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Excellent film, although probably not what you would expect from Machulski.
grzes-52 February 2009
This movie is very good, but quite unlike previous Machulski's works. Machulski is a master of comedy, but this movie is not a comedy; it's rather a drama with fantasy/dream elements.

I'm afraid this movie will share the fate of Mike Judge's "Office Space" and Ślesicki's "Show". Both movies are great, but failed at the box office, because were unlike their directors previous works, and thus were not what people expected.

Anyway, "Ile waży koń trojański?" is a great movie. It's based on a "what-if" concept. A woman wishes to undo some mistakes of her youth, and she is given a chance to do it. She accidentally finds herself back in 1987, 27 years old, in communist Poland, but with knowledge of her future (which she wants to change).
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This is the best movie about Poland 80-ties
kazimirka19 February 2017
I am not big fan of Juliusz Machulski, but is shocking me that this director is capable to make popular but not very smart movies, absolute failure, but also brilliant like that one - the best to experience how the life in Poland was in 1980-ties: apathy, sense of hopeless -not so much politics and not so much combat, but first of all - absurdity and cynicism Today died polish actress, who was acting in that movie - the role of main hero's charming grandma and just remind me to pay tribute to her excellent commitment to that movie and so charming person which she put into life on that movie this is definitely the best movie about that time in Poland, which I also was a part and the best role that type
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