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Haunting and beautiful
dakjets16 May 2017
I have to admit that I had low expectations when I was going to see this movie. The negative reviews are why. Appearance that the film has gone bad, not earned enough, etc. But it does not make sense to listen to others. The best part is to find out yourself. And I have to admit that I enjoyed this movie well, even though I understand some of the criticisms. At the same time, I know that Morten Tyldum is an incredibly good director. One of the best Norwegian directors, without a doubt. I think it's strange that he made something directly bad. The film is not a featured sci fi movie, even if the action takes place on a spaceship. I enjoyed the movie for three reasons: 1) The story is unique, and something I've never seen before. It's always a good sign. 2) It's beautiful to watch, great movie, spectacular setups and scenes. It was impressive and 3) This movie works to switch between a love story and some action sequences. It seems like a thoughtful movie, and I appreciated the thought behind scenes and action. The few people we meet in the film give insight and one becomes familiar with the characters. It is also a strength, but perhaps also a weakness. The gallery is limited. But anyway, I recommend this and hope to see similar movies in the future.
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Excellent movie that once again displays paid critics are out of touch.
wpfitchard5 July 2017
It takes a lot for me to take the time to review a movie. In this case I feel strongly compelled to do so, and heartily agree with those who found this movie to be thoroughly enjoyable. I almost passed on this movie because I mistakenly read a few critic reviews. So I will proceed to counter a few of the critics arguments.

1) "A conclusion (to the movie) that's as egregiously contrived and corny as it is predictable". Yes, this genre has one of two ways to end. They all do. Good or bad. To guess correctly doesn't mean it's predictable or that you're a genius. There were a number of times in the movie that the script could have gone one way or another, and I was in suspense each time.

2) "....production design is polished to the point of looking chintzy." "Polished"?? The ship is a highly technological feat of engineering that's carrying 5,000 passengers 90 years into space. It's SUPPOSED to look "polished"! As a design artist who is into sci-fi I thought the set designs were well done.

3) "...."Passengers" increasingly succumbs to timidity and begins shrinking into a bland science-fiction adventure". Probably written by someone who is not into sci-fi or feels that the genre is not as legitimate as other "higher" forms of art. The movie was thought provoking and raises quite a few questions of morality and acts of right-or-wrong. The concept is also far more original than most sci-fi movies.

4) "....perfunctory, suspense-free spacewalks". Did these people watch the same movie as I did? There were three spacewalks in the movie. The first two were not meant to be suspenseful, but to convey what it would be like to actually do so for the first time. The last was anything but "suspense-free"!

In conclusion, my recommendation is to not be swayed by over-paid critics or critic wanna-be's. If it's a genre you like, and it's got relatively acceptable reviews (by regular movie-goers like us)....give it a shot! In the case of "Passengers", I think you'll agree with the 70% who liked the movie.
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Nice love story in space
tero-j-ojala7 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Visually just stunning and good acting, but the content of the story was pretty standard romance-story: Guy does something wrong, lies about it to the girl, they fall in love, girl finds out the lie, they split up but come together in the final moments of the film.

If this story was not on the spaceship, it would be same crap that you see in every romantic movie. But they are on spaceship that is dying and that environment rises this movie from 4 to 7.

But overall the cliché counter is very high on this. A lot of last minute saves and coincidences.
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Very original, beautifully made.
Sleepin_Dragon2 December 2018
Passengers is a truly brilliant movie, it's hard to place it into a genre, but it is very much a sci fi love story. The concept is a great one, and it poses a fabulous question, could you force someone to spend their life with you, or live a solitary life. The idea is very original and very clever, the special effects are breathtaking, and the cinematography is first class. The main trio of actors do a superb job, but it's the dazzling Jennifer Lawrence that stood out for me.

Attention to the detail to this film was first rate, huge credit to all those behind the scenes.

It's not often the case that I wish a film wouldn't end, but after fifteen minutes or so, I was captivated, and really didn't want it to end.

