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Excellent show
chris-536714 April 2012
I am finding that most good shows for younger people come from this same creator/producer (Ocean Girl, H2O: Just Add Water, and Wicked Science were exceptional too, for example). This is a really great show, and I hope it continues on, unlike some of the others that ended before their time, IMO.

I really respect the great work that Jonathan M. Shiff does. He produces shows that are certainly geared for a young audience, but they're not dumbed down or so juvenile all the time. Sure, there are elements of that, just as in life, but he has a really great mix of fantasy and reality, and the shows are compelling. Kids enjoy them for sure, and they still can be enjoyable for adults too.
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My 8 year old loves this
drew-decker13 March 2012
This is a very compelling story and so much more interesting than the Icarly, Shake-it-up, Jessie stuff that she normally watches. I like that there are different cultures represented and that the focus is on adventure and not "boy-crazy" "pranks" "fashion" "dance" etc. The show is set in modern day Australia around a young girl, maybe 16, who is told she is a princess from a fictional land by a young Indian boy, also around 16. It is the young boy's mission to convince the princess that she is a princess and to come back to his land and lead her people. They are able to move from one story line, set in Australia to another in the fictional land with the use of a magical elephant. I know it sounds crazy but it works and the characters are developed well within the plot. I watch it with my daughter and it bugs me when I miss one and she has to catch me up :)
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excellent !
ginobean6 October 2012
Watching this show is like eating potato chips -- you start eating one and you can't stop !

Well written, delightful, with likable characters and interesting plots.

I know this show is meant for teens, but even I as an adult find it charming and sweet. Well executed..

I think the show addresses some of the issues of growing up in a fairly light-hearted manner -- responsibility, making decisions, being true to your word, integrity, without become preachy.

The main characters are well cast.
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