin Celia, but also many supporting roles are performed by talented actors, e.g. Timothy Olyphant as Del, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Bert Rodriguez. In fact, the latter was the reason I decided to watch this movie (I had not about Women In Trouble, for which Elektra Luxx is sequel) - and I was not disappointed. Not a family movie, but recommended to those fond of twisted humor and "minced" but interrelated scenes.
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Good looking Cast, Slick Production
pefisher-894-2948297 October 2011
Great quality on Blu-ray

Rather strange story-line though, certainly not a "Hot" movie, even though cover mentions "A Very Hot Cast" Good acting in general from the cast.

Storyline seems to jump around here and there, but not bad for the end result.

The version previewed was the Germany released Myriad Pictures in German and English.

Following the credits, immediately follows a preview, also in really good Blu-ray quality, titled "Even Reverse Cowgirls Get The Blues" I cannot find any info re this other movie which looks a good laugh? Anyone have info?

There is another title around "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" but that's an earlier movie.
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A festival of random dialogs
alex-frey-pattaya21 August 2011
I always promised myself never to give a 1 star rating on a movie review because there is always a part where you can give credit for.. boy I was horribly wrong about that. I wasn't sure if i should check the "contains spoilers" boy or not, fact is there is nothing to spoil because nothing is making sense or is connected to something what REAL writers would call a storyline.

Now after this introduction you might expect that they packed the movie with a ton of nude scenes or flat jokes like in American Pie part 23, unfortunately there wasn't even that.

It is a pointless mini journey of a former porn actress stumbling from one random conversation into another, i was sitting put and thought in the end it they take all strings together and tie a knot. Oh boy i was wrong again. Apparently or better unfortunately this was a sequel, they must have sent Tony Soprano holding a gun at the producers head to make 2 movies out of nothing. The worst part is how the movie was advertised as a comedy when it turns out to be a wannabe drama, in fact it is neither of that and it is crowned with horrible acting. It has at least 5 actors i really enjoyed before, I assume they woke up next to a horse head and the contract for this "movie" I wish i could sue people for stealing my time, but after learning that the movie grossed only 10,000 USD this is a hopeless case since the makers of this "movie" must be flat broke now.

The only reason why i got the Blu-Ray was some of the reviews here which had 9 and 8 stars and the "movie" was called brilliant. Must be a plug review by the executives who released this "movie" or people watching the movie one handed and when they didn't find any nudity they thought it was intelligent or something like that, don't blame them the blood was elsewhere.

Hands down the worst "movie" I have ever seen in my life and I never thought that could be possible after seeing Titanic2.

Do not get fooled by the trailers or make up your own ideas based on the suggested storyline, it is not what it pretends to be.
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