Fabulous film, 9/10
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Eminent Science Fiction
steen-mpi23 December 2016
Professional film critics are stupid. That is the conclusion you must reach after watching this movie. I was not expecting much after reading the uniformly negative critical reviews. But I was surprised. The movie is plausible. It is more than plausible, it is realistic. And the acting is so eminent that you are there yourself trying to decide what you would do if you awoke on a fully autonomous spaceship trying to figure out what is going on.

Granted, there are no alien horror creatures, no protracted fast-action sequences, no superficial technical nonsense to cover a thin plot. Maybe this is what the critics were missing.

There is only beautiful scenes, eminent acting, a plausible plot and a surprising ending. But that was enough for me.

So go watch this movie and decide for yourself how implausibly stupid the film critics are.
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Ignore the critics- a great movie with lots of suspense
elementxo22 December 2016
I'm almost convinced film critics are paid off...I thoroughly enjoyed this movie more than most of the "critically acclaimed" films I've watched this year. This movie had everything- love, drama, philosophical/existential questions, and incredibly suspenseful moments (and not just action scenes!!). The acting was great, pacing was good (never was bored), and the visuals were amazing as well. Also the trailer didn't spoil the movie at all, which was nice. My only gripe would be about the ending, which was still fine.

Overall would really recommend watching over the holidays. Really enjoyed it.
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I cannot understand all those bad reviews of Passengers
Avyrius23 December 2016
The movie is definitely worth your time. Firstly, 10/10 for realism. I would absolutely have done all those things if I were in their shoes. Secondly, the acting is one of the best I've seen (I was pretty skeptical about J.Lawrence but not anymore after this movie; and Chris Pratt's acting keeps getting better and better since GotG). The plot is quite unique (I do not believe I've ever seen another plot that resemble this). Lastly, the visuals is BREATHTAKING (I absolutely adore the ship design).

The pacing was a little bit too fast at the end but not that noticeable.

Rating: 9/10

Sometime a simple movie with simple plot is better than s**t like Batman vs Superman because there are less space for mistakes. Also, do not expect much action in this movie (I expected more action but in the end I was OK without it.)

Also, sleeping beauty is also named Aurora xD
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A highly enjoyable ride that unfortunately got rolled over by the Critics.
miniahmed122 December 2016
After the trailer release of this movie it became one of this year's most anticipated movies, but some people were expecting something entirely different than what this movie aimed for, and the result was their disappointment.

People need to be aware that this movie is an ADVENTURE/ROMANCE and a bit SCI-FI. NOT A SCI-FI 2001:SPACE ODYSSEY KIND OF MOVIE.

I will start giving my own honest review of this movie. First of all, The acting in this movie is phenomenal, of course when you get 2 great actors like Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence you know it would work in any kind of role, and it's true, the chemistry between both of them just works flawlessly and it's very gorgeous as they're both very handsome and it's just nice to see them on screen.

Then comes the VISUALS, which i consider to be this year's best ( Along with Dr.Strange ), The best way to watch this movie is at a theater with a huge screen and definitely better to catch the 3D version. I really don't know where to start with the visuals because the whole movie is just beautifully shot and the CINEMATOGRAPHY of this film is perfectly done, probably each scene in this movie is Iconic.

The Plot wasn't as good as the other factors but still it managed to keep the pacing of the movie going and I was definitely not bored, even though the ending wasn't spectacular but again this isn't Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, this is just a movie about 2 lovers surviving on a spaceship alone.

The best way to describe this film is to say that it's Titanic all over again but in space and it's beautifully shot, emotional, and overall an exciting experience.

It's really sad that people misunderstood the point of this film and were going for a complex space/time plot instead of a simple good-looking love story, but I know that moviegoers will definitely like this film. Give it a try and if not for the story then just for Wonderful scenes and for the link between the 2 main characters

Conclusion: Great, Simple, Gorgeous and Highly Entertaining are the four things you'll be saying after watching this movie.
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Very enjoyable indeed!
Ckpankratz22 December 2016
I'm a forty-something male and I loved this movie. I didn't quite know what to expect, saw some less than glowing reviews, but decided to favor the more positive reviews and head to the theater. I'm glad I did.

