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The show is getting harder and harder to watch...which is to be expected.
MartinHafer29 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is not quite the last episode of "Holocaust"--at least when you watch it on DVD. Despite originally airing in four parts (at least that's according to IMDb), it is broken into five on the DVD. So, I'm going to give you a summary of what you'll find on the disc for both part four and part five.

Part four begins with Moses Weiss sneaking out of the ghetto with his new friend--a little street urchin who knows how to slip in and out of this hellish place. Moses' mission is to get guns, as he no longer deludes himself--the Jews must make a stand as the Germans will kill them all.

The bulk of the episode concerns Dorf and his quest for the perfect method to kill the Jews. You learn about the murder of his boss, Heydrich (yippee) and that his wife KNOWS what he's doing and heartily approves! Another major theme is about Karl. His wife manages to get herself interned at Theresienstadt with him--though this is short-lived. When some of the drawings that he and his fellow artists have done to document the horrors*, they are tortured to learn if there are any more drawings. This portion of the show is tough to watch and brutal.

As far as Dr. Weiss goes, he mostly does what he can to spare a few token individuals from deportation to the death camps but it's a losing game. And, by the end of the show, he and his wife are themselves deported. More effective is Rudi's work with the partisans--killing a few Nazis here and there.

Part five begins with Karl's release from the torture. However, he's to almost immediately be deported to Auschwitz and only has a brief meeting with his wife.

Surprisingly, you learn that Karl, inexplicably, is still alive in Auschwitz. Still, he's very tired, looks old and near death.

The uprising in the ghetto of Warsaw continues and is, not surprisingly, crushed.

Rudi and his wife are continuing their work with the partisans. Unfortunately, his wife is killed and Rudi captured. However, there is an uprising at the prison camp and he and his fellow inmates overthrow the place.

Dorf is captured by Americans. He's unrepentant and feels justified for what he did. Later, when Dorf's uncle confronts the family about his nephew's atrocities, they, too, are unrepentant and make excuses for what has occurred.

At the end of the show, Rudi and Karl's wife manage a brief meeting. They discuss their lives and the status of their friends and family--pretty much all who are now dead.

All in all, a very sad but satisfying conclusion to a brilliant mini-series. Well acted and gripping throughout.
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