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18 Mar. 2010
Starting Over
The Go Girls go on another quest. Heartbroken and in debt, Amy takes her mind off her problems with meaningless sex - and not with Kev! Britta's intervention with Amy gives her a realization. Cody returns from her honeymoon, but the gay rumors surrounding Eli haven't gone away. And Kevin says it's time to want more than a sports steering wheel; this year he's aiming higher.
25 Mar. 2010
Nothing But the Truth
Honesty is the best policy, isn't it? For Amy and Cody though, it seems that some truths might best be kept secret.
1 Apr. 2010
We Are Family
Britta finds that all the McManns have a man except her, and urgently needs Amy's help to find true love. Amy's been busy helping another old friend, Olivia Duff and fobs Britta off with an unsuitable match. Amy finds that her help leads to more complications, especially when Fran's new man turns out to be married. And Britta's date turns out to be an unlikely love guru.
8 Apr. 2010
Crazy Enough to Work
Kevin finds the garage where he works up for sale, and this throws him into a tailspin. Olivia suggests that this is his chance to finally aim higher, but Kevin can't see that at all - until Cody's friend Kirby drives into his life. Now Kevin has a reason, but does he have the means to achieve his dream?
15 Apr. 2010
Best Days of Your Life
Amy's latest project is planning the high school ten-year reunion, but not everyone shares her high expectations, especially when this means facing up to old demons and nemeses like Brad and Angelina. And Britta foresees complications when she comes to suspect Angelina isn't pregnant. Also on the guest list is Nathan, Olivia's ex and the guy she ran away from at the altar.
22 Apr. 2010
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
Kevin gets a nightmare roommate and a dangerous love interest, as Britta finds herself in the middle of a tug of love.
29 Apr. 2010
No Going Back
Cody's happily married and certain she's going to stay that way. But will the return of her first love, Ben, change everything?
6 May 2010
How Low Can You Go?
Kevin finds the downside of being the other man, while Britta's list is an inspiration to one ideal man.
13 May 2010
Boys Behaving Badly
Kevin and Brad finally realize that they're young, single and up for it. Of course, picking up women in bars is never going to be without drama. Britta Knows that Kevin's behaving this way because he's been hurt by Kirby, but she can't figure out Brad's excuse. With Eli returning from tour, Cody has to face a tough choice. Just what is she doing with Ben, and who should she really be with?
20 May 2010
Spring Rolls
Britta thinks she has met Mr. Right, but Brad is sure he's Mr. Wrong. Olivia's job is on the line, as is Kevin's favorite takeout joint.
3 Jun. 2010
It Ain't Over Til It's Over
Cody's old insecurities come to the fore when Eli's ex-boyfriend, Philippe, visits. Eli, however, insists Cody has nothing to worry about and that he doesn't feel anything for Philippe anymore. Kirby walks back into Kevin's life. He's not silly enough to go there again, is he?
10 Jun. 2010
Together Alone
Christmas is a time of joy and togetherness, but Cody faces fallout, Kevin plays with fire and Britta sees flaws in her true love.
17 Jun. 2010
The More Things Change
Britta is horrified to discover that Kevin has invited a witch - Angelina - into the house, for this can only mean bad things, like curses and evil spells. Not exactly what a girl needs in her life as she's preparing for her wedding. As the big day approaches, Olivia realizes that all her reasons for staying in New Zealand have disappeared.

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