If you like science fiction, this has it. If you like romance, this has it. If you like excellent special effects, this has it. If you like a good story, yes, this movie has that too.

This isn't a Star-Trek style high-octane Sci-Fi action movie. It's a solid blend of drama, romance, action, intrigue, stunning visuals, occasional suspense, human psychology, and for me was a winning combination.
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Passengers was fantastic!
patrickjames8522 December 2016
Passengers is yet another example as to why you should go see the movies professional critics hate & save your money on the ones they absolutely love. Going to see a movie at the theater is like $30 now for just 2 people & that's without visiting concessions. I don't know about everybody else but if I'm going to spend a few days worth of grocery money for a 2 hour movie experience I'm really hoping not to be bored to tears or looking at the time wondering how much longer it'll be until a movie is over. Passengers just ends up on my very long list, lately, of movies critics tried to bring down that were waves better than the ones they are directing people to see. This movie is visually stunning & the story telling is not only thought provoking but innovative while doing so! It was great to see a story like this one told in a way that didn't spend most of its time trying to dialogue it's way into Oscar nominations. If you are going to venture out to see a movie for the Holidays go see this one!
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Don't miss the first two minutes
retiredat5513 January 2017
It's not a spoiler to say that in the first minutes of the film we get a bird's eye view of the ship colliding head on with an asteroid swarm. Don't ask why this incredibly complicated ship couldn't/didn't attempt any evasive maneuvers. In any case the ship's automated systems are only partially successful in dealing with it, the sequence of events ending with one of the passengers being awakened prematurely from his hibernation pod. It's also important to know before the curtain goes up that the passengers are not astronauts, they literally are just passengers on a space-borne cruise ship which is taking 5,000 people on a 120-year journey to colonize a new world. If you can suspend disbelief long enough you will be very entertained.
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What's Not to Like?
tdwillis-2627330 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie had everything for me! Romance, sci-fi, action, great special affects, excellent acting, a unique story/plot and a great message. The ship(setting) was beautifully and believably futuristic. The first part of the movie gave me no indication at all in which direction it was going to take, except that we knew something was wrong with the ship.It kept me interested and guessing. Then a bit of a romantic story was introduced. The plot and pacing was done well enough for me to care about the characters and their future. The special affects (especially the swimming pool scene, when gravity was lost) was absolutely fantastic and unique. The score could of been better, but it was adequate and appropriate. The last half hour of the show was pretty action packed. I loved the idea of how it ended but would of rather had a little more time reviewing and seeing how their lives were lived as the message of the story was voiced over. (instead of JUST a scene of the tree growth and changes on the deck)but overall I can live with how they ended it. A really good movie that almost anyone can watch and enjoy.
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Very enjoyable.
angieholstad28 December 2016
If you want a very enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing and romantic movie to watch, I think this is absolutely perfect. I think critics are giving it bad reviews because it didn't have the best dialogue, so don't go if you're just looking for something negative in a movie. If you're emotional, I think this would be a good movie to watch during that time. It's beautiful, well done, heartbreaking in some moments, and has amazing actors. It's comedic and romantic, with some intense parts so it has a lot of complements and genres in it. This isn't a negative thing at all, this movie just has it all. The story line and the message are thought provoking, and it's an all around amazing movie.
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An good sci-fi flick with some excellent special effects.
jason-2107 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Note that this contains spoilers. If you haven't watched the film, I suggest you do before reading this.

The first hour or so of this film was fantastic. Just taking in the spacecraft with all its amazingly conceived features, was reminiscent of the first part of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It also struck me as being a realistic version of the type of spacecraft in Wall-E (think of the little cleaner droids, buzzing around, fixing things and cleaning the mess the characters make!) The premise of being alone on a vast, automated, self-repairing craft that is aware of your presence and provides all the conveniences you require, was an interesting concept. The technology and physics seemed plausible, cool, and realistic; and the special effects were restrained and effective. The robot bartender was fascinating, and provided some welcome entertainment.

For the first hour the story seemed meaningful and thought-provoking, but after that it began to fall apart. A major aspect of the plot during the first half of the movie was being unable to get to the crews' quarters to wake them up, and the hopelessness of the situation because of this.

