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Season 4

15 Jan. 2010
Follow the Leader Winter Edition
The Dudesons play a game of follow the leader, but this time it is placed in the snowy Lapland in the North of Finland.
22 Jan. 2010
Santa's Little Helpers
The Dudesons try out Christmas by being Santa and his assistants and HP as Mrs Santa. Toy tests, Seeing if people are naughty or nice, some insane sleigh tests and in the end, a special Dudesons Christmas surprise for one lucky person.
29 Jan. 2010
Dirty Bets in Australia
HP runs through a catwalk of fire! After this Jukka, Jarppi and Jarno fly to Australia to perform at the Soundwave festival with The Dirty Sanchez. Between shows Jukka and Jarppi challenge each other in dirty bets and the loser will be handcuffed by the balls in the busiest shopping street of Perth!
5 Feb. 2010
The Dudesons Battle Robot
The guys build a battle robot called Daisy, try weapons to it and in the end test it by fighting against it.
12 Feb. 2010
Dudesons Do America
The Dudesons fly to America to do a promotional tour in Hollywood where they meet Nitro Circus and in the end fly to Mexico to host MTV Latin Video Music Awards.
19 Feb. 2010
Back to Basics
The guys rebuild their sauna and go old school with snowboards, cars and bikes.
26 Feb. 2010
Dudesons Story
The Dudesons tell how they met, started filming stunts, grow popularity and finally get a TV show in America.
5 Mar. 2010
Dudesons Top 10
The top 10 moments of Season 4 and in the end HP gets hit with a giant wrecking ball.

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