Dredd (2012) Poster


Rachel Wood: Control Operator 1


  • Judge Dredd : Let's talk.

    Zwirner : Talk about what, Judge?

    Judge Dredd : Release the hostage, unharmed, and I guarantee you a sentence of life in an iso-cube, without parole.

    Zwirner : Life without parole? That's the deal you're offering?

    Judge Dredd : Only if you comply. Your crimes include multiple homicide and the attempted murder of a judge. If you do not comply, the sentence is death.

    Zwirner : You know, you aren't a very good negotiator, Judge. You want to know why? You got no fucking leverage! Now here's the deal: you let me walk out of here, or I'm gonna blow her fucking brains out! Okay?

    Judge Dredd : [aims his Lawgiver]  Negotiation's over.

    Zwirner : Hey, what are you doing? Didn't you hear what I said? I'll kill the bitch!

    Judge Dredd : Yeah, I heard you, hotshot.

    Zwirner : What?

    Judge Dredd : I said, "Hotshot."

    [He fires a heat-seeking round that flies into Zwirner's mouth, killing him and freeing the hostage] 

    Control Operator 1 : Control to Dredd, come in. Is your pursuit resolved?

    Judge Dredd : Affirmative.

  • Control Operator 1 : Do you require backup?

    Judge Dredd : No.

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