Then, as if by magic, one of the crew wakes up, says there's something wrong with the ship, wanders around a bit, then dies. From then on it seemed to me like the script had been taken over by a different person, there to ensure the film served the public the usual smattering of sensationalist action scenes at expense of both the plot and plausibility of science. There is a brief promise of mystery as the trio realised there was something wrong with the ship and tried to figure out what it was, but this quickly evaporates as the problem turns out to be nothing more than a faulty nuclear reactor that is heading for self-destruction.

The obvious thing to have done here would have been to wake more of the crew, now that they had access, to see what could be done. However, we are told there is not time for that, so the protagonist miraculously fixes the nuclear reactor all by himself. What a genius! This involved finding and hot-swapping a replacement circuit board, getting blasted into space, being spectacularly rescued by his female companion, dying, and finally brought back to life by having about a dozen or so different resuscitation techniques applied to him at once by a machine! Yeah. Face palm.
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A moral problem beautifully presented and executed.
fig-752753 January 2017
I enjoyed Passengers a lot. It's not perfect though. The spaceship is beautiful from both the outside and the inside, and you get the impression that future technology is really fantastic. The computer systems are pretty dumb though (including Michael Sheen's android). This is all forgivable though, because if the computers weren't dumb the story wouldn't work.

The only part of the film that doesn't really work is the bit in the middle with Laurence Fishburne. I could see three reasons why his character was needed, but it all felt very contrived. He has one important line though, so I can forgive it (just about). I just wish the writers had thought about that part a bit more, as the rest of the film was really great. Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Sheen were brilliant too.

Passengers is clever, thoughtful, science fiction, and I would highly recommend it.
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Haters gonna hate, but moviegoers have plenty to enjoy here
Nobody-2721 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I don't quite get all the hate that this film gets... I can also think of great number of recent alleged sci-fi films that don't deserve a minute of one's time, yet they are cherished and loved.

In any case, I went to see Passengers with high expectations. While I am not a fan of either Jennifer Lawrence or Chris Pratt, they were very good in this film - good enough to immerse me in the story (unlike most other alleged sci-films these days). I've been a fan of Michael Sheen ever since I saw him in Midnight in Paris where he was brilliant also, and his performance in Passengers was so good that it is easy to forget that this synthetic robot with a plastic smile is brought to you by a thespian. What a performance! Worth seeing just for that alone.

The story is by now well known, due to spoilers being given away like candy during Halloween and partly due to (leaked?) script that was posted a while ago. Most importantly: the film has been changed from the original script and for the better.

The thing that I liked about this film is that first of all - it is not stupid. I did not have to put an extra effort to suspend my disbelief the way I had to for most recent sci-fi favorites (except Martian which I liked). Yes there may be one or two occasions when I knew that "such would be almost impossible" but even then, there is also an option that the situation had something that we, the viewers may not be aware of. For instance, the sudden loss of gravity would require sudden stopping of the rotation of the ship; that would require enormous amount of energy, otherwise things don't just stop in space. But, who knows - maybe the ship did decide to stop the rotation? So not entirely impossible (this is not a spoiler because the official trailer clearly suggests loss of gravity).

The drama of the film is obviously based on the fact that two passengers woke up too early during their cross-universe trip. No matter what you think of the morality of how that all happened, remember this is a film and not televangelism. In other words: there is no space for political correctness in character portrayal.

In the end, I can say that there was plenty to enjoy in this film, from excellent visuals to great performances all around. I actually plan to buy this in bluray, which I don't do that often with new movies (my library of recent films includes "Argo", "Dallas Buyers Club", "Midnight in Paris"...) If you are expecting another marvel-comic inspired super-hero driven FX fest, you will be disappointed. No iron-men or spider-men or any other mutants in here. Just your plain simple ordinary humans with all their shortcomings.

But if you are looking for an interesting story, with an interesting premise, and no cringe-worthy "even kids know this is impossible" moments, than this is for you.

ps. I loved the attention to detail which translated to some really cute and funny scenes...
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A decent sci-fi rental that plays it too safe.
Damien_King867 April 2017
I'm just going to list my takeaways from the movie in list format. Maybe it will be helpful to someone, maybe not.

