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Too Good for ABC
jayraskin116 April 2009
I was clicking around when I found this. I hadn't heard anything about it, but I fell in love with it in the first three minutes. Basically the show gives us the really silly side of raising kids. Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Megan Mulluley (Will and Grace)are terrific as always.

I'm a father with a 14 year old daughter, so I totally relate to the humor, although I think mothers and children are the target audience.

I'm afraid that ABC has decided that it doesn't really want the series, as it apparently has only ordered six episodes and has thrown them on without any advance warning. It is likely that 70% of the people who would have loved the show if ABC had put it on as a new show in September, will never get a chance to sample it.
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Not a bad first show
gmrodrigues_4530 March 2009
I specifically watched the first episode of "In the Motherhood" because of the IMDb reviewer that said it was so bad.

I don't know what that says about me, that I wanted to watch a TV pilot fail miserably, but I was compelled to watch. And, it was not bad. It was a little slow and strained, but many new shows don't find their footing until a few episodes in (or even a few seasons - have you ever re- watched early Seinfeld episodes - phew).

This show had some funny jokes with snicker under your breath results. I particularly liked the part where two of the main characters were telling the third main character "maybe you are asexual and that's OK, you can still live a productive life."

This show is a vehicle for three popular TV actresses (who's names I was too lazy to look up) to vamp. It is worth a look.
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melodycjohnson29 March 2009
In the Motherhood is genius! It was SO super hilarious! I hope they show more episodes of this show! I cannot wait, my whole family loves it. AND we had all of our friends and family watch this show!!!! We love it! We can't wait until the next episode this Thursday!

We are so excited! In the Motherhood just absolutely blows me away! Also it's using real stories from actual women. So it's based on a true story! That's pure genius!

Our favorite characters were the 3 leads (Rosemary, Jane, and Emily)!

Amazing idea guys!

Keep the episodes coming! Don't cancel the show!
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Great Show!
barrylevy1 April 2009
I keep hearing a reading that this show is getting bad press, and I don't get it. I'm not a mother. I'm not even a woman. I'm not even a person with kids. I'm not even a mother or woman or a person with kids who likes sitcoms, and I have only liked and watched the best sitcoms ever made. Seinfeld, Fraser, Cheers, Friends, The Odd Couple (yes I'm that old) ... that's about it for me. I'm just a guy who happened to catch the show with my wife and I laughed my butt off. Now, for me to watch an entire sitcom is a feat in itself. To watch one about mothers is 2 feats. (insert joke here). So congrats to In The Motherhood for entertaining me. I plan to watch every episode. Well Done!
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Half hearted crap
paterick-130 May 2009
Since the recommendation before me was obviously written by a studio exec I want to say this show should be canceled and all copies should burned. I love Megan Mullally, but even she couldn't rescue this sinking ship. Not only are the lines predictable and droll but every one of these "mothers" have to force their horribly written dialogue. Cheryl Hines is possibly the worst offender, her out of breath mistimed quips shadow anything good this show might offer. Every single one of these woman look nearly 20 years to old to be playing their characters! Don't waste your time trying to find the laughs because they are few and far between.
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Wow. So Bad You Have to Say, "Wow."
heffay11126 March 2009
I've never found it difficult to watch a sitcom though the opening scene before. But this show changed that. My wife and I suffered through a few more scenes before giving up on it, I cannot claim to have watched the whole show.

The shame here is that we are the perfect audience for this show. In our real lives, we do nothing but joke about how parenthood is hardly a picnic. We love humor where children are told Santa is fake. But this show is humorless. Absolutely humorless.

One only wonders if it will be canceled after two episodes, or three or maybe four. And, really, it is just sad that anybody who makes a living in television chose to put this on the air. It makes you feel bad for the actors involved. Shame on their agents and managers for not keeping them away from this trash.
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