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Uncompelling dud.
westernone4 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The idea behind this must have been the simpler the better, so it's a crossword puzzle. But it's a badly done one. Fenneman is not a clever ad libber. He could have had Groucho write all his dialogue and it wouldn't work; he doesn't have the quality,-let's call it charm-to pull it off. Tippi is pretty nondescript, and Lynde is utterly wasted, with nothing much to say about anything. The show is filmed, and it really should have been videotaped. It's happening in a huge theatre, with a large audience. It's very dark, with the game console and screen looking very small on a big stage in long shots. It's also very dark, not the right atmosphere for lighthearted fare like a game show. The spotlights are aimed directly on the participants, and every sag and wrink on Fenneman's face shows, making it appear he's aged a lot since we last saw him on You Bet Your Life. Overall, a listless effort. This pilot only lasts fifteen minutes, perhaps indicating they knew a potential sponsor might be possibly sold after it, but after a full half hour would be firmly sold against it. By WesternOne
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Too intellectual for its own good
rudy-3014 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This show was too intellectual for daytime viewers. Now of course, Jeopardy may be argued likewise, but at least Jeopardy gave hints and categories. These crossword puzzles did have themes to it, though, just as actual crossword puzzles do. The episode I watched featured Tippi Heddren and Paul Lynde partnering with non-celebrity guests. ***Spoiler***One puzzle's theme was a news item; the answers included lifeboat and tie, and the answer was The sinking of the Titanic. George Fenneman was host, and while he definitely was likable, his droll wit was a bit too sophisticated. I can see where this show would have fared much better in an early evening time slot. What was funny about this episode was that Tippi, being a blonde, didn't recognize that blondes have more fun.
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