Pros - The production is immaculate. The cinematography, set design, CGI, all of it is top notch, as expected from a movie starring two of the most popular current actors. - Although I'm not crazy about Jennifer Lawrence, and I only really like Chris Pratt as Starlord, I will go ahead and list them as a pro, since they did a good job with these characters. Michael Sheen is also welcome in any movie.

Cons - The science of the movie is a bit slinky at times, obviously to serve narrative motives. Other reviewers have detailed these inaccuracies, so I won't get into it, here. - The movie mostly leans toward a romantic drama vibe, and I personally think there should have been more of a sense of dread and danger throughout the movie, not just near the end. - Given the high profile status of the leads, the sex scenes are predictably tame and brief. Along with the lack of danger, the lack of eroticism is another way in which the movie plays it too safe. - The catharsis at the end that stems from the main moral dilemma (which I won't spoil) does not occur satisfactorily in my opinion. It didn't move me at all, and made it feel like it was never that important to begin with.

In summary, this is an entertaining, but light sci-fi romance. It feels like a 70's sci-thriller that has been thoroughly processed for a general audience. It makes a good rental, but I couldn't help but lament that it wasn't the riskier, edgier film that it wanted to be.
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"Passengers" offers more than the reviews are giving credit!
papslappy-270-72513923 December 2016
I read many of the reviews too, and while I always say that every movie will treat everyone in a different way, I am a little surprised by the amount of people who didn't enjoy it! I thought this movie was beautiful!

If you want a movie with conflict, space exploration, romance, and sci-fi...this movie is for you. While it's not loaded with 'blow em up' action, the movie is filled with tension and does have some great action scenes. The best aspect of the movie (to me) is that the filmmakers were very successful at turning a situation so incredible into something simple and human.

I walked away from this movie not wanting it to end. Screw the bad reviews, see it for yourself and maybe you'll see what I saw!
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Excellent !
slobajudge-7729717 March 2017
This is a beautiful movie, I enjoy every minute and I don't understand why this movie have only 7 stars. I want to correct this. So, first question is: What do you expect from movie ? This movie have everything, story, love, effects, excellent acting and action in a dose to make you happy all day, and I bet you will watch lots of scenes again. What do you want more ? If you have someone beside you, you will be kiss him (her) after the movie finished and love more. You will be also little crying or very close to it. My full recommendation for this movie.
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Romancing the vastness of space
saccitygrl27 January 2017
I dislike reviews that summarize the plot or discuss the plot unless the latter is done to support an opinion. So, I will not do this in this review. Here are my thoughts and impressions.

This film that was a very pleasant surprise. I had no expectations and enjoyed seeing the two actors (Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence) in a genre film and role I hadn't seen them in before. My only previous experience of seeing these two on the screen previously were 5 year engagement (which I LOVE) and hunger games (meh, its okay).

These two are great in this film. There is a great chemistry and given the romantic turn this film takes, it works.

The plot is great too--I like how the film explores the nature of space travel and the realistic challenges that it creates in the life of mere mortal humans. I also enjoyed seeing these characters grapple with some very serious predicaments that forced some decisions that could be viewed as selfish and suddenly turns to be completely unselfish.

This film is not a run of the mill film--it has some great ideas and perhaps even themes (if you give it some thought) that are explored exceptionally well.
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Are we hitting a golden age of SF?
Argagax21 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Amazing film. I didn't know what to expect, all I knew going in was that two people woke up 90 years too soon, on their way to a distant planet.

I came out having seen well-developed characters faced with difficult choices and having to come to term with those choices. To me, a very realistic movie about human nature, ultimately. I guess Neil DeGrasse Tyson or whoever will soon make a statement on the movie's accuracy, but as far as I could see (being a closet nerd for interstellar travel), it did it better than many films in the past have.

