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Season 1

24 Jan. 2010
Episode #1.1
Whilst other children from their village, Jane Fairfax and Frank Weston, are sent away to be raised by wealthier relatives, Frank's surname being changed to Churchill, Emma and Isabella Woodhouse remain with their testy, selfish widowed father until Isabella marries John Knightley, whose brother is a frequent visitor to the Woodhouses, though Isabella moves to London with her spouse. Emma shamelessly match-makes former nanny Miss Taylor with Frank's father and is triumphant when they marry. Looking around for another match, she decides that Harriet Smith, an orphan ...
11 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.2
Despite the disapproval of both George and John Knightley, Emma continues to line vicar Elton up for Harriet and she is deeply shocked when, alone in a carriage with him, he professes his love for her and is somewhat condescending towards Harriet, to whom Emma apologizes, telling her she is too good for him. Soon afterwards they learn he is to marry another woman. Jane Fairfax, modest niece of garrulous Miss Bates, returns to stay with her and Emma is unimpressed, given how her aunt has always praised her accomplishments. The handsome Frank Churchill also comes to ...
18 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.3
Claiming that her match-making days are over,Emma helps Frank organize a dance. Elton returns with his dreadful wife, a presence which upsets Harriet and annoys everyone else, especially Emma and Frank, who share their dislike of her at the dance, where they get close. Elton snubs Harriet but George tactfully steps in to partner her, for which Emma thanks him. Next day Harriet is saved by Frank from being mugged and she tells Emma that is smitten. She sees him as out of her league but at least he has got Elton out of her system. George continues to champion Jane ...
25 Oct. 2009
Episode #1.4
A picnic is held at Box hill where Emma and Frank get very flirtatious. Emma also scores cheap points at Miss Bates' expense, wounding her,and George gives her a severe telling-off for being insensitive and snobbish. Frank's bullying aunt, who has always been his patron rather than Mr. Weston, dies and Frank reveals that he and Jane have been engaged for several months but kept it secret for fear of the aunt's disapproval. Emma is shocked at Frank's deceit.She also sees the error of her ways in organizing others' lives and encourages Harriet to go after her first love...

 Season 1 

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