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Season 4

31 Mar. 2017
A group of pteracopters crash land in the crater after being attacked by stealth scrapadactyl and with the help of the trux they get their friend washout off stealth scrapadactyl island.
31 Mar. 2017
After a storm forces the pteracopters to land north of the crater the trux must make the rest of the journey on the ground navigating the icy land with the help of a friendly plowasaur named snowblazer and her rock friend herb.
31 Mar. 2017
After saying goodbye to snowblazer and herb the trux must now cross ice covered waters to return to the crater but along the way it seems that a group of strange tools are trying to break the ice they're on.
31 Mar. 2017
Ton-Ton and Skrap-It
When dozer skya and ty get stuck under a large bolder it's up to ton-ton to save them, meanwhile d-strucs tells skrap-it that he is no longer his sidekick unless he can steal a part from one of the trux, when he tries to get one from ton-ton they end up in a bad situation the two then realize they must work together to escape their peril.
31 Mar. 2017
Garby's Gang
Garby recruits other trux in the crater to keep it safe from D-strux after an accident drops the others into a deep gorge and Ty is the only one who can move to pull them out.
31 Mar. 2017
When D-strucs and the other evil dinotrux steal the gangs supplies Ty and the others must figure out why before they are sealed in with millions of gearwigs.
31 Mar. 2017
When Ty and the others discover more dinotrux across the bottomless pit trying to reach the crater they must build a bridge to welcome the newcomers but D-strux has other plans.

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