The one minor nitpick I could find in the whole film, was when the ship announces them passing a star close up - why did the ship have it programmed to announce it, if they were not going to be awake for another 90 years? But to me, this film had everything. Good pacing, just enough action, emotion, suspense, and believable characters that I ended up really feeling for, and like in another film I just watched (Light between oceans), you see one of the main characters making a terrible decision but you know that in the same situation, anyone would have done the same thing.

To those that down vote it or boycott it because "a man is taking advantage of a woman" - get a life. Not everything has to be about your political agenda, or gender or race. If the gender roles were reversed, we wouldn't be hearing a peep from you. So sit down and enjoy an amazing movie.
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Romance movie pretending to be sci-fi
marclev7815 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The trailers made this out as serious science fiction, but it was basically a glorified "boy meets girl" movie in space.

Apart from a sleep inducing middle act where nothing happens apart from the two leads courting each other, the suspension of disbelief needed here, is staggering, mainly in the form of seemingly superhuman protagonists. Some spoilers ahead:

1. A woman passes out while in a bubble of water, effectively drowning, then miraculously "wakes up", while still in the water a few minutes later just because the bubble splashes down into a pool.

2. On multiple occasions people slipping on something and crash landing on their back leaves no damage other than them simply getting up and saying "ouch" as if it's a cartoon.

3. Male lead withstands thermonuclear blast at the end without as much as a heat rash, then runs out of oxygen due to a cracked helmet and drifts into space, but instead of freezing and suffocating when the air runs out gets rescued by his girlfriend who simply jumps off the star- ship in his general direction and miraculously catches him.

4. Out of 5000 pods, the one of the guy they really need malfunctions, who wakes up, explains how they can save the ship (which he's completely unqualified for given his job), and then being the token black guy, dies pretty much straight away.

6. Woman suffers major upper body trauma but carries on as if nothing happens.

With a bit of care to some details and without the totally artificial and forced happy ending this could have been really good. As it is, it came across as desperate to not challenge its target audience too much and suffered for it.
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Definitely Worth Seeing
nowego10 May 2017
I think it take really good actors to be able to carry a movie as basically the only people in it. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence do just that...really well.

This might have been billed as a Sci-Fi as other reviewers have stated, but it is definitely romance, adventure and drama, with a little suspense thrown in.

I saw this without reading any reviews and loved it straight away, so much so that I watched it again within a few days. It is one of those movies that can be watched over and over without becoming boring.

When I read some of the critics reviews after watching it, I really thought they had the wrong movie.

My recommendation is if you like romance movies you will like this one, it is that simple.

8/10 for me and it could easily score higher, but I am being conservative.
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Passengers isn't as bad as you think.
KatieB1819979 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Critic reviews have bashed this film because of a certain action Chris Pratt's character, Jim, makes near the beginning of the film. This has lead to a lot of people saying that his actions were 'sexist' which I don't agree with. The main plot is about Jim and Jennifer Lawrence's character, Aurora, who are both woken up 90 years too early whilst on board a spaceship that's on a 120 year journey to a new planet. Because Jim is the first to wake up, he's completely alone, apart from an android bartender known as Arthur (Michael Sheen). Jim spends most of his free time with Arthur, getting drunk, playing basketball and also trying to make the most of his situation by finding a way to go back to hibernation. Unfortunately, after a year, depression kicks in which leads to him almost committing suicide. After walking back, he walks past one of the hibernation pods and notices Aurora in it, who is, clearly, a beautiful young woman. Now, isolation can drive people to become mentally unstable and make quick decisions. This is what happens here. Jim spends a long time trying to talk himself out of waking Aurora up but, unfortunately, he can't bear being alone and, because he's a mechanic, he knows how to wake one of the passengers up. Aurora believes that her pod has simply malfunctioned, like Jim's, as he can't face the truth. I think that people are being too quick to judge Jim and the entire film just from one action. Not one of us has ever been in his position where he's truly on his own. This is where Passengers succeeds, in my opinion, as it's caused some thought provoking discussions between viewers. Yes, Jim's decision could be considered a flaw but that's no reason to hate the film as there's so much to like about it. Yes, I do think it would've been better if the film was shown from Aurora's point of view and Jim's decision to wake her up could've been revealed as a plot twist but I'm not the filmmaker. Passengers could've been better but it's still, overall, one of the best science fiction films released in 2016, along with Arrival and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence both give strong performances as the two leads. In the run up to the film's release, they went on a international press tour where they visited various countries and did press conferences and interviews. In these interviews, I could clearly see the chemistry between them and it radiates on screen. A montage shows them having fun together by watching films, playing basketball, dancing and going to the bar, just like any normal couple and is one of the most entertaining parts in the film. The set design of the Avalon is exquisite. I can tell that a lot of hard work has gone into creating it. A lot of ships I've seen in science fiction films are quite standard and there's nothing special about them. However, the Avalon is like a outer space cruise ship. This is because the passengers are woken up six months before they arrive at the new planet and this is when they can enjoy the rest of the journey. The bar is also a clear remake of the bar that features in Stanley Kubrick's classic, The Shining. Passengers also feature some impressive visual effects. There's a scene where Jim and Aurora fly outside the ship and, because of the computer generated imagery, it really does look like they're in space together. The point I'm making in this review is that I don't think it's right to judge a film based entirely on one character's action. Despite the unfair negative criticism this received, this is still worth a watch for fans of thought-provoking science fiction and romantic drama. No, it's not as good as Arrival but at least it's not as bad as Independence Day: Resurgence or Jupiter Ascending.
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First boring, then unrealistic to absurd
stefan-morcov24 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The first half is incredibly boring. Nothing happens for half of the movie. I understand that we need to "feel" the loneliness. But there are so many good movies that portrayed the Robinson experience without being also boring. And then: completely unrealistic on each level, on each detail (maybe apart from the love story, which is cute and romantic). This is not supposed to be fantasy or adventure. It is supposed to be a pure-blood SF story, whose main character is a mechanical engineer. So I expect that at least most of the technical details should hold a little water, as well as the main story line. But no: every little technical/scientific/engineering detail is completely illogical, and the methods deployed by the main character to solve the situations are absurd. Look: my motorbike has, I believe, around 5 completely different methods to stop the engine in case of emergency (cut the contact, cut the electricity, cut the gas, put it into neutral etc); but a huge stellar ship has: NONE ? A huge stellar ship the size of a village (5270 inhabitants) has only 1 (one) bed in the infirmary ? No sensor detects for 2 years that there is an open hole in the hull of the ship, and loss of pressure in some rooms ?! There is no backup system for anything – instead they repeat "this system is supposed to be impossible to break, so this cannot happen" – gosh I don't remember any engineering 101 lesson to ever say this line, they all speak of redundancy, backup, fail-safe and fail-over mechanisms. The individual space costume resists the heat of a reactor that would otherwise break the hull of the whole spaceship ?! There is absolutely no method to alert the large sleeping crew of a huge ship that something went wrong ?! There is no alarm system on a huge space ship ? My car has a better information collecting system from various sensors than that space ship, you actually DON'T need to plug-in floppy-disks around your car to collect data, they kind of get collected automatically and displayed on the screen. And if something stops, you still have the history of what happened before, stored in some central memory chip. Airplanes today have 2 independent black boxes to store everything that happens on board, all information from all sensors, any sound etc; for a space ship they just forget about this. For a space ship I would actually add maybe 3 or 5 different independent backup storage devices, plus maybe 2 or 3 backup computing devices, stored in completely different physical locations, completely independent, each one able to resume operation automatically and instantly if another one fails and maybe other 1 or 2 of them manually. Also: an intelligent passenger decides to solve a complex problem himself alone, instead of waking up like the whole 250 engineering crew of the ship. OK, we all expect a couple of goofs in any standard reasonable SF movie, it is difficult to keep track of all details and even good movies miss things. But when you hear a stupid idea every couple of minutes for the entire half of the movie when something actually happens, then the movie is crap. Good pictures though, loved the graphical effects. And the final completely weird finale to put the cherry on top: what is one young loving beautiful heterosexual couple expected to do alone, their entire lifetime, on a spaceship with 5000 vacant seats available ?... I would have said "children". Well, guess what: they decided to just plant a lot of trees.
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